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  1. Tookie

    Fun Obligatory Member Picture Thread

  2. Tookie

    Showcase The Drawing Board! WIPs, Promotional Shots, and More!

    having fun with my ao3 fics at the moment before i dive back into Weed or All The World's A Stage
  3. Tookie

    Written Story Kanto Critique Lv.3 Teen All The World's A Stage

    hello there! it is i, tookie, that one horrible isekai writer that lives in a cave somewhere in creative. and today, i have... an actual storylocke. lord help me, i'm on my bullshit again, but this time we have an actual nuzlocke run this is based off of it's fire red! except i randomised the...
  4. Tookie

    Showcase The Drawing Board! WIPs, Promotional Shots, and More!

    i will never stop concocting wips and running with them, i'm sorry
  5. Tookie

    Play by Post Train, Store, Release

    ah shit Train- Goodra (my goal is to form a team of absolute Friend-Shaped Units, and Goodra is impeccably friend-shaped) Store- Metagross (please do not release supercomputers into the wild) Release- Dragapult (fly free, my friend) Ampharos, Heliolisk, Boltund
  6. Tookie

     2022 Extravaganza Reflective

    I actually did that for the 2021 extravaganza (because I felt like a fraud getting into a nuzlocke content event without having produced actual nuzlocke content), and I think the consensus in the reflective after that was that people dropping out after the nomination period made it feel like...
  7. Tookie

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    they absolutely have the right idea at this point lmfao. roffl, even
  8. Tookie

    The Tookie Writes Stuff Masterpost

    So I have a lot of WIPs. Like, a lot of WIPs, because the only way to keep my diseased monkey brain on the ask of putting words into the aether is to let it write what it wants. And sometimes, that means bouncing from project to project. This makes the "CURRENTLY LIVE" section of my signature a...
  9. Tookie

    Critique Lv.3 Written Story Original Mature Soldiers of Misfortune

    Once upon a time, there was an isekai protagonist I threw at anything and everything to establish his general reactions to the Brave New World(s), and some other OCs that I regurgitated relentlessly. Some of those things, I have posted here, and some went straight to my Ao3 account because...
  10. Tookie

    Showcase The Drawing Board! WIPs, Promotional Shots, and More!

    haven't done words at all this week between the sicknesses and general exhaustion, but this did come up as i started work on my ff14 content feat. The Isekai Protagonist
  11. Tookie

    Showcase The Drawing Board! WIPs, Promotional Shots, and More!

    i have written absolutely nothing forum related this week, whatsoever I have, however, been working on Fire Emblem fanfiction! Specifically, an Awakening isekai because my brain works in exactly one way and I just let the words go where they will. I doubt it'll get completely crossposted to...
  12. Tookie

    Showcase The Drawing Board! WIPs, Promotional Shots, and More!

    i said i wasn't gonna start more stuff, but then i remembered the vast amount of notes littered through several people's DMs and my FF14 guild's discord server about concepts working my vast litany of OCs into Eorzea, and my general reaction was GET OUT OF MY HEAD other than that, tool of...
  13. Tookie

    Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    i've freed myself from gacha hell, my writing related goals are well on track and by all accounts i've made a really good impression on a new department at work that they have me on a trial run with my 2023 is going pretty well so far tbh
  14. Tookie

    Screenshot Paldea General Commentary a swarm of scarlet - a pokemon scarlet buglocke

    Yeah the Pokemon models themselves look so much better this time, hopefully this trend continues. I was initially confused by this myself, but the Titans all have two movesets on Serebii, and I can only assume that the second parts of the stoiry fight use the movesets the catchable ones have...
  15. Tookie

     Extravaganza 2022 — Promotions

    Got a handful of runs I'm invested in to shill. 1. [change] by @Cas is a fantastic X Storylocke in its early days, eschewing the more traditional rookie trainer's Gym journey to place Johto's Clair in that role instead. Cas really gets into Clair as a character and both her strengths and...