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  1. Stormer

    Screenshot UCL [UCL 4] Witherbloom : Duotype Nuzlocke+

    Onion is making Kanto tear up lol. Good luck with the rest of kanto. I think only Blaine will be a real threat. Maybe the rivals charizard too. It hits really hard.
  2. Stormer

    Written Log UCL [UCL 4] Snaking My Way (Chainlocke)

    Nice work clearing two gyms and beating Jupiter. She's a scary lady. Good luck on your way to badge 3.
  3. Stormer

    Written Story Teen UCL [UCL4] Norma's Conquest: a Normal-Types Only UCL

    Yay Tailow will be a breath of fresh air to the team. Good luck with that up coming Rock Gym.
  4. Stormer

    Screenshot Teen UCL (UCL4) Trust No One, Not Even Yourself

    Wow rushing through Gen one in two days. Good Luck my friend!
  5. Stormer

    UCL [UCL4] Jojo's Overused Reference: Fighting Monolocke though seven regions

    Nice start on a Fighting type mono run. Kanto would have been a Primape solo for too long. Good luck on your runs!
  6. Stormer

    UCL [UCL 4] I'm insane: A Nuzlocke+ Run through all 7 regions but with a twist

    Nice first update! Good luck my friend!
  7. Stormer

    Ultimate Communitylocke (UCL) Season 4!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Fourth Season of the Ultimate Communitylocke Challenge! Another season has come and gone and now it’s time to start a new run with everyone. And this year we are going to have all 9 generations represented! So for those who missed the last season or are new...
  8. Stormer

    BDSP Communitylocke

    Good morning everyone! Stormer here, bring you all another release communitylocke, this time for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! I am really excited to play these games, as I hope you are as well. The event is going to run from today, November 19th, 2021, until December 31st 2021, giving...
  9. Stormer

    [Video/Stream] Zoe's Sword Wedlocke Challenge

    Part 3 of my Sword Wedlocke is up. New catches and advancing the plot and a whole bunch of Evolutions
  10. Stormer

    [Video/Stream] Zoe's Sword Wedlocke Challenge

    Hello everyone! It's been some time since I did a run for the forums. I recently started streaming a Sword Wedlocke challenge on Twitch and uploading the videos to Youtube. I hope you will join me or enjoy the videos. Streaming Fridays at 5 pm eastern time, subject to change at...
  11. Stormer

    Screenshot [UCL3] Skating Round the Pokerink

    Oof, making you learn Cut is harsh. Hopefully you can lose it one day and get something better. Like Slash or Headbutt. Good luck with Whitney and that Stab rollout.
  12. Stormer

    Screenshot [UCL3] Skating Round the Pokerink

    Dang, Sneasel did really well against Faulkner, despite not having phsycal stab. Good luck on johto.
  13. Stormer

    Screenshot [UCL3] Skating Round the Pokerink

    Congrats on beating Kanto Kazz. Looking forward to seeing you do Johto. Good luck Kazz.
  14. Stormer

    Screenshot [UCL3] Skating Round the Pokerink

    Nice, you got some teammates! I am really looking forward to seeing how you handle the coming gyms. Good luck Kazz.
  15. Stormer

    Screenshot Written Log Teen [UCL 3] HOLD SPACE TO FLY - A Flying Monotype

    Congrats on getting through Johto so quickly. You are chugging along. Nice work with what the game dealt you. Good luck!
  16. Stormer

    Screenshot [UCL3] Skating Round the Pokerink

    Jynx is pretty boss, I used one in SS a long time ago but that's it. Looking forward to seeing if you end up getting more icy mons in or not. Good luck!
  17. Stormer

    Written Log General [UCL3] Red runs through the generations (Week 4-6) (1/8 completed)

    I am not sure, but it made parts of the game feel so rushed in comparison. I kind of wish they either made this part shorter or more parts as long. Good luck.
  18. Stormer

    Screenshot [UCL3] the earth was round..?

    Lol, with no items that a Nuzlocke Extreme i believe. Still, this is gonna be a rough ride. Good luck and happy adventures my friend.
  19. Stormer

    [UCL3] Fly Like an Eagle, Strike Like A Hawk!

    Wow, nice work there! Got a ot of progress in! Good luck my friend!
  20. Stormer

    Written Log General [UCL3] Skye's First Nuzlocke in Every Region

    Nice start my friend! Looking forward to seeing you tackle this challenge! Good luck!