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Search results

  1. llyarden

    Written Story Paldea Teen Mon Treasured Hopes; a Violet Storylocke

    This is...not exactly a sequel, but it is set in the same world and set a few years after the events of Twelve Steps to Home, my Let's Go Eevee storylocke. You don't need to read that to understand this one, but there may be the odd moment here or there that will make more sense if you have.
  2. llyarden

    Screenshot Mature [FF2022] Crashlanding with Pokemon - A Rimworld 'Nuzlocke'

    (The 'Mature' tag is because...well, it's Rimworld.) Only mildly late to the party, I decided to pick up @Pikafan96 's Rimworld Nuzlocke rules and see if I could complete it in, uh...four days. (Probably not) I may not have quite adhered to the 'minor fixes only' part of the rules, and ended...
  3. llyarden

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Gijinka Tattered Vellum; a Blind Legends Arceus Storylocke

    There is a certain degree of irony in the fact that the first storylocke I properly wrote, starting all the way back in the Zetaboards days, was about someone being isekai'd into a medieval fantasy, and now here I am some four years later once again writing a medieval fantasy isekai...only this...
  4. llyarden

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Gijinka Refracted Shadows; a blind Brilliant Diamond storylocke

  5. llyarden

    Comic Sinnoh Gijinka Refracted Shadows; a blind Brilliant Diamond nuzlocke (Cancelled-ish)

    Due to IRL issues, this has been converted into a storylocke. The link to the new thread can be found here. I finally managed to convince myself to not scrap a comic before even publishing the first page! Whether I'll actually keep it up or if I'll abandon it and turn this into a storylocke...
  6. llyarden

    Written Story Kanto Mon [COMPLETE] Twelve Steps to Home; a Let's Go Eevee short storylocke

    So this was originally going to be a full-fledged storylocke, and indeed I might well eventually come back and write it out as a full thing, but I decided I'd try my hand at writing something shorter, compressing a nuzlocke into just a dozen or so chapters. My aim is hopefully to update every...
  7. llyarden

    Written Story Galar Mature Mon Amber Eyes In Neon; A Sword/Shield dual nuzlocke

    Because apparently I can't write a storylocke without doing some kind of radical change to the setting lol. But hey at least there are actually Pokemon in this one! Also, I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to Saylee's wonderful After Armageddon, which was a significant inspiration...
  8. llyarden

    Written Story Johto Mature Gijinka [COMPLETE] Path to the Stars

    So, almost three years ago, back when we were still on Zetaboards, I started posting a story based off a Nuzlocke run of HeartGold I did, veeeeery heavily twisted into a kind typical high fantasy setting. That run, Call of the Divines, I drew to a close about a week ago with the end of the...
  9. llyarden

    Written Story Kalos Critique Lv.3 Teen Gijinka Showstoppers; an X/Y Gijinka Duallocke

    So the idea for this run came to me when I was watching the new seasons of Raven (basically it's a physically-oriented kids' game show with a thin layer of 'in-story' narrative glazed over the top) a few years back; it amounts to 'okay so how would a world where Pokemon are basically humans with...
  10. llyarden

    Written Story Johto Mature Gijinka [COMPLETE] Call of the Divines

    AO3 Link [/spoiler]