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  1. glancesherlock

    Written Story Kalos General Gijinka The Nuzcracker

    This one's a revamp of a Nuzlocke I started writing three years ago—some of you might recognize it. It'll be a short, six-part run that will (hopefully) wrap up by the time Christmas hits. Been really feeling the Christmas season this year, though at the same time I'm in kind of a... rut...
  2. glancesherlock

    The Curious Incident of the Glance in the Nighttime

    Well, for lack of a good preamble, I've decided to step down from the Feature Team. It's a decision I've deliberated for a while, and given my schedule I figured it'd be best. I don't have as much time or energy to engage with the community as I used to, and it's no fault of the forums. Life's...
  3. glancesherlock

    Written Story Galar General Grimwood

    This run is the result of growing up reading a ton of old fairy tales, a love of folklore, binge-watching Monstrum, and listening to 100+ episodes of Lore. Long before mass deforestation and the construction of large, sprawling cities, forests were terrifying. They were mysterious, dark places...
  4. glancesherlock

    A Message to the Nuzlocke Forums from Professor Oak (Stuart Zagnit)

    2020 has been rough, no doubt. Every day seems to force us into new challenges or gives us fresh bad news to process. I'm exhausted; I'm sure you all are too. Over the last few years, this community has felt like a second home to me, and no matter how long of a hiatus I take, coming back feels...
  5. glancesherlock

    Alola Written Log General Commentary Incineroar and I Go to the Gym (at Home)

    So before all of this happened (you know, this) I was going to the gym on the regular. Was trying to lose weight both for health reasons and for my bestie's wedding later this summer--I'm the maid of honor. I was working with a personal trainer and actually making good progress! Then everything...
  6. glancesherlock

    Glance's Little Storylocke Bookshelf

    Below you'll find a list of the storylocke's I've posted on the forums over the years. Thought it'd be a good idea to put them all somewhere that wasn't my sig. Ongoing Runs A No-TMs Nuzlocke of Yellow Coming of Age As Renny Crimson prepares to become a trainer, she begins to receive mental...
  7. glancesherlock

    Written Story Galar Teen Brick by Boring Brick

    This is all @Whozawhatcha 's fault. Well, not her fault that it's written, but her fault that it's here. Cause I've been scared/embarrassed to show this to the forums, but then she went and posted The Applin of My Eye, and I thought... I need to grow a spine. This is a self-indulgent romcom...
  8. glancesherlock

    Announcement A Quick Word from the Feature Team

    Voting for the Extravaganza opens tomorrow, and while we're very excited for the festivities to begin, the Feature Team would like to make a quick announcement. As many of you are aware, AngrySkitty sadly passed away last month. While her comic, Nuzlocke on Ice, did receive many nominations...
  9. glancesherlock

    Written Story Kalos General Gijinka A Light for the Lost [COMPLETE]

    Tell me everything that happened, tell me everything you saw. They had lights inside their eyes. They had lights inside their eyes. Did you see the closing window? Did you hear the slamming door? They moved forward, and my heart died. They moved forward, and my heart died. Please, please tell...
  10. glancesherlock

    The Nuzlocke Forums 2019 Showcase Spectacular!

    Logo art courtesy of my very talented little brother. Hello Nuzlocke Forums! Welcome to your first Showcase Spectacular! Below is a cornucopia of art, writing, interviews, and more! All to celebrate the creativity of this wonderful community! It's almost spooky how many talented people we have...
  11. glancesherlock

    We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day

    If it wasn't already apparent by the lack of episodes, I am no long able to produce the Nuzlocke City Radio podcast. Some family matters have come up that will require much of my attention, and with me working two jobs, my downtime is slim to none these days. Thank you to everyone who put so...
  12. glancesherlock

    The Nuzlocke Showcase Spectacular - Announcements and Discussions

    We hope you’ve all settled in to Xenforo and are enjoying your stay! It’s been a long time trudging through the red tape, but we’re finally free from Tapatalk’s evil reign! And with the new forum comes an exciting new event from your very own Feature Team! May we introduce: THE NUZLOCKE...
  13. glancesherlock

    Nuzlocke City Radio - The Forum's Official Podcast

    I’ve been bouncing on the edge of my seat keeping this a secret. Excited, elated, and exhilarated to announce that I am producing the Nuzlocke Forum’s first official podcast! My fellow PokéFans, allow me to introduce you to: Nuzlocke City Radio is a monthly podcast broadcasted by me and my...
  14. glancesherlock

    Written Story Johto Teen Once Upon a Mountain

    This is a HeartGold Storylocke set in a fantasy alternate universe about a knight and a princess and their quest to reunite with one another. Never tried my hand at high-fantasy romance before. All I know is the world needs more gay fairytales, and everyone has a cape. Once Upon a Mountain on...
  15. glancesherlock

    Written Story Alola General Mon Gracidea [COMPLETE]

    Poppy is a Flabebe in seek of evolution, ascension, to become one with her lifelong companion: a yellow flower. Captured, far from home, and among strange 'mon, she will make the journey her own. Friendship and love and that incessant bee's buzzing all be damned. Gracidea on AO3 Accolades...
  16. glancesherlock

    Written Story Kanto General Looking Backward: A Yellow MemoryLocke

    This is a self-reflective storylocke that explores not only the tropes and world of the Gen 1 storyline, but my personal life and how I've changed as a person throughout the years. Looking Backward is a passion project in the works for nearly three years now. It's been with me as I graduated...
  17. glancesherlock

    Once Upon a Mountain

    A boy who wants to become a knight. A knight who loves a princess. A princess who plots to kill a king. A king who will stop at nothing to raise a monster. These are grave times for the Kingdom of Johto, indeed. This is a HeartGold Storylocke set in a fantasy alternate universe about a knight...
  18. glancesherlock

    The Nuzcracker

    The NuzcrackerBased on "The Nutcracker and The Mouse King" by E.T.A. Hoffman. Inspired by the ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The other week, I was home alone with a warm blanket and a pile of crappy Netflix Christmas specials, when I finally put on The Nutcracker. It's a ballet that's close...
  19. glancesherlock

    Gracidea [COMPLETE]

    Available on AO3! (recommended) A little context for this one: Last year I read a book called Stolen by Lucy Christopher, which is essentially written as a letter from a girl to her kidnapper as she accounts the events. Aside from just being a good read, I really loved this style of an entire...
  20. glancesherlock

    Something There

    Well. Here we are. It's come to this. I understand I currently have two unfinished runs under my belt, and that I should focus on those. Three runs at a time is insanity, but hear me out. About a week and a half ago I got married, and while the wedding itself was wonderful and I'm so happy to...