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  1. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Revive

    What baffles me the most in this run is the realization of how close you're threading around XY plot, yet there's so much fluff and care it becomes fresh again. More than once I had that thing of "wait, I've seen this before... oh wait, it happens in-game" this chapter, and it's soft touches...
  2. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Hack Mon Lost Month

    First thing first: A warm and big shoutout to @MegaInfernape , @Vivace, @Spectacles and @JavierE64 for the Hidden Gem nominations. You have a piece of my ❤️ with you and all I can hope is for you to keep enjoying this bumpy ride. [/spoiler] [/justify][/spoiler]
  3. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Kalos Teen Gijinka I Can Break These Cuffs

    Re: Re: skirt talk: A jab is a jab even if not intentional and Freak meant good by that. Sorry if it gave a wrong impression.
  4. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Hack Entry Hazard - A Storylocke of Pokémon R.O.W.E. [Q&A UNTIL OCT 31]

    I may have talked about I've yet to find a decent Norman ever since Nuzlocke was a thing (tradition, maybe?), and yours was no exception. Trying to blame others for his own faults as well. If Norman was half as good as he pretends to be, Carlos would have no chance. But then this happens And...
  5. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Kanto Teen The Hippocratic Oath (Chapter 24 up 9/1/22. This is a big one. Please see Trigger Warning before reading)

    First things first, congrats on that new moment in your life. Marriage is a blessing and you deserve it. Now, on a serious tone... Comet can't take a break, can he? God bless Kanto for being an easy ride overall and having no shortage of Revives, because otherwise it could have been the end of...
  6. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Galar Teen On Scorched Wings

    Hey Silf! Glad to be aboard before the train departs! And I see you're pulling no stops on the melancholy ride. Because, oh damn, it hit hard. Between the silly jokes and the stillness of Wedgehurst, I can feel each character there, and with that opening about the stars blending further into the...
  7. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Kalos Mature Gijinka Hope Is Never Lost - A Gijinka Wedlocke of Pokemon X

    I don't know why I didn't come here earlier. I mean, between procrastination and different works it's no wonder I've been delaying things, but this was a bit too much. Anyways... you hooked my mind back with the first line, with such a clever use of Safeguard. And you hooked my heart back right...
  8. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Hack Entry Hazard - A Storylocke of Pokémon R.O.W.E. [Q&A UNTIL OCT 31]

    First of all, I was planning on liveblogging this on Friday. Then, as I had my quotes ready... things happened. Then Gems came and I had to wipe it. And the joy of doing it in a second pass isn't quite the same... And, for general thoughts, enjoy that break and take your time. I hope you can...
  9. Leon Yorunaki

    💎 Hidden Gems Showcase — Self-Promo!

    *stretches fingers* It's time to do this.
  10. Leon Yorunaki

    💎 Hidden Gems Showcase — Promotions!

    You know when a gem is so hidden you actually forget to nominate it? But fret no more, because mistakes can still be fixed given enough time.
  11. Leon Yorunaki

    💎 Hidden Gems Showcase — Promotions!

    As the title says, this event is all about Hidden Gems. And, as such, I'll focus my attention to some less visible runs. As much as I want to use a thousand words to describe each of @Vivace's Entry Hazard, @pinkshellos's Revive, and @Arowana's Return, these three have been on the spotlight...
  12. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Kanto Teen The Hippocratic Oath (Chapter 24 up 9/1/22. This is a big one. Please see Trigger Warning before reading)

    I chuckled so hard (and I shouldn't because I'm reading while at work) How much I missed Jenny 6! Ever since you namedropped her I was eager for that moment -- and it didn't disappoint me! THERE. Now you have it. Knowing [you fucked up] is half the battle, but I dare say it's the easier half...
  13. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Alola Critique Lv.3 Teen Mon The Lesser of Two Evils

    Oops, guess I caught the boat after it set sail. But no worries, I've made it in as I should have done way before I'm just eager for more, loving what I saw. I know after NTSH you wouldn't disappoint with a serious run, and here we are, with awesome storytelling and your unique pacing...
  14. Leon Yorunaki

     Promoted Content Submission & Rules!

    Resubmission thread link