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Search results

  1. ABAP

    Screenshot Teen Commentary Dead Hack Theatre - A Pokemon Legend Version Nuzlocke

    PREVIOUSLY ON DEAD HACK THEATRE Our hero CHRIS began his journey, with his silly hat and Pikachu map in CELADON CITY. Only it wasn't really Celadon City. Receiving a Sandshrew from Prof. Elm, he proceeded on to not-Route 16 and then not to Cycling Road, but on to Ilex Forest. Where he began...
  2. ABAP

    Screenshot Galar Commentary Sword Shenanigans

    WOW. Funny how it works with almost everyone evolving at the same time. Always a fuzzy feeling when your team grows like that. And nice job mopping up Bea, though your team seemed especially suited to the task. As for the question: Stonejourner or Grapploct. Stonejourner because something...
  3. ABAP

    Screenshot Teen Commentary Dead Hack Theatre - A Pokemon Legend Version Nuzlocke

    Ah, ROM Hacking. A part of the emulation scene that I'd wager is as old as the scene itself. When I was a kid my first introduction to emulation was through hacking, with things like Pokémon Naranja version or Emerald 386. The kinds of hacks on the scene then were so different from what you can...
  4. ABAP

    Nuzlocke General Final Team Frequency 4.0

    Posting my two most recent runs: Crystal (Red): Feraligatr, Espeon, Tentacruel, Magneton Shield: Cinderace, Mr Rime, Obstagoon, Copperajah, Wheezing-Galar
  5. ABAP

    Nuzlocke pokémon catching rule

    I’ve always worked off of one capture per named area. So the two parts of the route on either side of Petalburg woods share the same name, so one capture between them. Same for everywhere else. only exception is the Safari Zone, I’ve seen that go both ways, one catch for the whole thing, or one...
  6. ABAP

    Nuzlocke Unpopular Nuzlocke opinions

    I like grinding against wild Pokémon, there’s something kind of therapeutic about it. Throw on some music and just get to work. I also think it helps me get a good feel for the relative power level of whatever Pokémon I’m using in a (relatively) controlled environment which is obviously useful...