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  1. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    Good morning, I'm up, I'm awake, I swear it. Thank you all for coming to the Hidden Gems Showcase! It was a pleasure to work on this event and bring it back again this year, to see everyone come in and enjoy it. All threads aside from discussion will be locked and left pinned until the next big...
  2. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    It's that time folks, for the final day of the Hidden Gems Showcase! The last day is a Free-For-All, which means all the threads are open, so this is your last chance before the event closes for the year. Thank you all so much for making it a great event. I can't mention you all, but I see you...
  3. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    The Fanworks portion is live! This is the last portion of the event before the Free-For-All, so if you feel like you missed your chance on any part of the event, get ready!
  4. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Fanworks!

    Howdy and hello, and welcome to the Fanworks portion of the Hidden Gems Showcase! If you've made anything for someone else's project this year, this is the place to share it. Fic? Art? Playlists? We want to see you share it with the world. And hey, if you had time to make something new for this...
  5. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    Howdy everyone! The promotions thread will now be locked until the Free-For-All. Thank you all so much, these promotions are amazing!
  6. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the Hidden Gems Showcase so far! Reminder, today is the last day to post promotions until the Free-For-All. Self-promotions are also opening today!
  7. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Self-Promo!

    Hello and howdy, welcome to the Self-Promotion portion of the Hidden Gems Showcase! This is where you get to shine, you little gem, you. Tell us all about the project you make that is dear to you, so all the world may see! After all, who knows it better in this world than you? The rules for...
  8. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Promotions!

    Happy Hidden Gems Showcase!.. That doesn't really flow as well as I would have liked. Have a gay ol' Gem time? I'll shop it. I think this event offers me a unique opportunity to display some runs in an event that may be ineligible in the Extravaganza. Specifically, older runs that have stuck...
  9. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    Oh no, haha sorry I have been writing up and doing work for this event for a hot second now. I probably should have thought to change the dates on the post, too.
  10. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    And here is where I crack the champagne bottle on this fine ship of an event. Welcome in everyone! And a small announcement. If you are hooked up to our Discord bot, you may have noticed a message about a Boulder Badge slipping through to you! While you weren't supposed to see that yet, you can...
  11. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Promotions!

    Howdy and hello, and welcome to the Promotions portion of the Hidden gems showcase! This part of the event is about talking about the things other people make that you like, and want more people to also like. To indoctrinate as many people into sharing in your enjoyment of a thing, because by...
  12. Bug

    πŸ’Ž Hidden Gems Showcase β€” Discussion!

    Howdy and hey, Nuzlockers! And welcome to the second ever: The Hidden Gem Showcase originated from a demand for a 'Hidden gem' category in the Extravaganza. But as the potential would be stifled by the voting format of the event, it became an event of its very own! The first event received an...
  13. Bug

    Comic Johto Teen Mon The Long Way II (A Soul Silver Nuzlocke)

    AND IT'S BACK :D I feel the plot slowly laying out the groundwork for shit to go off the rails again, and I am very excited.
  14. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    Hmm, nope, no tragic backstory about lost childhood joy here, nope. I refuse to pursue that line of theorizing. Nuh-uh.
  15. Bug

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke

    I was wondering why this child seemed so unfazed by talking humans until 'i just left home yesterday! (:' oh so they're actually baby. Bracing myself for an early death. ):
  16. Bug

    Screenshot Galar Written Log Teen Commentary A Wonderful Phone - A Sword Wonderlocke

    this really is the tired artist response.
  17. Bug

    Screenshot Galar Written Log Teen Commentary A Wonderful Phone - A Sword Wonderlocke

    Oh my god a toxel... I kind of hope you get a chance to use them but that would mean losing boltund. SO uh. Hmm. Maybe not.
  18. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh Mature Other Adventure Mon Cloudfall - A Pokemon Legends: Arceus Duolocke

    Oh that lighting is really good. Also, how many phones has he messed up by now?? Watch him drop the arc phone in a river or something.
  19. Bug

    Art Comic General Way Out: A Pokemon Legends Arceus comic

    Oh my god that is just an egg-shaped baby. I love them so much already,
  20. Bug

    β˜… Promoted Content Submission & Rules!

    Without further delay, the thread is now open to accept new banner submissions for the adspace rotation! If this is your first time submitting a banner, here are some rules to consider: As banner submission periods have been more erratic and spaced out than intended, two things will be...