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  1. Flop disc

    Written Story Alola Teen Pokemon Sun Storylocke

    Hiatus of indeterminate length, but just to make sure nobody clicks this I'm going to pretend that it's a chapter update
  2. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    0, that's the festering secret at the heart of it all. As I understand it, most every single member of the feature team works full time or has commitments that are equivalent to it. I personally bottle up my chaos and save it for shitposting vicariously when each new Riverdale episode drops...
  3. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    Ask me stuff about featuring or writing or whatever!
  4. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    i'm just going to steal honey badger's question what's your favourite to-go meal?
  5. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    What’s your avatar from? Is it something you drew yourself?
  6. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    Best hot tip for revitalising this thread? / Your favourite go-to weeknight meal?
  7. Flop disc

    Feature [March 31st] Daybreak [scrimshanks]

    Hey guys. Sorry, this one’s a little late! But in the scale of things, only a little. Our featured run today has roots pretty far back, coming from our Zetaboards days. We were lucky enough to get its current form back in June 2020, like an absolute bolt from the blue. It has continued to...
  8. Flop disc

    Announcement  Feature Team 2022 Roadmap + Community Events!

    Hi all! After a post-ganza break, the Feature Team is back and ready to get cracking on events for the year! We've spent a little time over the last couple of weeks gathering up known community events and plans for 2022, as well as discussing our own schedule. And it's time we let you in on it...
  9. Flop disc

    Written Story Alola Teen Pokemon Sun Storylocke

    Thanks to @Green Tea for giving the first draft a look!
  10. Flop disc

    How Can I Play 'Pokémon Unite' On My Windows PC?

    Try emulating through Bluestacks! alternatively, enjoy the freedom from elo hell
  11. Flop disc

    Last thing you bought

    planning to buy some train tickets soon, for a short trip away! it's the first holiday i've been able to take since about 2018, so I'm very excited and feel very lucky to be able to do so
  12. Flop disc

     Featurer Suggestion 2021 Extravaganza Reflective

    Having some issues logging in on my laptop so please bear with this more shortform post! Speaking as an individual, there’s a couple of changes I’d love to see made to written stories for the next extravaganza: Changing “saddest departure” to “most impactful departure”: more a tweak than...
  13. Flop disc

    Serious Coronavirus Public Discussion

    Had another risky exposure! Not sure how much longer I can keep dodging this bullet —I guess it’ll show in a day or two
  14. Flop disc

    How Are You Feeling Today?

    My prescription glasses arrived this week and while there’s definitely a bit of an adjustment period, I don’t think I was fully aware of how much I was straining my eyes. My sleep quality and energy levels have shot way up — I definitely also wasn’t fully aware how much those had been affected...
  15. Flop disc

    Written Story Voice Work [Season Two] The Writer's Locke -- Announcements and Updates

    Hi all! Just a quick note letting you know that Episode Ten of The Writer's Locke promises to be extra chonky; as such, we will be delaying its release by two weeks, meaning that it will fall on November 29th!
  16. Flop disc

    Pokemafia 4: Brilliant Village & Shining Mafia

    Signing out again — I think the game will be big enough that I won’t be able to keep up with it properly as a player. Looking forward to watching!
  17. Flop disc

    Written Story Galar Teen Mon Darkest Day

    Congratulations @bhelryss on having the Feature Team's Featured Run for October 2021! (And sorry that I haven't commented lately!! I've been thoroughly enjoying the run and I'm excited for your next chapter, whenever it is ready.)
  18. Flop disc

    Last thing you bought

    The one I have doesn’t do the job as well as a human necessarily would, but it takes two chores I hate and makes sure I don’t need to do them much, if at all, and does them to an okay standard, so I’m pretty thrilled on the whole
  19. Flop disc

    Last thing you bought

    a robot vacuum with mopping functionality!