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Search results

  1. Neosonic97

    Screenshot Let's Play [COMPLETE] A 1.5 Touhoumon that's actually GOOD? Let's Play Touhoumon Another World: Revised!

    Ah, Touhoumon Another World. For those unaware, Another World is a Touhoumon Rom Hack that serves as a sort of continuation of the unfinished Touhoumon Gensokyo Scenario, made by one Aichiya Sanae. It's also kind of, uh, bad to put it bluntly. A wonky level curve, poor translation, a buggy...
  2. Neosonic97

    An exercise in Game-Breaking: Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams Extended

    Heya everybody! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm back with another Touhou run, hot off the heels of my Shard of Dreams Heroine only run. This time, I'm going to be showcasing just how broken the final reward for beating the Puppet Exhibition actually is, and showing off Extended while I'm at...
  3. Neosonic97

    Screenshot Showcase Let's Play Wait, this isn't Pokémon... (Let's Play: Digimon World)

    If you're reading this thread, chances are you already know what Digimon is. A series that has had a relatively long history of being rivals with Pokemon, both due to being prolific 'mon raising series, to the point where some people called Digimon a Pokémon ripoff. Today, I'm going to showcase...
  4. Neosonic97

    Screenshot Let's Play [COMPLETE] WE 2HU NOW BOIS 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO (Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Append: Shard of Dreams Heroine Only run).

    So. Good news, bad news time. First off, the bad news: the original WE 2HU NOW BOIS run is dead. I lost the files and images for it. But, here's some good news! For those of you who've been following the Touhou subreddit, you may or may not have heard of user Fruitymario, who, after the...
  5. Neosonic97

    (INCOMPLETE) WE 2HU NOW BOIS- A Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced Full Dex Run

    It's been a while since somebody posted something Touhou-related on this forum, so I'm here to oblige! And what better way to do that than with Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (Been too long since I've played Puppet Dance Performance and I'm waiting on the Shard of Dreams english patch to finish...
  6. Neosonic97

    [INACTIVE]Sonic Boom: A Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Quadlocke.

    Hello there people, Neosonic97 here, and I'm starting a new run of Pokémon Blaze Black 2. It's a quadlocke, meaning I have 4 Pokemon. As you can probably guess by my username, it's Sonic-based. So on that note... MEET THE HEROES Sonic the Shiny Shaymin. Defining Features: Shiny because Shiny...
  7. Neosonic97

    [INACTIVE]Neosonic97's Random Emerald Duo Run- Sonic & Amy storm Hoenn!

    Hello there people! I'm Neosonic97, and I'm here to alert you to the new run I'm starting with this thread! It's a duo run of a randomized Pokemon Emerald (only pokemon of course, randomizing stats would be INSANE.) So on any note, meet... THE HEROES Hero Name:Sonic the Hedgehog. Pokemon...
  8. Neosonic97

    [INACTIVE]Neosonic's Shaymin Solo Run!

    Alright here are the rules: 1) Sonic must survive the whole run. if he dies, Game Over. 2) No catching Pokemon except HM users. They must also follow the naming scheme. 4)Overpowered Foes Clause On (Death VS Legendaries Doesn't count.) 5)Sonic needs a Starting move plus a signature besides Seed...