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  1. Vivificient

    Books The Nuzforum Book Club

    This is the thread for if you want to take a break from reading forum posts and instead read things on pieces of paper that are stuck together at one end. Post about the book you're reading, or the book you finished reading. Then tell us what it's like, or what's your favourite part, or why...
  2. Vivificient

    Write Your Own Dictionary

    Here's the game. Player 1 posts a word. It can be a real word, or a made up word. Player 2 posts a new, inaccurate definition for the word. Then Player 2 also posts a new word for the next person. In this way the game continues until all words have been defined. (Once all words have been...
  3. Vivificient

    Really eat this mutagenic chunk of meat?

    Hello. In this thread, we are going to play some Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. We've had a couple Dungeon Crawl threads before around here, but I haven't seen one in a while, so I figured it was time to start a new one. Let's see. If you aren't familiar with it, Crawl is a roguelike game. That...
  4. Vivificient

    Feature a Fan Run!

    I have removed one post because it was posted by an alternate account of the creator of the run it was featuring. I think Kesha was pretty clear about what wasn't allowed in the thread.
  5. Vivificient

    A Guide to Posting Your Run on the Nuzlocke Forums

    A Guide to Posting Your Run on the Nuzlocke Forums by Ema Skye, lovingly C&Ped by lyrical, edited and expanded by Vivificient and then JimcloudDocumenting Nuzlocke runs -- with stories, comics, videos, screenshots, commentary, written logs, and more -- is one of the major reasons for this...
  6. Vivificient

    Comic Hoenn A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

    A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke by Vivificient The story of a little girl on a big adventure, getting in a little trouble in a big world, fighting big bullies to protect little people, earning little badges and making big choices, with a little help from some little Pokémon. Awards: Third...