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Search results

  1. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    JKJKASJKDFJKAJKSDFJKASJLKDFJSDF Genesect be like .....we will see if I will have to fear for my life LOL And thank you!! I'm glad you like the story changes and the designs hehe Speaking of designs, here is a better ref of Iris's outfit, which I tried to make it different from the BW outfit
  2. Kylee nim

    Collaborative Mixed Media General Nuzlocke Zine

    Would def be up for drawing some stuff for it! IDK if having a completed run counts as having a run to use ...
  3. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    New page! Just events happening :)
  4. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    He is a very honest man at least... I mean...AT LEAST HE PAID before dying. He is better than the "paying for exposure" scumbags.... Colress made this. He wants to use it damnit >:( Colress wants science to happen and will cause problems for it yes huhu Some school things happened, got...
  5. Kylee nim

    Hoenn Mixed Media Teen The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge: Photo Phinish

    OH SHIT OH FUCK IT'S BACK I am already dead at the twist of coming back to Hoenn a la remake. Very nice to see some old Pokemon iphotos and new ones as well!!
  6. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    Ahh thank you! Keldeo really is baby ;w; asjkdfkjasjlkdjkasd Keldeo man-up arc...you found out my second agenda clearly huhu As much as I kinda fell off on the main story while playing BW2, I still have some attachement to those protags. Just a little. New page is up!
  7. Kylee nim

    Comic Unova Teen Gijinka Godless Lands - A Pokemon White Gijinkalocke

    yes YES GIRLFRIENDS!!!! Also Flo is great, being the grounding (haha) person for Saffron and just sassing with Pugh heheuehueheu
  8. Kylee nim

    Comic Hoenn General Mon THE NATEVENTURE - A (funny) Pokémon Emerald nuzlocke comic

    Damn its not the local humans that run this region...it was the "basic route" Pokemon gangs and mafia organizations doin all this!! I think I mentioned a few times on discord but your art is like watchin a wacky Saturday morning cartoon and I love it!
  9. Kylee nim

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon Finding Balance || A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

    Extremely interesting way to incorporate some of DP Pokemon Special elements into the nuzlocke story formula! I absolutely adore Pearl and Precious's interactions and banter....can't wait to see how this "hiding the fact that you are a rich person with a family name" subplot goes... c'mon Pearl...
  10. Kylee nim

    Comic Unova General Teen Sona locke

    I had a good laugh at a lot of the humor and lil cute interactions in your comic but god this panel in particular is calling me out so hard (even tho I don't do chapters in my own comics) LOL Also the premise is extremely cute where N isn't exactly the antagonist (yet) and I am already in love...
  11. Kylee nim

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    I can't believe the comic is almost Glory's age and soon it might challenge her to a fight jKJK 8 years and still going strong!! Grats on getting this far!!
  12. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    A lot of IRL things has happened so I got hit with the usual comic delay, but I finally got the third page done!
  13. Kylee nim

     Promoted Content Submission & Rules!

  14. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    Hehe yes And Pokemon Masters also fed me that good content relatively recently too! PS: I will try to update some little tidbits about Matt's team and other people's Pokemon as extra content down the line, since they won't be as prominent in the comic. Thank you for your patience and support!
  15. Kylee nim

    Screenshot Blazing Genealogy: or, why child units completely break fe6 lmao

    Totally rooting for LynHec!Lilina personally and I will not be afraid to post my HecLyn art to make you do it
  16. Kylee nim

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Nuzlocke S3 - A SoulSilver Giftlocke

    I already said this on discord but HHHHHHHHHH HE SAID IT....YULE SAID IT....but god Silver has to still fight....AAAAAAAhh......Hopefully they get through this ok
  17. Kylee nim

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Finally got through the comic bc I tend to speedread and MAN, it's very engaging and I had a fun time loving and sometimes mourning over all the characters Glory met with! And it'll be nice to see how she handles being Champion with Lance as a metaphorical punching bag an advisor Also omfg...
  18. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    Anyway, here's the new page!
  19. Kylee nim

    Comic Leftovers: a Hoenn Saga

    Holy shit, I finally caught up to this! I probably sound like a broken record but your art style and characters are all so lovely!! Can't wait for Ch 15!
  20. Kylee nim

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    IDK if I ever said this on discord but I do really enjoy the premise of this series and I have been loving all the team interactions as well! Kai is now my dumb son, signed the adoption papers ty Curious on why Kai said last last bit there....