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  1. Jimcloud

    Announcement Man the old staff had some really fun resignation thread titles

    Well, it's about that time, everybody. I've been putting this off for a while now, so I'm sure anybody who's been paying attention has seen the writing on the wall for some time. I guess what it comes down to is that I didn't really want to come to terms with the fact that this chapter of my...
  2. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    Same as the first! Little bit louder, and a WHOLE LOT WORSE. Let's go.
  3. Jimcloud

    [MW2] Mirror World 2

    I... am nothing. I am everything. I am... Enigma. And the Game must go on. Hi there, everybody! Welcome to Mirror World 2. This is a sequel to both the original Mirror World as well as its sequel, Mirror World Redux. Let me note that prior experience or knowledge of Mirror World is not required...
  4. Jimcloud

     Featurer Suggestion Suggest a Featured Run

    This thread is for posting runs that you think should get a feature or something of the like! Now, before we get started, we should first establish a few criteria we look for in our featured content, and if we don't use a run for a feature it will most likely be because it does not hold to one...
  5. Jimcloud

     Mod Suggestion Featurer Suggestion Minor Suggestions Thread

    Hey there! This is a thread for small suggestions, little things that don't merit a lot of action or that you don't expect to require much discussion or interaction. Small or fiddly changes like the typesetting on a page, color choices, things to that effect. Something bigger than that can also...
  6. Jimcloud

    General Video Games  Gen IXLeak Discussion Thread

    leaks out go nuts you crazy kids im muting this
  7. Jimcloud

    FAQ  Suggestion Box FAQ & Guidelines

    Hey hey! Here because you're trying to figure out what to do here, I imagine. Well, not to worry, that's what this thread is here for. Let's go over how to put a suggestion in the forum, go over some basic guidelines for posting and responding to suggestions, and then go over a few more...
  8. Jimcloud

    Announcement The Tapatalk Situation

    Hey there, everybody. I just wanted to make you aware of some stuff happening on our end regarding Tapatalk and the effort to get the old content onto the new forum. We weren't going to import any posts more recent than May 9th, because we were under the impression that Tapatalk would leave...
  9. Jimcloud

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary 4 Sides to Every Brain Cell: a 4-man Randomized Relaylocke

    Boy howdy is that a dark and edgy screenshot opener. Sure would be a shame if somebody went and made a dumb as shit ruleset and turned the whole thing into a joke with their friends, haha, ha. ha.... yeah, about that. This run is a relaylocke between myself, @Robo ,@Umberoff , and @Bayporeon ...
  10. Jimcloud

    Moderator Applications

    Why, hello there. It is that time... we are currently opening applications for people interested in becoming moderators of the Nuzlocke Forum. These applications will remain open until the end of July, so if you wish to apply, make sure to do it then! Punctuality is an important trait of...
  11. Jimcloud

    Announcement New Admins! And... new mods?

    Why hello there, everybody! With our move to Xenforo, we're working on some internal shifts and changes: new team, new forum, that's the plan. And here's the first phase of our plan: new admins! We want more people on the team able to respond in cases of emergencies and that sort of thing, and...
  12. Jimcloud

    Fun Serious Shout-outs to the Community

    Hey y'all! Somebody mentioned porting over this thread, and I was like ooh, yes. So we're doing that now. Essentially, if you have something good you want to say about someone, go ahead and say it! Like. Just do it, fam, make somebody's day. Feel free to mention them, too. Some people like to do...
  13. Jimcloud

    Fun Things That Make You Happy!

    Hey y'all! As the yin of First World Problems has been ported over into Xenforo, I feel that its yang, too, must arrive to maintain our precious balance. Post here if you're in a good mood or overall happy about something and want to share it with everyone. Me? I'm happy about pizza, tbh. Pizza...
  14. Jimcloud

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary I Got 152 Problems...

    Hey, so I've been looking at this fancy new "Kanto" game that features all of the Pokémon from my favorite first two regions, Johto and Hoenn, and I've just kinda been wondering... What in the ever-loving FUCK is that thing on the cover?? (Okay, so this is an Alphabetlocke run of a hack...
  15. Jimcloud

    Written Story Fan Teen Champion Texts

    Hey y'all! This is a thread for a project of mine which I lovingly refer to as ChampTexts, which is what happens when you allow your local Pokémon champions access to phones, and also, divergent personalities. It's basically distilled internet groupchat humor with a theme. The main characters in...
  16. Jimcloud

    Play by Post PokéRadar v2

    Okay, I really enjoy this game, but it DOES require a little bit of research, admittedly. So bear with me here. The rules are as follows: Someone lists a Pokémon, and then you respond with a Pokémon that may be found a place that Pokémon may be found in (across any game) and list the location...
  17. Jimcloud

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    (so named because it's the fourth iteration of this game) Hey there! In this thread, you get to show off your expertise in type matchups. Beat the Pokémon the last poster used by getting a Pokémon of your own to use a super effective move on it. It just has to be a move the Pokémon can use...
  18. Jimcloud

    Events Guidelines and Hosting Sign-Ups

    Hi! Welcome to the Events subforum! This is where we come together as a community to play through games as a group - At times, as friendly playmates, and at times as cooperative workmates. And sometimes, we band together and compete against others like us. As I mentioned, this area of the...
  19. Jimcloud

    FAQ  New User Guide and FAQ

    Hey there! New around here? Still trying to figure things out? Well, good news, that's what this thread is for. I'm going to start us off by linking some helpful guides for different information sources on the forum, and then from there we can address some questions you may have - if you still...
  20. Jimcloud

    Post here to get your account validated

    Alright, so it's not frequent, but there has been an issue with some users who have been registering for the site, only for them to completely miss out on getting a registration email. Needless to say, this isn't ideal, so I wanted to include this thread as a fail-safe just to make sure y'all...