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Search results

  1. cyndakip

    An extended siesta

    Hey. I've been struggling with this decision for a while now, but I think deep down I always knew where it was heading, so it's about time I just got it over with: I'm stepping down from the Feature Team. This might not come as a huge surprise, seeing as I really haven't been active here for...
  2. cyndakip

    Written Story Spin-off Teen Mon Sunlight and Shadow: A Colosseum Nuzlocke

    Hello, I’m finally back with Chapter 8! I had a full draft of this written quite a while ago, but I decided that the first part needed some major rewriting to expand on things and then it took me a while to get around to actually doing that. (And then I just kind of disappeared for half a year...
  3. cyndakip

    Written Story Kalos General Mon Hold my hand, don't let go - PKMN Y Lesbian Wedlocke

    First of all, welcome to the forums! It's always great to see new people here. (Especially new people who appreciate Best Pokespe Character Yellow!) Second of all, Kalos? Wedlocke? LESBIANS? Heck yes, I am so here for this. This is a really nice start! I love your interpretations of all the...
  4. cyndakip

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Three's a Crown

    I loved this chapter! Wasn't expecting the girls to all meet up again so soon. Edwin evolved! I'm so proud of him. And so disappointed in Estelle for not even reacting... at least he has Hera to appreciate him. I love how Gwen set out to befriend some new Pokemon and ended up starting to bond...
  5. cyndakip

    Screenshot Johto Dust In the Wind 3: LÄÄÄÃÄÄÆÁÄĀÄÄMP - A solo Dustox run of Heart Gold [COMPLETE]

    Heck yes, more moth content! Always glad to see it. Going all the way to Red will be a challenge, but I believe in the might of the moth! ... I did that too. It's what the game said!
  6. cyndakip

    Art Comic Original Teen PMD: Rangers of Sky

    This was an incredible prologue, and I'm very excited to see what you have planned for chapter 1!
  7. cyndakip

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Blank: A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Comic (QnA Update 3/20!)

    Always happy to see more of this! One week is a pretty rough deadline, but I'm sure they're up to the task. Really enjoyed the sketchdump as well! “I don't know what that means, but I've been thinking” and “You are a wanted criminal in three regions” killed me, haha. And Hikari’s outfits are...
  8. cyndakip

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Eternal Enmity: a multi-player Black/White nuzlocke

    Oh, this is the first time we've had the chance to see avatarization firsthand, isn't it? This was a really great chapter! I loved it and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how they all adjust to this, especially with them being able to understand Pokemon now!
  9. cyndakip

    Comic Hoenn General Mon Finding Your Roots

    Great to see this again! Baby Cedar and Briar are just too cute, I can't even handle it. But I feel so bad for Cedar there, too…
  10. cyndakip

    Written Story General Where You Belong: A PMD Rescue Team DX Story

    Sorry this took a while! I got caught up in finishing The Phoenix, and then I just really felt that I needed a break from everything for a week or so. Also, although this is a very short chapter, I’ve been agonizing a lot over different aspects of it and whether or not they work, but I figured...
  11. cyndakip

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    I love this page! Especially the first part. The way you have her Pokemon on each side and overlapping with the middle panel... idk how to word all this properly because I'm not used to talking about comics but basically it looks super awesome and I love it!
  12. cyndakip

    Art Comic Original Teen PMD: Rangers of Sky

    Geez, Mysterious Well Face is extremely creepy, but I love it. Super intrigued by what's going on here! 👀
  13. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon [COMPLETED] The Phoenix: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Today is July 18th. It's been exactly two years since I started posting The Scientist. It's been exactly one year since I started posting The Phoenix. And it's exactly today since I finished posting The Phoenix!
  14. cyndakip

    Written Story Alola Mature Daybreak

    I never did get around to reading the old Illuminate, but I'm definitely enjoying this new one! The protag being Kukui’s stepdaughter really puts an interesting twist on things. I love Kaia already, and Hau and Lillie are also wonderful. I think having Kaia lose the first battle was a great...
  15. cyndakip

    Written Story Unova Teen Healing Wish: A Black Nuzlocke (Completed)

    As you may have guessed from all the likes I've been leaving, I'm really enjoying this run! I love your take on Blue and his situation, and the idea of him going to Unova is definitely unique and interesting. I absolutely agree with the others that what you did in this chapter with the Dreamyard...
  16. cyndakip

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    I just binged this today and really enjoyed it! Alma is a great protagonist and Cynder is a perfect little bean. I love them both and I love their dynamic together! Also a big fan of Mystery Girl and her psychic-types. Definitely looking forward to more of this!
  17. cyndakip

    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Wekk the uears start conubg sbd tbeh dob;u start cimubf. Bend ti the ryled abd U git the grounf tunnung. Didn't make sense not to live for fun, your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
  18. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon [COMPLETED] The Phoenix: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    And here we are... the final battle! Since we already had a battle with Lance back in The Scientist, I decided to take a lot of liberties with this one to make it different and non-repetitive! I hope you like it.