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Search results

  1. RisingMew

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon Unbecome. » An Ultra Sun Storylocke

    Sometimes, the only thing you can do is restart. - « » - I initially planned to have this run posted on the first day of my summer vacation, but then I couldn't stop making small changes and edits. I'm a bit of an overthinker, so it took me a bit too long to realize that I've been sitting on...
  2. RisingMew

    » Mew's Musings // Plotting a Black Ver. Chesslocke!

    « Mew's Musings » a place for me to ramble about anything and everything I like journaling--at least when I can type out my journals, that is! So I figured I'd write a little blog thingie and keep my writing skills sharp while I'm in-between runs. And also when I'm in the middle of runs...
  3. RisingMew

    Written Story Galar Teen Mon [SPOILERS] The Wolf You Feed - A Shield Storylocke

    And which wolf will win? ... The one you feed. [ This 'locke is not dead. After life forced me to take a brief hiatus from writing and gameplay, I found I was unable to port my old file onto my new switch and now have to re-do the chapters I had written as well as the entire game I had almost...