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Search results

  1. War Anvil

    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but they have messed up grammar and spelling and you're locked out from making edits. I wish I could learn martial arts on the regular.
  2. War Anvil

    Screenshot Unova Teen Mon Ashes of Glory - A Pokemon Blaze Black Nuzlocke

    Scout has some serious drip in his new portraits! Shame about Useless though. I wonder when (Not if) N or others are going to make a big deal out of it.
  3. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    All done with posts until #184. Thank you as always, everyone, and have a good Space Jam 2 weekend!
  4. War Anvil

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Hitmonlee, use High Jump Kick to shut that Kecleon up!
  5. War Anvil

    Celebrity Death Thread

    A celebrity in programming circles rather than entertainment circles - emulation giant Near/byuu, in this case - was pushed to suicide by unsavory folks. Near's contributions to game preservation and accurate emulation, especially for the SNES, will stay with us all for a long time. Always be...
  6. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    What a story, @energyball3 ! Unfortunately, runs that wipe at the Elite Four or Champion won't count towards final team tallies. I'm very sorry.
  7. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    All entries up to post 170 are done. Thank you all so much!
  8. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    With labrecqb and Arbitrary's new submissions, we have an update! Not much has happened, but Snorlax (Who already came back to the top 10 last time) has jumped ahead of Lapras by one entry. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
  9. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Got it! Is it three or four times total in Sun & Moon, anyway? I'm keeping it at three total for now.
  10. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    No no, it's all good. I myself am in shock at how long I let things be without updates.
  11. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Congrats on your recent additions, you two! For now, I have a Red addition from my (Currently on hiatus) serieslocke. Red: Jolteon, Omastar, Gyarados, Hypno, Fearow, Charizard
  12. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Aaaaaand that's it. I've compiled and recalculated everything to the best of my ability. If you see that I missed anything, let me know!
  13. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Thanks, everyone. I'm gonna step back now that I've started the total usage recounts. So far, I've calculated entries for each of the individual games, and I've gotten down to the Pokémon with 19 or more total entries beforehand.
  14. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Heads up: I just finished tallying everything until this page on my own, and I'll be sorting Pokémon by most entries into the Hall of Fame before I do anything. Hang on tight!
  15. War Anvil

    In the final team frequency thread: Do you mean Cursola or Galarian Corsola for your Shield run...

    In the final team frequency thread: Do you mean Cursola or Galarian Corsola for your Shield run a few months back?
  16. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    I recall it was around the end of 2019.
  17. War Anvil

    Final Team Frequency v3

    All the old teams have carried over! It's just that I've slacked off on this thread. At this point I may have to give it away to someone else to lighten my load.
  18. War Anvil

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Hack a very cool playthrough of a very cool hack

    Pick Riamu. She's the best (And sickest) choice. Also, if you catch Takane in this game, you are obligated to listen to this:
  19. War Anvil

    Serious Coronavirus Public Discussion

    I got my vaccine last Thursday! It was Pfizer for me as well. Fun fact, it's also the reason I learned the words biliverdin and bilirubin, which are components coming from the breakdown of hemoglobin in the body. No wonder my "vaccine bruise" has looked lime-green!
  20. War Anvil

    Which would you rather eat?

    I lean slightly towards salad with spinach. Hey, guess who's strong to the finich because they eat their spinach? Soft pretzels or French fries?