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    Movies Television Are you okay with spoilers?

    Ah yeah I can definitely see that as well. I guess it comes down to personal preference though Bug had a really good point. I guess in some shows I'd hate to be spoiled but overall I'm not too troubled by it. I guess it's just what it is.
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    thanks dude!

    thanks dude!
  3. V

    pews viciously

    pews viciously
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    Movies Television Are you okay with spoilers?

    So this is going to sound weird (and people have told me so) but I'm not entirely annoyed by spoilers. Sometimes, I'd rather just know who dies and save me the time of getting invested in something that I'll probably stop watching once the spoiler moment comes up. I'm curious if any of you feel...
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    Music  What are you listening to?

    It's a gem
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    Add or Remove Your Roles Here!

    Can I get the artist role please!
  7. V

    Friendship Café★

    Hiya everyone! I dunno if you guys remember me but I'm kinda new to the community! Was chatting with Bug about how you get set up Xenforo and decided to take a peek! Swell job!