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  1. ACottontail

    Bug Report General

    In the current banner rotation whenever the banner for Don't Evolve shows up, it shows up as a broken image. The image it tries to display is https://nuzlockeforums.com/pics/user_submissions/07_21/dontevolve.png However the link to the thread works perfectly fine.
  2. ACottontail

    Comic Unova General Mon Road Map Not Included: A White Nuzlocke

    I like how Finely gets annoyed that so many people are telling her sorry about her Simipour. The first one was comforting, but the others were just rubbing in how Finely let Nimbus die which is just annoying. I mean they don't even mention Nimbus by name, or really talk about Nimbus making...
  3. ACottontail

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Dear Sergio - A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    I wonder how Sergio's mom will react to the champion wanting Sergio to go on a journey. On one hand she doesn't trust Sergio with pokemon or to take care of himself out there. On the other hand it is THE CHAMPION who asked Sergio to go on a journey, and judging by how she told Sergio to be on...
  4. ACottontail

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    Welcome back! I hope you had a nice break! If officer Jenny never went to Alola how can she tell what is and isn't an alolan pokemon. Doesn't she know that in Alola they revive Aerodactyl's spirit and it merges with the bones and some armor? I love how they warp 3 feet behind Jenny XD. It...
  5. ACottontail

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Questionable Influence - Sword Nuzlocke comic

    And now for yet another page!
  6. ACottontail

    Comment by 'ACottontail' in media 'Page 33 - Stocking Up'

    Author's notes *Pokemon centers are probably the last place the team wants to get banned from. Yet again, it's a good thing that the team is here to stop Corrin from making this a no pokemon center run. Without healing they are a lot more likely to get fatally injured. If they heal up...
  7. Page 33 - Stocking Up

    Page 33 - Stocking Up

    Yuuya stops another attempt to turn this into a no pokemon center run.
  8. ACottontail

    Comic Fan Game Teen Hack Mon Adventures In Naljo: a Pokémon Prism Nuzlocke

    I wonder how long was that switch put to the left? It appears to have been there long enough to have rusted in that spot. I wonder if Miners and pokemon trainers go down there for the goods. It's probably safer for them since they have trained pokemon. But at the same time it does have a...
  9. ACottontail

    Comic Galar Mature Mon The Adventures of Mum! A Pokemon Shield Hardcore(ish) Nuzlocke!

    I like how expressive you made the pokemon. Despite not having done much, you've already given them a lot of personality. Puddin must be terrified of letting Mum down, as I guess that Puddin might have been Hop or Gloria's starter who failed to protect them. I like how Mum catches Tooks. At...
  10. ACottontail

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Into the Fire - Leaf's Fire Red Nuzlocke

    I like how you portrayed Mikey's moves. A giant bee with giant spears for arms would probably be pretty epic. Too bad Beedrill don't learn anything that good in game to show it. That battle with the Sandshrew was pretty intense. I couldn't tell if Caesar was going to come to save Mikey or...
  11. ACottontail

    Comic Kanto Teen Hack Kanto Black Nuzlocke Comic

    Ahh my heart! It hurts so much to see Melon's reaction. She was so happy to battle along side such a powerful friend as the wind wizard, and now he's gone. Tranquill looks like she's thinking if winning was really the right thing to do despite her team's reactions, and Dewott while...
  12. ACottontail

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Questionable Influence - Sword Nuzlocke comic

    And now for the next page.
  13. ACottontail

    Comment by 'ACottontail' in media 'Page 32 - Pokemon Centers are Bad'

    Author's note: *During the end of the page I got a bit experimental with the story telling. Everyone already knows what a sorry is, and Ava explained her backstory earlier, so writing it out in full would be a bit repetitive. I hope that exchange was made clear enough from what was said before...
  14. Page 32 - Pokemon Centers are Bad

    Page 32 - Pokemon Centers are Bad

    Corrin, please don't turn this into a no pokemon center run. It already becomes a disaster enough.
  15. ACottontail

    Written Story Kanto Teen The Hippocratic Oath (Chapter 7 7/11/21)

    I wonder why Mewtwo is forcing Comet to rewatch his most painful memories. It's one thing for Mewtwo to want to know how Comet found him, but with Mewtwo continuing to inflict so much pain on Comet, it looks like it learned nothing since escaping. Not even a sorry to the person who recused it...
  16. ACottontail

    Ruleset SMTLocke - A Shin Megami Tensei Based Ruleset

    With the way you have to sacrifice items to gain pokemon, it sounds like you are bribing them with items. Maybe instead of throwing away items and Tms for the catch negotiation, if possible you to have to use/give those items to the pokemon, and if you sacrifice a held item you can never...
  17. ACottontail

    Comic Kalos General Mon Lakour's X Nuzlocke

    I think the way Belle uses surf is pretty cool. I also thought the terrible Segway for Couramine was pretty funny. I am very happy that Lakour caught The Dirtlad. Garchomp are amazing and as long as Lakour keeps The Dirtlad ten feet apart from any ice types he has a great pokemon on his...
  18. ACottontail

    Comic Hoenn Teen Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald Nuzlocke Run (Updated Sundays/Thursdays)

    Wait a minute, was Twitter's real plan to make Humphrey faint a potential catch so Tim would hate him and choose to keep Twitter on the team over Humphrey?
  19. ACottontail

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Soul Brothers [SoulSilver Nuzlocke comic]

    It looks like wanting to troll others not Garret's true reason for not evolving, but rather a plus side he thought up to comfort himself about not being able to evolve. When Garret says that things won't go Corey's way if he believes enough, I have the feeling he is speaking from experience of...
  20. ACottontail

    Play by Post AMA

    Out of all your deaths in Back to Basics and what has been shown of Ashes of Glory so far, which one hurt the most and why?