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Search results

  1. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Alola Teen Come Hell Or High Water

    [/SPOILER] Crippled by loss and grief, an aura guardian flees her homeland to Alola to stay with her cousin and recover. Despite running from a war, she swiftly finds herself involved with another, this time from forces far beyond her world. In order to confront her fears and recover from old...
  2. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Galar Teen The Applin Of My Eye

    Hey so I've been writing a thing for a while that's basically just an excuse to be as saccharine and as southern as possible. Are we still in Galar? Or are we in deep Antebellum South? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. Anyways. This is a Wooloo Nuzlocke! Where I only used Wooloo! Because wynaut, am I...
  3. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Unova Mature ~Ghost in the Machine~

    A Black 2 Nuzlocke Unwittingly a ghost/steel/psychic-locke by sheer circumstance Loosely based on the Great Depression period I make no promises Newly edited for a MATURE disclaimer because the second chapter is getting gritty Synopsis: Life sucks when you have the worst job in the pokemon...
  4. Whozawhatcha

    [2] loss.baby

    There's like, a ton more rules, but that's on the pinned Clash of the Elements page, so I'm not gonna copy/paste all that in here. I'm a late joiner to this COTE thing! I was THIIIIIS close to being named Avatar with my elements being water/fire/flying/ground, but instead I was assigned to the...
  5. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Kalos Teen Silver Linings - XY RandomStorylocke

    If Team Rocket was the Italian Mafia, then who was the Russian Mafia? A tale of vengeance gone awry, disabled pokemon, and learning to trust, can this broken mob boss taste revenge without hurting the pokemon in her care? [/spoiler]