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Search results

  1. Saki Nikaido

    Kanto General Lucy's Miasma Collection, Part 1: Kanto

    Time for something a little different!
  2. Saki Nikaido

    Anime/Manga Anime/Manga Watch List

    i heard the netflix one is garbage, please be careful!
  3. Saki Nikaido

    Anime/Manga Anime/Manga Watch List

    yes! and my fave thing about the fandom is that i read a fanfic where miku fucking obliterated maria and hibiki in ddr and if thats not canon honestly dont know what is
  4. Saki Nikaido

    Anime/Manga Anime/Manga Watch List

    im all caught up now and boy howdy im in love
  5. Saki Nikaido

    Anime/Manga Anime/Manga Watch List

    im in symphogay hell help i just finished watching 1-3 in like, 3 days
  6. Saki Nikaido

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    sexy pirate lady? ( i feel like i should know who it is but i dont)
  7. Saki Nikaido

    Anime/Manga Anime/Manga Watch List

    yeah, my problem is that i just moved, so i need to unpack to see which ones im missing of the ones i want half the list isnt even licensed for english release so ill just have to find it on ebay haha the main thing im saving for atm is a complete set of sukeban deka manga, which I need
  8. Saki Nikaido

    Anime/Manga Anime/Manga Watch List

    I made a list of manga i need to bouy to complete my collection and holy shit i need cash money I have too many I need to watch, but I find myself rewatching my favorites in the background when I'm working on my lockes, oopsie Top on the list is probably tokyo ghoul so my friends can stop...
  9. Saki Nikaido

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Mon A Dire Mistake [A Pokemon Reborn Dark Monolocke] [MATURE] [Abandoned]

    That won't happen again! It was a super old run from last year and I missed those shots when I posted them the first time and didn't feel like redoing them when they were already done. I'm trying to find a medium between chatting/feels and story ;w; Seriously guys, there's a butt-ton of story...
  10. Saki Nikaido

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Mon A Dire Mistake [A Pokemon Reborn Dark Monolocke] [MATURE] [Abandoned]

    Oh man, I had no idea! I messed with the gallery album I made here, maybe thats why? I'll see if that fixes it ;w; edit: i think i had the view album settings to just me, i allowed it to everyone so it should be working now? My friends offsite say theyre there for them so :/
  11. Saki Nikaido

    Video Games Pokemon NPC Hype/Complaints Thread

    Yeah, the kalos rivals weren't even really rivals for me, jut annoyances and roadblocks.
  12. Saki Nikaido

    Introductions and Departures Thread

    Hello! I used to be arcticGalaxies on zeta and just rediscovered my old tapatalk thread like two days ago before these forums were open, so at least i dont have to port much hehe nice to meet you all!