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  1. Fool

    Introductions and Departures Thread

    Having taken some time to think it over and stuff, I've decided to leave for good this time. It's mostly a personal thing, I've not lost interest in the Pokemon series or the games, but rather of the forums itself. I don't think I've ever really been a member of this community, even in the near...
  2. Fool

    Video Games Pokemon NPC Hype/Complaints Thread

    The greatest Pokémon NPC is the hefty man in the start of each game who rants about how amazing technology is. I don’t know why the devs thought that was funny, but honestly the unfunny nature of the character makes it even more funny. It’s neat that they’ve kept some form of the character in...
  3. Fool

    Collaborative PokeMaggia OOC & Extras

    So, it’s been some time. Figured I’d update my end of the situation now. So, I got Covid about half a month ago, just got cleared for that and I’ve officially started a job at Lowe’s. I wanted to wait until I was basically done with orientation to confirm everything and here we are. I’ll be...
  4. Fool

    Happy Birthday VG!

    Happy Birthday VG!
  5. Fool

    Happy Birthday Zero!

    Happy Birthday Zero!
  6. Fool

    Comic Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Mon You're Not Special [CANCELLED]

    So, after thinking about it for a bit, I've kind of come to the conclusion that I really don't want to make this anymore because like it's been said, I think the way I've gone about this has made light of a serious topic that would be better handled by other people and not myself. I think the...
  7. Fool

    Backloggd Review Blog

    Game: Dragon Ball FighterZ Console(s) Played: SNES Status: Played Rating: 3 Stars Review: I'm not really a fan of fighting games, but it's Dragon Ball. At least the story mode is kind of charming, if not repetitive.
  8. Fool

    Backloggd Review Blog

    Game: Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety Console(s) Played: SNES Status: Completed Rating: 3 Stars Review: This could have been a great game if the difficulty of singleplayer wasn't so god damned ridiculous. Ah well, at least there's unlimited lives passwords.
  9. Fool

    Backloggd Review Blog

    Game: Mary Kate & Ashley Sweet 16: Licensed to Drive Console(s) Played: Game Boy Advance Status: Abandoned Rating: 0.5 Stars Review: You ever just want to have a car accident?
  10. Fool

    YNS Update Five is up.

    YNS Update Five is up.
  11. Fool

    Comic Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Mon You're Not Special [CANCELLED]

    As this update is a continuation of the previous one, I am once again going to put a disclaimer and have the update spoilered. This update contains themes regarding the contemplation of suicide. If such themes make you uncomfortable, I recommend you skip this update. I also would like to link...
  12. Fool

    Backloggd Review Blog

    Game: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Console(s) Played: Playstation 4 Status: Completed Rating: 3 Stars Review: Such a beautiful game with masterfully orchestrated tracks from the series... It's too bad the gameplay is about as deep as a pothole. At least the cutscenes are cool... also you can drive...
  13. Fool

    You're Banned!

    Banned because you're too kind.
  14. Fool

    Well, the link to the forum on the official Nuzlocke website links to this one, so I think he knows.

    Well, the link to the forum on the official Nuzlocke website links to this one, so I think he knows.
  15. Fool

    Backloggd Review Blog

    Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles Console(s) Played: PC Status: Mastered Rating: 5 Stars Review: The best Sonic game, hands down. Words would not do it justice, just play it. Also, fuck Blue Sphere. That shit is just annoying.
  16. Fool

    Happy Birthday Trollkitten!

    Happy Birthday Trollkitten!
  17. Fool

    Comic Unova General Other Adventure Jet's Black Nuzlocke

    And now I've caught up all the way to the current stopping point. I know I said this to you personally, but I'll say it here too. This run is absolutely phenomenal in both its storytelling, visual humor, and just visuals in general. There were various points where I could legitimately see all of...
  18. Fool

    Backloggd Review Blog

    Game: Sonic Mania Console(s) Played: Xbox One Status: Mastered (Mastered means you've 100% the game) Rating: 4.5 Stars Review: Second best classic Sonic game. Really needed more of its own ideas rather than borrowing stages from other games.
  19. Fool

    Backloggd Review Blog

    Game: Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Console(s) Played: Xbox 360 Status: Completed Rating: 4.5 Stars Review: Good game, good combat. One of the few fighting games I actually enjoy playing. Still doesn't help my depression, but I can play as Super Saiyan Vegeta in his Saiyan Saga outfit and that's...
  20. Fool

    Serious Coronavirus Public Discussion

    Welp, I got the virus. Honestly wasn’t expecting it but the test results came positive. Wonderful timing on the virus’ part, I just got a job offer and now this happens. Luckily I don’t really feel all that bad outside of just mild congestion, so I think I’m just going to stay in my room so I...