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  1. Memento

    Update. The kittens had left for a while along with the momma cat, but now the kittens are back...

    Update. The kittens had left for a while along with the momma cat, but now the kittens are back underneath the porch. Momma probably won't be rehabilitated ever (far too feral), so I don't see a scenario where she's all right...but my mom's planning on calling animal control to neuter/spay the...
  2. Memento

    Happy birthday, Red!

    Happy birthday, Red!
  3. Memento

    Play by Post Poorly-Explained Moves

    Play nice. Two Pokemon decide to play flag football instead of American tackle football - ergo, playing nicer than normally. Since there's no physical contact from the user of the move, the other Pokemon relaxes, thus lowering their attack.
  4. Memento

    Hey, my folks found four kittens and a momma feral cat underneath the back deck. I was hoping to...

    Hey, my folks found four kittens and a momma feral cat underneath the back deck. I was hoping to have two of them for emotional support (as I have bipolar manic/depression and anxiety, as well as being stuck in a wheelchair.), but I'm stuck with my house potentially not wanting a pet. I'll keep...
  5. Memento

    Happy birthday! I hope you've absolutely enjoyed it~

    Happy birthday! I hope you've absolutely enjoyed it~
  6. Memento

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Oh, is that a weakness to ghost I see? Spinarak, be a good little spider and shadow sneak the My Little Pony knockoff, will you?
  7. Memento


    The watermelon already has four-leaf clovers to cancel out any and all bad luck for the remainder of its (potentially immortal) life. I inject the watermelon with enough poison to kill twenty blue whales.
  8. Memento

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    Looks like someone really likes Typhlosion (and I don't blame them; Johto starters are the best starters).
  9. Memento

    Introductions and Departures Thread

    @Fool You will be missed. I love your commentary in PokeMaggia, and your runs are fun as well. I'm really sad to see you go, but I respect your decision to leave. I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors.
  10. Memento

    You're Banned!

    Banned because actually, their Pokedex entry is relatable; I've basically had to do it for Covid quarantine reasons.
  11. Memento

    Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    All of them. All the runs. 😜 Seriously, I have runs from Red to White 2, including Drayano hacks. (Crystal and White 2 are different runs, though, as I've decided to save story-telling for those two alone.)
  12. Memento

    You're Banned!

    You want to be that way? Fine. You're banned for conspiring against the crown Princess of Darkness: me! Because I'm the only fucking monarch who matters!
  13. Memento

    unfinished stuff fillerzone

    Aww...the googly eyes Rayquaza is so adorable~
  14. Memento

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Hey, um, Bronzor? Kiss kill the frog prince with an extrasensory, if you don't mind?
  15. Memento

    Happy birthday! *hands you a cake*

    Happy birthday! *hands you a cake*
  16. Memento

    Tales from the Pokemon Center- My Adventures in Healthcare (Story #9- My Thoughts on and Experience with Covid-19 5/12/21)

    Yeah, speaking from the perspective of someone with autism, I've never had medicinal marijuana. Maybe it could've prevented a lot of the shit that happened to me, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal in Missouri. *sigh* I honestly want to visit Utah to see my sister, and we can try edibles. I'm...
  17. Memento

    Happy birthday, Aurea! *gives you giant chocolate cake*

    Happy birthday, Aurea! *gives you giant chocolate cake*
  18. Memento

    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    Granted! A meteor hit the earth, and you and everyone else perishes. Because of your wish, you go straight to hell, don't pass go, don't collect two-hundred dollars. I wish for a walk-in closet filled with adorable dresses that fit me and will never rip, tear or get destroyed in any way.
  19. Memento

    You're Banned!

    Banned because...um...because I can't find a reason to ban you. So I will.
  20. Memento

    Play by Post Train, Store, Release

    Party: Hydreigon. My favorite Unovan mon and a dominant pseudo legend. How could I possibly say no? Box: Volcarona. Badass fire/bug, great design, and can utterly stomp out Ghetsis if done right. Definitely a good choice. Release: Glaceon. I hold absolutely no ill will toward Glaceon, but it...