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  1. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    for some reason the "wench" and "milord" phrases give me weird reddit vibes even though they come from medieval times askfhsdk speaking of flying eggs, sigilyph gives me flying unown vibes xD imagine if that had been a evolution for unown so that unown had some potential
  2. sky_

    Galar Written Log Commentary Mon GRANDMASTER: A Sword Chesslocke

    that Zelda map reminds me of Unova's taken to its extreme rip sdlkhfsj also nice work against Geordie! Coalossal tanked a quad-weak attack which operated Steam Engine I... okay, this 'mon now has my respect xD imagine if that thing had a Weakness Policy too omg poor Hop though, imagine trying...
  3. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    tfw taiyo runs after team plasma and poor N ends up having to block her path after all i feel like taiyo might also not take kindly to N's Sigilyph after another of the line decided to slaughter one of her teammates skfjhsddlhfcj
  4. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    Taiyo used Intimidate, N's resistance fell harshly ;ppp honestly her scaring the poor bean was still by far the least violent solution that this could have taken (so far) so. 10/10 i think?? why am i condoning intimidation like this alkfhksdjfhk
  5. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    ohhhh no don't do it taiyo leave him alone let him live ...or at least have your pets fite each-other instead
  6. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    the lighting, the dialogue, taiyo's pose, i love this, go gettem taiyo also congrats on the fan feature!
  7. sky_

    Screenshot Johto Dust In the Wind 3: LÄÄÄÃÄÄÆÁÄĀÄÄMP - A solo Dustox run of Heart Gold

    i don't know who this boss is but me and my friend have been watching a youtube LP of a dark souls game and oh dear there are many "yoooou died" moments sdlhfdsfjk those games look so difficult if only it got a mega and a movepool fix or something similar. clearly game freak only wanted to go...
  8. sky_

    Galar Written Log Commentary Mon GRANDMASTER: A Sword Chesslocke

    it would do wonders for our tourism if we actually had a desert and i'm honestly fascinated by them, but it wouldn't exactly work with our notoriously rainy and grey weather rip 😭 hhhhhhh goddammit why does aftermath exist, what an epic steel 'mon cufant is and now it's been completely lost...
  9. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    i remember that this conversation - hell, the whole "yep I'm the king of this group" scene in BW - really shocked me when I first heard it, because I was really bad at guessing plot twists and I'm still bad at it now b;kdhgkdjf good luck with the big reveal, N! hopefully taiyo doesn't react too...
  10. sky_

    Sinnoh Written Log Mature Hack Throne of lies and bloodlines- A renegade platinum nuzlocke

    Awww Mocha gets to write something neat yessss xD that's adorable! i care he saf;kjsdhfjkKJADHJKASDH see i want to hear more about this bet-taking now that sounds hilarious aaaaaand the shoe finally drops for her huh 😂 awww this is hilarious bless her what's Umbre Jack in this case? also...
  11. sky_

    @Kadew happy birthday!!!

    @Kadew happy birthday!!!
  12. sky_

    Nuzlocke Surprisingly easy boss battles

    Seconding Marlon, who has always been the least challenging Gym Leader in White 2 for me - I soloed him one time with a Leavanny and the next with Serperior without any problems (this was in White 2 Normal mode though, I wish I could get Challenge Mode lkjjsdhvkj). He has good Pokemon but the...
  13. sky_

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    More Kanto shenanigans from there have been ensuing with: - an Arbok that Drayano gifted Mud Shot taking out my Magneton (the Mamoswine replacement) - the Magnezone (Magneton replacement) narrowly getting past a Destiny Bond Mismagius only to be taken out by Sabrina's trapping, Mirror Coat...
  14. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    does being partially raised by pokemon like zorua count as being raised by wolves sd;kfsjk also oh dear taiyo what's the bet omg
  15. sky_

    Galar Written Log Commentary Mon GRANDMASTER: A Sword Chesslocke

    Awwwww Togepi is a friend, and yours has a good nature and ability too! Charm might be nice on the 'mon against Bea's Fighting types, though it's worth being careful because if Unova is anything to go by, a lot of Fighting types can still learn Rock moves (and may have anti-Fairy coverage...
  16. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    Omg ds;fsdkfhdsjkg N were you going to like just stare up at the ferris wheel while you made ur dramatic confession something about this is actually kinda sweet like i hope N really enjoys his time on the ferris wheel ...then again he is the king of a bunch of thieving cultists and taiyo is...
  17. sky_

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Nidoqueen, as the best Nido, use Earth Power!
  18. sky_

    Play by Post Train, Store, Release

    hello this made me laugh kasdfhcskdj also i will never look at that pokemon in the same way oh no Train: Spiritomb. An awesome Pokemon which always serves me well in fangames/enhancement hacks and is impossible for me to obtain otherwise Box: Rotom, An incredibly versatile 'mon which could...
  19. sky_

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    awww hell yeah all the happy feels also n, you are lucky that taiyo is just bewildered by your actions rn. you dragging taiyo into this ferris wheel and also showing off a sigilyph after felix dying so soon? not a wise move if you value your safety, fren ;p
  20. sky_

    General Improve a bad ability

    Klutz: The Pokemon cannot use hold items because it drops them. However, this does not apply to clothing-related items that could be worn around its body (eg: Choice Scarf, Silk Scarf, Focus Sash) DLC related: Curious Medicine: Upon switch-in this Ability eliminates the stat changes of its...