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Search results

  1. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Post Your Graveyard.

    My HeartGold run still has no deaths, and my X run’s graveyard never changed since the last time I posted. So let’s go with Shield expansion pass wedlocke
  2. PageEmperor

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    The Impidimp line start off as special attackers, until they get to Grimmsnarl who somehow gains a bunch of physical attack.
  3. PageEmperor

    Brand New Generic Post Your Team Here Topic

    I have decided that I will only do three cartridge runs at a time. Nothing really changed for my HeartGold run but as for the others...
  4. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

    I finally completed my Blaze Black run. Nothing else to say other than that one I’m just glad it’s over, even if I have 18 deaths. Here are the champions.
  5. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    Serebii‘s XY item page states that I can get a Dusk stone in a recent town, and I just got a Murkrow, so alright, more options! And then it turns out they didn’t say that it was only postgame that I could get it. Well, it looks like my Delphox is most likely, and by that, I mean definitely...
  6. PageEmperor

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    I bring the Cloyster in your sig to life, and he nails your Psychic humanoid with Rock blast!
  7. PageEmperor

    Play by Post AMA

    You plan to do a Glazed Nuzlocke anytime soon?
  8. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    I have little to no counters for the Ice gym for my Shield Expansion pass Wedlocke. For my ‘best’ pair I’m counting on, I feel would not be the best option because I’m worried about Rock slide missing, or the opponent getting tons of crits through my screens. I’m glad I chose to do this run on...
  9. PageEmperor

    Play by Post Magic Blender

    I put in my avatar.
  10. PageEmperor

    I don’t know why PageEmp didn’t make a blog on this website before...

    I've actually wanted to post this for a while, but some very kind person has archived this interesting thing in the past that I did! It's basically a place where I posted my nuzrun teams at the time! Of course, if there is anything that sounds too blind or pretentious or anything, then I...
  11. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    Unless I figure out how to hack in more heart scales, my blaze black nuzlocke is going to take several weeks to progress.
  12. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Moves you have grown to love/hate thanks to Nuzlockes

    I just loathe Sucker punch during grinding. You want to use damaging moves to knock out the opponent, so that means you have to get hit all the time. That, and during the daycare, a mon I wanted to use lost his main Dark STAB for Sucker punch. Yeah, we can use that, but if the opponent sets up...
  13. PageEmperor

    Screenshot Kanto Mixed Media Teen Commentary Hack A broken excursion: Page's FireRed Randomizable 809 (2019) Blindlocke!

    Thanks a ton, I appreciate it! Both for my avatar and the run! So sorry it's taking a while, I've been either, well, playing this run or just being lazy. But expect some updates soon because I did play a bunch!
  14. PageEmperor

    How did you spend your day?

    For me I spent it on making episode ideas for this show that has a weirdly unstable fanbase. so the thread is simple: what did you spend your day doing?
  15. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

    2 months later, I completed Black 2’s post game.
  16. PageEmperor

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Black 2 Main story: Steelix, Jellicent, Amoonguss, Altaria, Azumarill, Zoroark Black 2 Post game: Jellicent, Hydreigon, Steelix, Tyranitar, Crobat, Conkeldurr
  17. PageEmperor

    Brand New Generic Post Your Team Here Topic

    So I recently decided to start a HeartGold nuzrun just for kicks. But also mostly to HOPEFULLY make it to Red. Because yes, I still have yet to do that despite this being a nearly 12 year old game. Currently trying to grind to a higher level before continuing the Rocket radio tower event.
  18. PageEmperor

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    With both Wartortle and Dugtrio in your main team, a counter for Grass mons would be a good idea so that would mean Growlithe could see some action, with it both resisting Grass and hitting it super effectively. As for Eevee, you can either do Flareon if you aren’t feeling the Growlithe, or...
  19. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Post Your Graveyard.

    Anyhoo, reviving this thread to bring in my very final graveyard for my Black 2 run, which indeed expanded to post game and right now I’m considering whether or not I should fight N. I didn’t fight any of his weather teams yet because the game claims I have to ride with him on a friday first and...
  20. PageEmperor

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    Immediately checked it up. And yes, it is most definitely a surprise. I too figured that since it’s attack and speed were high I imagined it’s defenses were considerably lower, but whoa, it isn’t! Oh and by the way: Eviolite does not calculate off the base stats. It calculates off the actual...