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Search results

  1. Neotornado

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    I did pick stunfisk/cherrim anyway for the eternatus fight, and that strat worked like a charm. I ended up using cherrim for hax instead of rotom because I wanted to keep the latter healthy for charizard (my rules don't allow for dynamaxing), it was close but I was able to pull through with a...
  2. Neotornado

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Currently going into leon on the grass/electric duolocke. I currently have two teams picked (eldegoss/morpeko and leafeon/rotom-wash) but I'm struggling to pick a third. I'm mostly struggling to deal with leon's haxorus and aegislash, since everyone else is mostly dealt with. This run DOES allow...
  3. Neotornado

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    I am avoiding most trainers, its the plot-required trainers that are giving upwards of 2,500-3,500 EXP per pokemon, though I did mess up on route 10 and not use an EXP sponging team there, which is what prompted the second team swap
  4. Neotornado

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    Mostly agreed, though rock tomb in FR/LG can still bean an unsuspecting charmander. In that case its more "won't swap from charmander to the mankey put on route 22 just for that reason" (or maybe not using growl on other mons to lower the damage) As for whitney, I like calling her a skill check...
  5. Neotornado

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    So my grass + electric run of shield has ran into a bit of an issue with overleveling, mostly because of isle of armor giving you the EXP charm as soon as I walked into the dojo. Combined with most of my mons being traded (due to how I'm randomizing the run), I'm getting 225% experience on each...
  6. Neotornado

    General Video Games Opinions on Hacked Pokemon In Wonder/Surprise Trade

    I generally just quarrantine WT hacks in their own box, I'll just leave most of the more obvious ones to rot (websites anywhere in the OT or name is a dead giveaway) but I might keep some of the ones that are either amusing (such as a shiny oricorio that had 0 IV in everything but attack and...
  7. Neotornado

    Nuzlocke Have you ever boxed a non dead starter?

    My starters usually have a streak of either dying before gym 3 (5 in emerald specifically) or going to the Hof but there's been a few times I've boxed starters. One notable example is actually from touhoumon purple where I've started to box my starter in runs because faith-typed coverage is...
  8. Neotornado

    Pokemon Hack Fire Red Hack Touhoumon 1.8: April fools edition

    Helo, I don't think the fire red version of touhoumon 1.8 has enough PC98 characters in its maingame, so I fixed that. also I added in ten desires characters because one of them looks like mima Not the best at hacking atm so SAVE FREQUENTLY! You might just run into bugs. Okay so what this hack...
  9. Neotornado

    Video Games Modded Terraria Server - Thorium / Calamity Expert Playthrough!

    right now it seems like bard is the one that's a super sitting duck because fool and someone else were both thinking about it as well (fool's mainly cautious because of its pre-hardmode status but we'll see.) Mage is also somewhat up for grabs since I'm the only one that's expressed interest in...
  10. Neotornado

    Video Games Modded Terraria Server - Thorium / Calamity Expert Playthrough!

    Yeah when I last checked it was literally just the two pets so I might need to check that in-game Also going to note that we're probably gonna ban the thorium reality breaker items (everything else from the ragnarok is fine) until post-DoG since the self-heal makes you borderline unkillable...
  11. Neotornado

    Video Games Modded Terraria Server - Thorium / Calamity Expert Playthrough!

    Bit late on the reply but I was thinking that we won't start with revengance mode but might pitch a group vote to turn it on if we feel like we're doing well enough. (thankfully, revengance mode is reversible at any time a boss isn't alive, unlike expert mode) I highly doubt we'll be turning on...
  12. Neotornado

    Video Games Modded Terraria Server - Thorium / Calamity Expert Playthrough!

    As the one who wrote that readme up above, I am also in. I'm probably going to go for healer with some non-boss spec into mage so I don't get bored with using poison pricker for 80% of my non-boss fights. As for schedules, I'm almost always free from 9PM to 2 AM east cost time, Friday...
  13. Neotornado

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke pokemon species cliches

    For that bug one I tend to give double points if its Butterfree in particular (probably inspired by Petty's, though Rooke's is also a pretty good example) One odd one I feel like I've seen a fair bit is Togepi being a miniature "coming of age" story by itself. Whether or not the Togetic is an...
  14. Neotornado

    How did you get into Nuzlocking?

    My memories of getting into nuzlockes are a bit hazy, but I do firmly remember getting into them in June of 2012. As for how, I'm not 100% sure. I was frequenting a DeviantArt OCT community called Battle Frontier Ohana Islands (BFOI) at around that point (which ended in 2016 due to a combo of...
  15. Neotornado

    General Shiny Pokemon Thread!

    When the shiny shows up so fast you forget to actually have the syncher in the party. (something like 30-35 battles in) Also obtained a shiny Pincurchin, Flapple, Grapploct, and Arctozolt before this in swish but the forums aren't letting me show the images for them. (all of them were hatched...
  16. Neotornado

    Speaking of the direct, rip the meta without landorus and the tapus, we had a fun run while it...

    Speaking of the direct, rip the meta without landorus and the tapus, we had a fun run while it lasted bois
  17. Neotornado

    How do you interpret Nuzlocke Rules in Gen 8?

    I personally just pick "overworld vs. grass" before I enter a route since some encounters are exclusive to one or the other. If I pick the former I allow myself one "scouting" session to sweep the area so I don't run into any trainers, then leave the route (to reset the wilds), then just rush...
  18. Neotornado

    Create a Move

    Mostly just filling in blanks with my offense moves. Some of these are from verdant and others are my own ideas that I probably couldn't implement: (accuracy is 100% unless otherwise stated) Aggro Hug/Glomp - Fairy-P, 40 base power, 10% chance to lower the opponent's physical attack Earlygame...
  19. Neotornado

    General  Nuzlocke Community Top 50 - 2020 Edition!

    Not gonna do the pokemon shuffle thing again because gen 8 #10 - Bastiodon (#9 on the 2018 list) #9 - Raboot (Newcomer) #8 - Delcatty (honorable mention) #7 - Drifloon #6 - Heatran (#4) #5 - Furfrou (#6) #4 - Charjabug (#5) #3 - Leafeon #2 - Diggersby #1 - Rotom The only things I should note is...
  20. Neotornado

    Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

    Got another one for shield already! Yes I started a new run while grinding in another run. This time the rule was that I could use only Pokemon I had acquired from raids, as well as gift pokemon that I could swap out for wild pokemon if I wanted to, provided it did not come from the overworld...