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Search results

  1. Zorua3

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    That sloth (?) looks ready to commit a war crime of some sort.
  2. Zorua3

    Screenshot Let's Play General A World of Light Nuzlocke

    Ah, a fellow person of culture! Coney's awesome. His Smash stuff lured me into his variety content which is hysterical, I think he's one of the best small(ish) YouTubers out there. Ashley, iirc, has a little red demon henchman named, well... Red. Good luck on the last two fights! Even on...
  3. Zorua3

    Kalos Written Log Commentary The Totally Fascinating Lore of Kalos... er, Kanto...: Zorua3's analysis-filled Kanto-only Lorelocke of Pokemon X

    @RubyClaw Yeah, I knew before starting this run that X and Y's diversity is famous, but their Kanto diversity specifically is absolutely insane. I think that well over half of Kanto's dex can be caught over the course of the story. And yeah, Plant of Love is a fun rule! It's a less restrictive...
  4. Zorua3

    Video Let's Play Super Smash Brothers Brawl Subspace Emissary Intense difficulty run

    I love love LOVE The Subspace Emissary, back before Smash 4 and Ultimate I spent a ton of time playing two-player with various siblings as well as trying to 100% it on my own. And those cutscenes... they felt like reveal trailers before those became a thing, and some of them (Subspace gun, first...
  5. Zorua3

    Screenshot Unova Teen Mon A Cap, No Cap

    It's viewable! Other than the images being a bit large (though still readable) I don't think there are any problems with the formatting and such. RE: the run, good start! Meloetta is a pretty interesting mon for a solo run, mostly because of Relic Song should you choose to utilize it. I imagine...
  6. Zorua3

    Sinnoh Written Log General Liberty or Death -- AT's Platinum Wedlocke!

    Okay this concept is glorious. I never would have expected Benjamin Franklin to be so knowledgeable about Sinnoh and Pokemon Training, yet here we are. Nice to see that your third "meeting with a Governor" went well! Scyther is a fantastic catch, especially with Technician. Though, between it...
  7. Zorua3

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon DARK IS NOT EVIL: an Alpha Sapphire Monolocke

    Those stupid Sandslash are the worst. Sand Tomb + Poison Sting + Dig has a lot of potential for nastiness on its own, and then you throw in Sand Veil on top of that and it just becomes painful. Thank goodness they changed Ghost to ignore trapping effects in Gen 6, or that Sableye would be toast.
  8. Zorua3

    Written Story Galar General Proving Ground (A Sword and Shield Nuzlocke)

    This is an interesting rule! It definitely seems pretty mandatory for a Nuzlocke where you can't box Pokemon, since without it I imagine the run would be really hard. Question, I assume you'll make the encounters in the Wild Area random by running into the exclamation point rustling bushes...
  9. Zorua3

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon 7.8 Too Much Water: An Emerald Water Monolocke

    I just realized, in Gen 8 there's a feature where you can send your Pokemon to do random jobs for EXP./EV training + random items and food. So I'm guessing that your Mom is paying some passerby "movers" (read: random trainers) in important items such as Fresh Water and Sausages (actual reward...
  10. Zorua3

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    That pose reminds me of my favorite Incineroar Taunt in Smash. Does the artwork draw inspiration from that, or is it from a Pokemon Refresh animation?
  11. Zorua3

    Play by Post AMA

    What's a Pokemon that you think is underrated competitively? Alternatively, if you aren't into competitive, what's your favorite Quality-of-Life addition Pokemon has added?
  12. Zorua3

    Play by Post Post a question for the next user to answer

    Uhhhhh... gonna go with Fairy. I don't particularly adore any Fairy-types other than MMawile and Grimmsnarl, am not a fan of the way it was handled weakness/resistance-wise (Buffing Steel? Nerfing Bug?), and have just never been much of a fan of elegant-type things in general. Favorite game...
  13. Zorua3

    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Huh, that was interesting... (remembering long sentences is challenging) You know what they say... all toasters toast toast!
  14. Zorua3

    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me What can I say, except, DELETE THIS
  15. Zorua3

    Screenshot Let's Play Fossil Fighters, but it's a Nuzlocke

    Saw this in the Creative Content tab and had to click immediately. Fossil Fighters: Champions was my jam back in the day, and its less refined predecessor was also really fun! Though, truth be told, I've forgotten a lot about the OG (most of my memories are of Champions) so I'm super interested...
  16. Zorua3

    Kalos Written Log Commentary The Totally Fascinating Lore of Kalos... er, Kanto...: Zorua3's analysis-filled Kanto-only Lorelocke of Pokemon X

    @Trollkitten I assumed that the Wedlocke was made null, but like Ruby said it could definitely go either way. @RubyClaw Looking at my Google Doc, it looks like I've written up to the seventh gym. Since that's a lot of progress, I'll probably try to write more and play through to the end! Yeah...
  17. Zorua3

    Serious Coronavirus Public Discussion

    Got news of grandparents catching COVID a week ago, which was stressful. Fortunately, neither of them seemed to take much damage and bounced back quickly. Unfortunately, they have no idea when they caught it or from where. I'm in the clear as I moved away from their area a couple months ago, but...
  18. Zorua3

    Play by Post Train, Store, Release

    Train: Basculin, because while I'm not particularly connected to any of these Pokemon I do have a soft spot for the fish, as it was in my party on my very first playthrough of White. Box: Stunfisk. It's a meme and it's funny. Release: Audino. I feel nothing whatsoever for this Pokemon, so I'll...
  19. Zorua3

    Kalos Written Log Commentary The Totally Fascinating Lore of Kalos... er, Kanto...: Zorua3's analysis-filled Kanto-only Lorelocke of Pokemon X

    So, I was wandering through Google Docs looking for a Fanfiction I wrote way back when, and I found... this. Apparently I started a Lorelocke, writing it as I played through, with the intention of posting it once I'd finished in order to avoid abandoning it mid-thread as I've done with the other...
  20. Zorua3

    Play by Post Nuzlocke Forums MUGEN Tournament

    Racist Clippy deeply disturbs me and I hope he is crushed into the dust when he next plays. ALSO BLITZTANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO