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  1. Inksword

    DotW: Let's end the world! :D

    Not quite what you're talking about either, but there's a boardgame called Comanauts where you're all the fantastical figments of a person's subconscious. They're in a coma doing the classic "living a story in your head while locked in a coma" and your job is to beat back the evil stuff...
  2. Inksword

    Art Comic Original Teen PMD: Rangers of Sky

    I appreciate the line "There's stealthy little rocks" too much. Also interesting! I was worried Poppy would be a completely new personality from this being a completely different world but seems like Poppy remembers Eliza but is not a talonflame any more? INTERESTING. Also I really appreciate...
  3. Inksword

    Showcase Art Comic Original Teen Genesis: A Gijinka Story

    Kids have no respect for their genetically identical elders
  4. Inksword

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos I wanna be the very best: a globe-trotting Nuzlocke gauntlet

    I was reading the update just thinking about how Son Boy hadn't gotten the spotlight in a while before he helped beat the grass gym, nice job Son Boy! Man, XYs pacing WAS really bad wasn't it. Forever between first and second gyms and then everything crammed in at the end.
  5. Inksword

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    I mean, it's not like I just figured this out, but due to how many ground/rock types there are, I always forget that ground does NOT resist fire. It's been the death of more than one ground/somethingweaktofire types in my nuzlockes 😔
  6. Inksword

    Comic Sinnoh Gijinka ALTERED EGOS [a randomized platinum gijinkalocke comic]

    Oooh, I'll third liking the premise, and the cover is a wonderfully stylized and ominous piece. I'll be keeping my eye on this!
  7. Inksword

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Relic Radiation [a pearl gijinkalocke comic.]

    Every time the conspiracy and paranoia themes come back in to RR I am HYPE AS HECK I can't wait to see where this goes (please purugly no steppy on fave chars ;w;)
  8. Inksword

    General If you could BE any Pokemon, which?

    Oooo having hands is a good point. I think I'd be willing to do a little work to work with three or four fingers in exchange for being a POKEMON but as an artist I can't go completely without them. Probably top choice: frosslass, can float, is ghost, cool elemental powers, plus hands! Second...
  9. Inksword

    DotW: Holiday Specials!

    The holiday special is something that's a lot of fun in tv shows and comic series and stuff! It can be a ton of fun and really nice to see everyone in a different setting, mix up the tone, give a moment to breathe and give their audiences something to connect to their normal life in seeing...
  10. Inksword

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Relic Radiation [a pearl gijinkalocke comic.]

    Karaoke! Such a cute scene and it was really nice to see everyone interacting in just a nice mundane dinner party. Such a nice page ;w;
  11. Inksword

    DotW: What types of villains do you like?

    I'm a sucker for any villain with a sad/sympathetic backstory tbh. As for other things, I think for longer form stuff (series as opposed to one offs) it's good to develop a cast of villains, at least a little bit. Gives the villains someone to have chemistry with and bounce off of, and can let...
  12. Inksword

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka Burn Away [an X gijinka comic]

    Snooze: Makes characters cute and happy Readers:
  13. Inksword

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon Tectonic Plates, a Platinum Ground Monotype Nuzlocke (FAILED)

    Aw that's too bad, I def always suggest playing all the way through before plotting a comic. Good news is you hadn't done too many pages yet so if you wanted to re-use them for a successful run you could! Good luck on your future nuzlockes!
  14. Inksword

    DotW: How special do you like your protagonists?

    The chosen one story line can be good, but it gets a bad rap because it's often used as a crutch. There's external plot (the conflict what's going on with the world) and internal plot (the conflict and change inside your main character or characters.) Ideally, your external plot and internal...
  15. Inksword

    Fixing a character that isn't working out

    Honestly, I've been working on planning out a nuzlocke and have hit hiccups like this every once in a while. It's more often a plot point or scene that isn't working for me rather than an entire character. I often think of ideas for characters or events while I'm playing before I have a solid...
  16. Inksword

    Art Comic Original Teen PMD: Rangers of Sky

    Wow! The art in this is gorgeous and really makes use of the black and white style! Nice chunky black fills and shadows yum! 🤩 It reminds me of Bone a little bit in tone and story! At the start I was wondering if you were going to be species-bending your playthrough and having rangers running...
  17. Inksword

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon Tectonic Plates, a Platinum Ground Monotype Nuzlocke (FAILED)

    A traditional nuzlocke style comic! I'm looking forward to more! I was wondering who you could actualy get before the first gym but there's a suprising amount of ground types in Sinnoh. Good luck!
  18. Inksword

    Nuzlocke Advice Opinons on lost runs

    I would read a failed run! Of course the readers wouldn't know it's failed in the end. I've seen people who incorporate failed runs into their character's backstory rather than letting the run play out. I would just make sure, win or lose, you tell a complete story where the ending still has...
  19. Inksword

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos I wanna be the very best: a globe-trotting Nuzlocke gauntlet

    Ahhh! I'm so glad to see this popping up in my notifications again! What a rough way to open, losing Potato. The Venipede line has really grown on me since the release of BW and it's one of my favorite bug lines. A few deaths in this last long-spanning update but you're through Unova. Interested...
  20. Inksword

    General Video Games Opinions on Hacked Pokemon In Wonder/Surprise Trade

    I found a couple in my ORAS wonderlocke, but since they were usually a high level, and I made a rule where I had to trade until I found something under my level limit, I usually traded them away. I did end up keeping a pidgey that I later found out was either hacked or from someone who somehow...