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Search results

  1. Uberle

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Oh right, Crystal We got a wandering Suicune somewhere, right? At least that's where I'm assuming this is going, but we'll see
  2. Uberle

    Written Story Teen Knights of Cydonia

    ........ You know I will be perfectly honest Not sure how to use words to describe how I think about this I will say that having horrific bug dreams be a crucial plot point is f*cking genius But other than that, not sure how to word things You have my attention and I can't wait to see how this...
  3. Uberle

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Mon The Last Vestiges: A CYOA of Renegade Platinum

    Ok, what Choose your own adventure style nuzlocke Who even thinks of doing something like this?! Well I'll along for the ride, so time to see where I end up I generally have bad luck with these kinds of things, but let's see if I can change that Really like what you've got so far I can't...
  4. Uberle

    Written Story Galar Teen Colossus

    Yeah I immediately love Taz Man wakes up, decides to do a thing, and does it I love it, it's great Looks like this'll dive more into how Spikemuth is struggling to stay relevant with Piers being the only reason the town's still afloat Similar to This is a Low with Bede's concept, I love that...
  5. Uberle

    Written Story Kalos Teen Pokemon X Nuzlocke

    Again I just really like this narration style Think it can be best described as 2nd person because the POV character always seems to be talking to someone else in the story It's like the usual 3rd person narrator is a character in the world itself This update is directed at the player character...
  6. Uberle

    Written Story Unova Mature Don’t Evolve

    I kinda like this update of Xe just being completely alone with inconspicuous head partner and something biting at her heels Nothing but her and the never-ending sand Also a Helix's Witness member trying to get her to let Arceus into her life Yeah, I feel like I'd also spend my last moments...
  7. Uberle

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    This This is nice And for now I'll pretend that it isn't going to be ripped away from us and just enjoy the wholesome
  8. Uberle

    Comic Alola Mature Mon Sundowner - An Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    Yes hello, here from the ganza promo thread I was promised abs and I can safely say that has been delivered I don't know why but I just love that Lehua's 5' nothing Maybe it's because I too am short Maybe it's just the initial contrast of this tiny person being JACKED All designs are...
  9. Uberle

    Extravaganza 2020 — Promos Thread

    So just gonna promo some runs here Don't Evolve by @Faleep Hey kids, like Pokemon? Like zombies? Like being absolutely terrified by uncomfortable descriptions of horrid mushroom monstrosities? Well this is the run for you! Follow Xe as she walks through the once mighty region of Unova, now...
  10. Uberle

    Written Story Unova Mature Don’t Evolve

    Now I wonder who this could be this is a GREAT introduction to this character and am looking forward to more of them This chapter provides good relief after the really heavy previous one I really like this line Just forms a really vivid image in my head
  11. Uberle

    today was.... draining

    today was.... draining
  12. Uberle

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    CHOO CHOO MOTHERF*CKERS Everything's just at a tipping point and I'm wondering which way it'll fall ... Going to be a very stressful time
  13. Uberle

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Let Them Eat Cake - an Emerald storylocke

    It's nice having Steven around as someone Chloe gets along with just fine while also being incredibly entertaining in his own right That was a really good boss fight and I love Chloe's line of "did I win" She's good at battle, even though she probably doesn't want to be, so it's fun watching...
  14. Uberle

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Silver just wants to get by like any other honest criminal Am very interested in what Glory has to offer
  15. Uberle

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    ........ .......... Well these are some pages to come back to I too have the query of "Why?" but I'm not certain of whom I'm directing it at
  16. Uberle

    Written Story Kalos Gijinka I Can Break These Cuffs

    So first Christmas, now ringing in the New Year with an update of this Going to have this be updated monthly, at the start of the month for now Also this is a shorter one, so I think it's better to have it close after the first update So hope you continue to enjoy
  17. Uberle

    posts first update of I Can Break These Cuffs And I've got plenty of backlog so I don't need to...

    posts first update of I Can Break These Cuffs And I've got plenty of backlog so I don't need to worry about falling behind on updates! .......... oh no I need to figure out an update schedule
  18. Uberle

    Written Story Kalos Gijinka I Can Break These Cuffs

    Greetings, Challengers This is an emergency message to address certain complaints that the Kalos League has been receiving. As many of you know, one of your fellow challengers is currently under arrest for a violent crime. Normally this would be grounds for disqualification, but that would...
  19. Uberle

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Let Them Eat Cake - an Emerald storylocke

    The return of Wally I love his phrasing to convey just how much he does not want Chloe around I like these interactions Chloe has with Brawly and Steven Brawly's just chill and fun Looking forward to his gym battle Steven was not what I expected but it's a very pleasant surprise I like how he...
  20. Uberle

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    It seems like 95% of Pokemon in this world are fluffy and it's great Really this is a nice calm page Just a chill conversation with a nice little ending So this leads me to believe there's a Machamp with a hockey mask and a chainsaw in each hand standing behind a corner somewhere waiting for...