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Search results

  1. ActiveTransport

    FAQ  Extravaganza 2021 – Discussion Thread

    What is meant by OA run and SSWL run? Not a particularly ganza-related question, but I've seen those terms in these threads and I want to make sure I know what I'm doing.
  2. ActiveTransport

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon Finding Balance || A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

    Not the main focus of the page but I thought it was sweet how Piplup is dying at the prospect of not seeing Chimchar for a few hours, even though they appeared to be fighting all the time. Those are the best kinds of friendships. Looks like Precious has a new friend! It's just...those...
  3. ActiveTransport

    Screenshot Galar Commentary Sword Shenanigans

    Maybe he doesn't even care about her. Seeing how giddy he looks in that picture, maybe someone's got a crush ;) You can thank Gen V for that one. Ever heard of a Cell Battery? Sheesh, man, you should know better than to name a Nuzlocke update "Crits Everywhere." I was really concerned. And...
  4. ActiveTransport

    Comic Kanto General Mon Kurukkoo!

    Guess the scientist really rocked that kid's world!
  5. ActiveTransport

    Written Story Unova Teen Mon Orange's Adventures - A Pokemon Black Lorelocke

    Genuinely curious to see what role Cresselia will play in all this. And when Candice will finally get to evolve. The level requirements for certain Gen V Pokemon are just ridiculous.
  6. ActiveTransport

    Don't Get Me Started: a Pokemon blog

    Sheesh, those teams sound tough, even if they aren't at Nick's level. Wouldn't want to Nuzlocke this thing at all. You're well on your way to making a Drayano hack. But I am very grateful to see you diversifying the evolution lines present on the teams. Misty having both a Staryu and a...
  7. ActiveTransport

    Screenshot Spin-off General Commentary Dust in the Wind 4 ÷ 2 = 2 and That's How Many Moths I Have - XD Gale of Darkness Dustox Only

    Fun update as always! Two questions I'm curious about now--you mentioned an early-game grind, but how does grinding work in this game? I don't think I've seen any wild Pokemon yet. And also, do you know what the deal is with the plus sign next to the levels of the Shadow Pokemon? Does that...
  8. ActiveTransport

     Extravaganza 2021 – Promos Thread

    Woohoo Ganza time! (This is my first one so I can only be excited secondhand, but that counts for something, right?) Anyway, I know a couple of these runs have been promoted already, but I'll say them again because they deserve it. Finding Balance || A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke by @ima This...
  9. ActiveTransport

    Screenshot Galar Commentary Sword Shenanigans

    I've never deliberately used a rotating team, though I had so many deaths in my X Wonderlocke and Platinum Wedlocke that it often felt that way. My runs have used a pretty strict (but unofficial) rule about not swapping Pokemon out of the team once they're on the team, which sort of defeats any...
  10. ActiveTransport

    Don't Get Me Started: a Pokemon blog

    Man, I think we can all get behind the idea of not releasing anything in 2022. Money is the only reason Game Freak has forced themselves onto this yearly release schedule which is draining all the magic and quality out of their games, and while it's certainly a compelling reason, this franchise...
  11. ActiveTransport

    Comic Kanto General Mon Kurukkoo!

    I don't...see the problem here....caw Happy anniversary, Kadew! This is one of my favorite comics I've read on the site; I love how you clearly put a lot of thought into your work not only as a narrative but also as an art medium.
  12. ActiveTransport

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    Realized this several days ago but didn't want to double-post...Aggron and Rhyperior can learn Hydro Pump via TM/TR in Gen VIII. Which I should have seen coming, since they've both always been able to learn Surf as well, but Hydro Pump seems even more egregious to me.
  13. ActiveTransport

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon Finding Balance || A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

    This whole page is a goldmine. I appreciate the true-to-life detail of a Route being 28 miles long, but I'm skeptical of Pearl's ability to walk 7mph for 4 hours straight. Maybe if he took it at a jog, but that way would be like running a full marathon and then some. Oh, and the HAIR. I need...
  14. ActiveTransport

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    I hope my Gallade won't Bug you too much with his X-Scissor!
  15. ActiveTransport

    You're Banned!

    Bans bans bans bans bans bans Bans bans bans bans bans Bans bans bans bans bans EVERYBODY
  16. ActiveTransport

    Play by Post Train, Store, Release

    Use Mightyena. I had one that served me very well for most of my X Wonderlocke. Intimidate + Rocky Helmet is fun. Store Manectric. Don't have much opinion on this one but the ability to Mega Evolve is always cool. Release Arcanine. Nothing against it, just think the other two are cooler...
  17. ActiveTransport

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    I wonder what those books are about?
  18. ActiveTransport

    Screenshot Galar Commentary Sword Shenanigans

    Budew is a Baby Pokémon, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's just that weak. At any rate, congrats on winning your first Badge, even if there was never any doubt. But man, are we really only one Badge in so far? Somebody call these games and tell them Regigigas is grateful they took its...
  19. ActiveTransport

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    IT'S A JIGGLYPUFF SEEN FROM ABOVE! But in seriousness, Geodude is not who I expected. Is that a puddle of water surrounding it, or foam or snow or something like that? I can see how a Geodude would get pretty messed up that way. Congrats on finishing Chapter 2! Waiting until mid-February...
  20. ActiveTransport

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    Rather than acting as a 1.5x modifier to the Attack stat, Choice Band applies this modifier to physical moves. In 99% of cases that amounts to the same thing, but it does allow Body Press to receive the Choice Band boost even though its damage is calculated using the Defense stat.