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Search results

  1. Moon

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    no misty stop not yet it's not time
  2. Moon

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon A Trace of Magic: Seeing Red

    the metapod thing made me laugh that was great
  3. Moon

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon A Trace of Magic: Seeing Red

    it's the ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiiiife!!! i have to say I had this tab open along with a tab with ori's gift and I saw team rocket and i was like 'oh god which one am i reading'
  4. Moon

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift

    i really need to watch the lego movie two. uh quick note: The first thing that melvin says in the chapter translates to "MAYBE WHOEVER IT WAS THOUGHT THAT HELIX NEEDED RESCUING?" SNIFF SUGGESTED. "NO OFFENSE MEANT, MISS, BUT YOUR GROUP DOESN'T EXACTLY
  5. Moon

    Screenshot Sinnoh Other Adventure It's Hip to Locke B(DSP)s ~ A No-Nonsense Nuzlocke of Brilliant Diamond (COMPLETE)

    yay natdex oh wow roark just kind of appeared out of nowhere huh ...how did he know you were there? is he stalking you
  6. Moon

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Mon City of Stars - A Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke

    i wonder what's in the egg.
  7. Moon

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature [June 7, 2021] Behold, A Pale Horse! [localhoney]

    woo! it's back! what the hell does monte cristo mean is it french i don't speak french okay wait i looked it up it's a sandwich that's a sandwich recipe book.
  8. Moon

    Written Story Unova Teen Mon Orange's Adventures - A Pokemon Black Lorelocke

    Oh wow. It certainly has been a while. Time really flies. “I...think...they’re already awake…” I blinked. “Why is…that one song from that Undertale fangame playing?” “Frick.” “Denri, Flash! Run!” Denri’s thick fur exploded with light as Orion and I closed our eyes. We ran as...
  9. Moon

    Written Log Teen Mon Dee's Grand Adventure

    woo gym badge
  10. Moon

    Mafia A Beginner's Mafia Game

    oh god ahh the game ended and I didn't notice UH SORRY DOTPOINT ... Y'know, I learned an important lesson from this game and the last one i was in. If Ash has connected to me via PM... Ash is maf. But honestly I'm impressed ash.
  11. Moon

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    The trees in Sword and Shield are fine. They're. uh. Trees. Sure, they have Mario 64 graphics, but if you don'y want to look at them, then. um. don't look at them.
  12. Moon

     Extravaganza 2021 – Promos Thread

    uh that should be in written runs not screenshot
  13. Moon

     Extravaganza 2021 – Promos Thread

    more! Behold! A Pale Horse by @localhoney. Edmund Dorian lives in Sinleaf Twinleaf Town, and receives a mysterious letter paying him to kill the members of the Coronet Twelve. Oh yeah, he's an Assasin. He also goes on to do the league, and also there are tentacle monsters involved. The Dark We...
  14. Moon

    Ruleset The Lorelocke - Version 1.33 is up, including all pokemon up to Gen 4, some rule fixes, And tons of new Johto art!

    I win! (nuzlocke win ratio: 33%) uhhh ignore that but yeah I completed pokemon black two uhh the E4 was mostly a breeze except marshal, which i expected, since all of his pokemon have coverage for my flying psychic type I used calm mind, survived a rock tomb and killed a lot of things but uh...
  15. Moon

    Written Log Teen Mon Dee's Grand Adventure

    i think it's really neat how they're dropping hints about fly's location
  16. Moon

    You're Banned!

    banned because yeah it was, inspect the post more closely
  17. Moon

    You're Banned!

    well. um. 'Update regularly definition: Regular events have equal amounts of time between them' not. uh. regularly. oh and banned for using the term update regularly wrong
  18. Moon

    You're Banned!

    banned because ha, you have comics? I don't have enough commitment for a comic, I'll stick to written runs thanks very much.