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Search results

  1. War Anvil

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova I wanna be the very best: a globe-trotting Nuzlocke gauntlet

    Wow, Gen 6 Gallade! The impossible happened!
  2. War Anvil

    Screenshot Kanto Fan Game Teen Hack Mon Set for Uncertainty: Pokemon Fire Red Omega Nuzlocke

    Liking this update just for the Disney VHS bumper alone. To me? It's more soul than you think. Shocking that you beat Omega!Misty without any deaths. The fact she has Togetic on board in this hack is, as people much older than me would call it, a lulu. in this house we stan steve gray's...
  3. War Anvil

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary Hack extremely normal and unedited firered

    That godawful Pikachu be like:
  4. War Anvil

    Screenshot Unova Teen The 'Not Really Easier Than Der Erif' White Run

    Interesting that you'd have an Audino. Those guys are really tanky! Good luck on Lenora - I think Bacon will handle it just fine once he evolves!
  5. War Anvil

    Roll to Breathe (Finished)

    I roll to build up speed for 12 hours.
  6. War Anvil

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Fervent Death Wish - Genesis' Hack Showcase #2

    Yeah, why not go with Mareep? It'll instantly fry Flying-types, and there are many other Water-types you could go for later on.
  7. War Anvil

    Screenshot Sinnoh Hack Renegade Platinum: A Nevermore Nuzlocke

    Go for Poliwag, Charmander, Sunkern, Geodude, and Bidoof for the first five, then replace your Riolu for Oreburgh Cave. Good luck! Also, you forgot Route 218 can be accessed as soon as you get the Old Rod.
  8. War Anvil

    Written Story Screenshot Unova Teen TRAINER TIPS! a volt white nuzlocke.

    >Contrary Snivy Skin cleared, grades boosted, plants watered. Have fun with Leaf Storm and Draco Meteor! GOOD BOY CHEREN GOOD BOY CHEREN Brun's seriously gonna need some help after hearing Ghetsis' well-crafted speech. Maybe throw a (Non-alcoholic) drink in there to drown her sorrows.
  9. War Anvil

    Fire Red Hack Pokemon Mugiwara

    Animated battle sprites? Impressive! I never imagined someone would want to mix Pokémon and One Piece together, but you certainly have something going here.
  10. War Anvil

    Screenshot Fan Game General Mon My Time to Die - A Pokémon Insurgence nuzlocke [chapter 5 is up! 10/31/20]

    It's a shame about ShockMouse. Even though Pikachu's already the franchise mascot, it and Raichu deserve more love in Nuzlockes. Insurgence is a somewhat hard game to follow story-wise...
  11. War Anvil

    Screenshot Sinnoh Hack Renegade Platinum: A Nevermore Nuzlocke

    I'm thinking Bidoof from Route 201, Wingull from Lake Verity, and Poochyena from Route 202. Go ahead and make Misty proud. I freaking dare you.:dance:
  12. War Anvil

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Kanto Quest: A Fire Red Nuzlocke

    Giovanni really just said... Anyway, he never deserved to keep a Ground team THIS bad. At least Nidoking and Nidoqueen make him not entirely awful, but I think he needs either tankier mons or different typings that cancel out the weaknesses Ground has.
  13. War Anvil

    Let's Play Teen Erk Does Stuff in the Chao Garden

    Oof. Well, at least Blair is cute (And spoopy). Friendship ended with Bag Raiders, now Dorian is my best friend. Funny, I first learned about this from Alt_Zelkova on Twitter, who makes retro VHS-style videos with Sonic gameplay that have classic dance/funk music like this on top.
  14. War Anvil

    Let's Play Teen Erk Does Stuff in the Chao Garden

    Fhest and Azazel's child...I kneel...
  15. War Anvil

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mature Commentary Hack [FAILED] Generations of Hell - Genesis' Hack Showcase #1.5

    Radical Red. Good lord above. I wonder if it's gonna be standard or randomized encounters...?
  16. War Anvil

    Written Story Screenshot Unova General Mon "A Follow Me" - A Pokemon White Randomizer Run

    Cyndaquil...babey. Pick the fiery shrew babey.
  17. War Anvil

    Screenshot Fan Game General Mon My Time to Die - A Pokémon Insurgence nuzlocke [chapter 5 is up! 10/31/20]

    Farewell, Ghost Rider. I hope you have a nice vacation, eating grass and drinking from the lake...
  18. War Anvil

    Let's Play Teen Erk Does Stuff in the Chao Garden

    Impressive, you've already pounded the Races and Karate to a pulp! Also, Paunch is indeed an absolute creacher.
  19. War Anvil

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon DARK IS NOT EVIL: an Alpha Sapphire Monolocke (We're back!)

    Never knew Snarl would have some use on Mightyena. Good work on blasting Shelly and Archie's teams, even with all those ups and downs!
  20. War Anvil

    First World Problems

    I found that the .NET capabilities of PKHeX were broken after a PC update I had earlier today. For context, I found the "NET v4.0.30319" error after opening PKHeX while I was doing my Egglocke. I panicked and uninstalled anything I had with "Microsoft .NET" and tried to reinstall .NET...