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Search results

  1. hobohunter

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mafia

    Welcome to Clone Wars Mafia! Where the leaders of the CIS Army have miraculously for some reason gotten into republic space and it's up tot the republic to find and eliminate them to bring peace to the galaxy. WIll the Republic be successful, or will the CIS win the war? [/SPOILER]...
  2. hobohunter

    Mafia Coronamafia

    Welcome to Coronamafia! The evil Corona Virus has spread throughout the nuzforums and the village has divided into two sides: Those who are preemptively trying to stop the virus, and those who don't think it's that big a deal. Which side will come out on top? [/SPOILER]...
  3. hobohunter

    Shitty Mafia Setup Season: Wig Mafia

    Hello friends. Thanks to a lovely post from Zaa, from now till the new year anyone can host a mafia setup and they're meant to be not taken seriously whatsoever. So welcome to Wig mafia! It's a standard mafia game. Village and Mafia fight and all that fun stuff. Only difference is there's no...
  4. hobohunter

    Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! GX MAFIA!

    Welcome friends to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX mafia, based off the hit show, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. you like Mafia? You like Yu-Gi-Oh!? GOOD! You've come to the right place. But first, let's learn how to play mafia: Now let's get to those fun filled roles: Alright y'all know the drill. Comment if...
  5. hobohunter

    The First ever NEW Nuzlocke Forums Smash Ultimate Tournament.

    Hi y'all. For those who don't remember back when the nuzlocke forums were in the evil clutches of tapatalk, I hosted a Smash Ultimate tournament when the game came out. I like to think it was a successful fun time. So I figured, with the new forums, why not host a new new tournament? So here we...
  6. hobohunter

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary hobohunter randolockes his way through Leaf Green

    Hello friends! I'm hobohunter. For those that that don't know me I've been a forum member since like 2011 and am notorious for not finishing nuzlockes. However! The forum move has inspired me to do another one! And hopefully complete it this time. What am I playing you ask? Read the fucking...
  7. hobohunter

    Watch hobohunter Struggle Through Dark Rising

    Howdy folks! For those who don't know me my name is hobohunter and I'm infamous for not completing nuzlockes! THIS time, however, I'll be doing something crazy: That's right. I'm playing Dark Rising. Why am I playing Dark Rising? Cause apparently I want to kill myself. I can't think of a...