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  1. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    Syn finally fits something with an object she's thrown - and it's the one thing she didn't mean to hit. That gave me a good chuckle. Like Shox said, circle of life and all that, but god damn that Pinsir is creepy. And that baby Kangaskhan is so small and cute too! I don't blame Syn for...
  2. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Awww, poor Rita. As interesting as it is to see pokemon outside of the core team reacting to deaths, her being depressed and her neck petals looking more wilted is so sad. It hurts to see Elm blaming himself for Zip's death too. The pain train hasn't stopped since the elite four/champion battle...
  3. SnakeEyesDraws

    Alola Mixed Media Teen Heads Up! A Sun Nuzlocke

    Every good cowboy needs a good steed! I love that you're including the ride Pokemon, that doggo looks so cute and fluffy!
  4. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Kanto General Sweet ReLEAF

    Aaaa I'm loving the dialogue between these two. It's so neat to see a character determined to be a hero, but wanting to help in other ways than just fighting to protect others! Gina's character is very enjoyable, I'm loving this unique take on a Mankey character. Her getting the Fresh Water for...
  5. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Pokemon Royal Nuzlocke (Pokemon Shield)

    BUG BABY ALERT! BUG BABY ALERT! Jeez, Carnelian, no need to be so harsh on a new friend... but look at this sassy new bug friend! Halite already sounds like a salty delight, and I love that Sarah totally pinned him as such for his name. I hope he becomes strong and evolves into a gorgeous...
  6. SnakeEyesDraws

    Alola Mixed Media Teen Heads Up! A Sun Nuzlocke

    Love that Bonnie has claimed this town as her own, now property of the fluffy fire kitty. Pfft, them talking in terrible cowboy accents is adorable x3
  7. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Hoenn Teen Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald Nuzlocke Run (Updated Sundays/Thursdays)

    What a cute name for a Numel! Poor dude looks so stressed though, hoping he'll get some team time And pfft oh Tim is in for a ride for the rest of the Emerald plot xDD
  8. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    SHE REALLY IS CANONLY BABY,,,,,,, Autumn's reaction is just, so funny though jakjkdsk it makes me wonder how she'll react to future team members and if any of them will be older than Nao. Love the perspective and background on the last panel, the composition looking out onto the field of Ponyta...
  9. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Alola General Other Adventure Golden Sun

    PFFFT I think that Slowking's running the place instead of Kalea xD Very cute interactions though!
  10. SnakeEyesDraws

    Alola Mixed Media Teen Heads Up! A Sun Nuzlocke

    Awww their friendship is so pure and wholesome ;w;
  11. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Galar General Mon Avacado's Sword Nuzlocke!(COMPLETED)

    I've read this update several times and man. I still can't believe it's over! Fiirst the finale page itself, way to end on a banner! The art in this page is so good, the improvement in this comic overall is insane. I love the cartoony style and how expressive the characters are! All the attack...
  12. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Unova Mature Mon Between Truth and Ideals || A Pokemon W/W2 Duolocke

    Let Astrid catch an Emolga 2k20 Really interesting to see that there's more species variety in this comic's route than there is in the original game! And gasp, is that pupper a new friend? Love that Dash and Astrid are both getting normal types for their first catches haha
  13. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Across the Divide

    Oooo, am I sensing some normal type prejudice in this universe? Seems Rattatas cant escape that weak rodent reputation even in a Pokemon only world :(( You show that bee whose boss, Nutmeg! Side note, I love Flash resorting to holding the bag strap in his mouth, how cute!
  14. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Oh I am a big fan of those little fire claws. And of the panel layout on this page too - very dynamic shots, while still being easy to read! I love that you showed some visual damage to West Wind's feathers from Echo's scratch, makes total sense when we have animals fighting with elemental stuff...
  15. SnakeEyesDraws

    Alola Mixed Media Teen Heads Up! A Sun Nuzlocke

    Oooo this nuzlocke's concept is super neat! I love how much story and character you conveyed just through showing group chats and comments on photos. The illustrations for each post are gorgeous I love how sunny the environments look and how well the shading compliments them. Very excited to see...
  16. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Protostar - A No PMC Ultra Moon Run

    (points at Lucien) hello yes I would die for this boy Absolutely love the dialogue here, it's a really neat delve into how our main character thinks and his mindset. I love the panel layout of him growing older, saying the same thing over and over again, lovely visual storytelling. This set up's...
  17. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    I'm so proud of you for staying as strong as you can during these horrible times, Ri - what you and your mom went through is unimaginable and my thoughts go out to both of you, but I'm happy you're being there for each other as much as you can. Just take care of yourself as best you can - we're...
  18. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    Oh that background is gorgeous!! I absolutely love the shading and rendering on the water, and the attention to detail is insanely good. Beautiful page! Very excited to see what happens in this location.
  19. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Hoenn Teen Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald Nuzlocke Run (Updated Sundays/Thursdays)

    Reach into your local Numel and you may find... well, not a drink, but maybe a new friend!
  20. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Across the Divide

    Nutmeg wearing the hat is pure and good, thank you for blessing us with that image. Oh jeez, how many bugs are hidden in these woods?