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    Final Team Frequency v3

    Pokemon Crystal (Red): Typhlosion, Piloswine, Lanturn, Murkrow, Onix, Qwilfish
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    Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

    After 10 deaths and HOURS spent grinding for Red, I completed my second Nuzlocke in Pokemon Crystal. Here's my team after the last fight: (Not sure how to add images).
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    Nuzlocke Moves you have grown to love/hate thanks to Nuzlockes

    Never thought it would be a problem, but I started hating Bite. There is nothing wrong with it in any individual game, but the type switching caught me off guard recently. Coming into last Rocket Executive fight in Goldenrod Radio Tower I knew he had a Houndoom. I knew he had Bite. I knew it...
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    Nuzlocke Ruleset Decklocke - my own Nuzlocke variant

    Hi and thanks for your reply, RubyClaw. For remembering stuff, I am thinking of including the card in the name of pokemon, so it would be easier. However, the point of this ruleset is I have to think about it only during move choices. I won't be imposing any rules in battle. And yes, Jack rule...
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    Final Team Frequency v3

    Platinum: Empoleon, Gardevoir, Electivire, Bronzong, Tentacruel, Golem. Tentacruel and Golem died to Lucien's Gallade. Bronzong gave his life up to set up crucial reflect on Cynthia's Garchomp. No items in battle and went to E4 with everyone on level 58. My first beaten Nuzlocke.
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    Nuzlocke Ruleset Decklocke - my own Nuzlocke variant

    Hi there, I am new here, a long time fan of Pokemon and not-so-long time fan of Nuzlockes. Don't be too harsh on me at first :) So recently I've been doing quite a few Nuzlocke runs, mostly failing at one point or another, but I finally finished my first Nuzlocke on Platinum yesterday (won't...