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    "Those" moments

    Platinum Notepad (essentially) nuzlocke, final battle against Cyrus. I have a rule to use no more healing items than the opponent but it’s semi-blind, so I’m relying on what my brother told me about various bosses’ healing items, and he told me (mistakenly) that Cyrus only uses one. I’m not sure...
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    Nuzlocke Ruleset Rulesets you'd like to share

    I came up for an idea for a Nuzlocke involving Pokemon go, but it requires a lot of... real-life preparation. That is to say, do this to spice up a real-life vacation (and I'm posting this since the chances that I personally would be able to do this is slim, but presumably someone on the forums...
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    Human Nature - A Black Story/Log

    Well, here we are. This is my first Nuzlocke I have posted on this forum (I haven't really taken notes in previous ones). This will be a mixed commentary and story run - the battles and Pokémon info will be commentary-style, but the game plot/human characters will be handled in a story format...
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    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    Agreed! I feel like the game didn't put those trainers and their unique challenges there so you could just ignore them. I have a rule in all my nuzlockes to fight every trainer no matter what, and try my best to find them all, too. Which can make certain games more difficult (my brother thinks...
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    Sinnoh Written Log Commentary Continental Conquest - A (Hardcore) Platinum Wedlocke Log

    This is cool, and the ruleset definitely looks hard! I love your name theme! For the gym, I would recommend Ukraine, his Low Kick will dispatch of Onix and, most importantly, he resists Pursuit, so if you get Screeched or Leered and it's going badly you can safely switch. Cranidos doesn't have...
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    Written Story Galar Teen Her Story - A Pokemon Shield Storylocke

    What are you referring to? I haven't had a chance to play gen 8 yet but based on a quick look at the type chart they didn't make ice weak to fairy. Are you referring to dragon's fairy weakness meaning ice types aren't as useful?
  7. P

    Nuzlocke Moves you have grown to love/hate thanks to Nuzlockes

    Love: Encore, this thing is just so versatile and has saved me against difficult battles a lot. You can get a Pokemon into a non-attacking move, set up something like Sucker Punch that is easy to work around, or be willing to take a hit to force it into something one of your other Pokemon can...
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    Nuzlocke General What are the luckiest moments you've had in your nuzlockes?

    On my Platinum nuzlocke against Aaron, I had my Crobat out against the Vespiquen and it's set up a few defense orders and healed to full health. I try switching in my Staraptor for just a bit of extra power and it immediately lands a crit Fly, killing Vespiquen from full health... and then comes...
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    Which Pokemon always kill your team members?

    In my Black randomizer (moves randomized too) nuzlocke, I lost two pokemon to two separate flail-using Shelmets within like 15 minutes. Both times I knew they had flail but my team was too frail at that early point to survive one at max power and I kept knocking them into the max power range...
  10. P

    How did you get into Nuzlocking?

    I was on a Pokemon related website (can't remember which one) where someone had a post explaining the Nuzlocke challenge, but listed a bunch of other rules with it like set mode, a limit on Pokemon center heals and no buying Poke Balls, which I thought were part of the original ruleset. So I...
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    The Bane of Every Nuzlocker Competition Restart

    Wait, never mind, I found the first redo of the Bane of Every NUzlocker Thread which doesn't have many pages but it has some extra data. I'm just going to add it in now... Everyone who has included an entry, please respond to confirm or deny that it is not already covered now. (I missed the redo...
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    The Bane of Every Nuzlocker Competition Restart

    I'm going to add them. But if they were on the old thread, then would they have already been added and I would be double counting? Then again, there wasn't any gen 7 section on the old thread... I'm kind of confused. I'll go ahead and add it all unless you tell me otherwise. For your Shield...
  13. P

    The Bane of Every Nuzlocker Competition Restart

    I'll start by adding the all the deaths from the Platinum nuzlocke I just did. Lucian's Alakazam -1 Lucian's Bronzong - 1 Cynthia's Togekiss - 2 Cynthia's Milotic - 1
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    The Bane of Every Nuzlocker Competition Restart

    For the hacks, you can also include other official games like Colosseum/XD.
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    The Bane of Every Nuzlocker Competition Restart

    Ok, I noticed that no one has restarted this thread from the old forum, so here it is. I'm copying the instructions and stats from the old thread. In this thread, I will tally all the deaths YOU put in. Please, only enter those you are ABSOLUTELY SURE on. It doesn't have to be from a run you're...
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    Nuzlocke Advice For those who actually EV train in nuzlocke...

    I don't ev train, though if I come across an ev reducing berry in the physical/special attack and my Pokemon doesn't need that stat at all, I will use it (and right before the league, I'm ok with spamming that kind of berry and feeding them vitamins afterward). But bar getting rid of completely...