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  1. antingaround

    happy birthday khorale! 🎉 have a lovely day today!

    happy birthday khorale! 🎉 have a lovely day today!
  2. antingaround

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    gosh darn it echo, this isn't gen II crystal! pokemon have abilities now, wise up! can i say, i really loved the bush / shrubbery in the previous page, those colors and shades were sexy af. keen eye is such a niche ability haha, not surprised you forgot. i wonder, how cass n echo are gonna deal...
  3. antingaround

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    Lovely new page. I thought that it dealt very well with the loss pretty authentically, and the added humor at the end was some nice touch for what otherwise would be a pretty sad page. love drifloon, cutest thing ever! and no need to apologize for not answering replies, my thoughts go out to...
  4. antingaround

    Comic Alola Teen Mon it's always sunny in alola [page 10]

    i don't remember drawing this page but i'll roll with it, blame danganronpa i hate trevor packer my SAT score isn't out yet cannot remember if i drew out the next page :fingerscrossed: bye xo
  5. antingaround

    Screenshot Johto Commentary Hack honey badger is washed up

    wait i thought pursuit was only legally obligated to kill your newly caught abras F in the chat it was a good run
  6. antingaround

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    forgot to comment on this the last time fuck > rhumba is giving me Johnny from the outsiders vibes and that Scares Me. so if anything happens I will be very sad STAY GOLD RHUMBA, STAY GOLD. early nuzlocke deaths are a real bummer, especially with how tough hau'oli is on the player. still though...
  7. antingaround

    Comic Hoenn General The Power of Pouvoir (An OR/AS Nuzlocke)

    i've always wondered how humans get through the fiery path. toxic sludge piles everywhere and... torkoal, who burns coal to survive... and coal produces some pretty noxious gasses that are trapped in the cave. probably deadly as fuck lmao goddamnit that's not snow-- lineless backgrounds lookin...
  8. antingaround

    it honestly ain't too bad if you beat up everyone, the worst is absolutely just pre gym 2...

    it honestly ain't too bad if you beat up everyone, the worst is absolutely just pre gym 2.... or, er..... literally just orion haha.
  9. antingaround

    Comic Galar General Mon Avacado's Sword Nuzlocke!(COMPLETED)

    woo! long page, sweet. the lighting effects and color choices on this page were nice as fuck can't believe leon is sponsored by raid: shadow legends, nord vpn, and... by the sword? sweet, i can accept that. chair manrose reading "did i cause armageddon"... well, maybe he should have done that...
  10. antingaround

    Screenshot Fan Game General Mon My Time to Die - A Pokémon Insurgence nuzlocke [chapter 4 is up! 10/24/20]

    let's fucking gooo oinsurgence nuzlocke! super solid start, delta charmander is based as fuck and roggenrola is a huge help for xavier so woohoo durant memes on nora and is my mascot, so you gotta love it is this on switch or set? regardless, good luck with orion! his buffs are kinda wack lmao
  11. antingaround

    Comic Unova Teen Mon Atychiphobia - A Black/Black 2 Run

    mmmm dappled leaf tree shading so sexy 🤤. i like the incorporation of the fact that Ever is a foreigner, it opens up the chance to give some exposition naturally and will allow for some fun situations down the road when he sees the difference in battling with his own eyes. Ever's not a...
  12. antingaround

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Pokemon Royal Nuzlocke (Pokemon Shield)

    I love the text effects you did, that + the expressions really sells the excitement of the "starting a journey" scene. it's so chaotic and beautiful and I love it. I love the dark purple-pink background, it goes really well enthusiasm of the dialogue! the leon chibi introducing the rules killed...
  13. antingaround

    Art Comic Original Teen PMD: Rangers of Sky

    breloom used covet! it's super effective! arbok used roar! it's not very effective... oml "artie" just got fuckin goomba stomped by the breloom, you hate to see it speaking of, I like the breloom design- goodbye trex arms hello noodle arms this situation eliza has found herself in is so fucking...
  14. antingaround

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    need clowns? pfft cmon just look in the mirror pal > a being of hubris approaches
  15. antingaround

    Comic Galar General Mon Avacado's Sword Nuzlocke!(COMPLETED)

    LETTTT'SSS FUCKING GOOOOO I HATE / LOVE X SO MUCH i can't wait to see your shit-take on it if you end up going through with it, take as long as you need with the last two pages 😍
  16. antingaround

    Comic Alola Teen Mon it's always sunny in alola [page 10]

    annd we're back! i have no backlog lol but hey, here's a page alright, new island new style. haha jk it's the same style but the pages are thinner and have actual panels. bear with me while i try to adapt to the fact that i'll actually have to plan pages out beforehand catch you guys next...
  17. antingaround

    fire emblem heroes nuzlocke, coming to a shitposter near you. who's interested? #iykyk

    fire emblem heroes nuzlocke, coming to a shitposter near you. who's interested? #iykyk
  18. antingaround

    Art Comic Written Story Let's Play Fan Teen CMYK - A Pokemon SWSH Rewrite

    Oh boy! i missed a couple pages! new art program looks nice, these expressions look nicer. skipper didn't look too happy to see leon's showboating, but the smile at hop's happiness at growing taller was sweet af. lovely page 10/10
  19. antingaround

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Pokemon Royal Nuzlocke (Pokemon Shield)

    awesome page! the sweet pastel colors really play off well with your shadows, and i really loved the warm to cool color background change in the last third of the page, well worth the effort for the extra time spent- take as long as you need! since mew's mentioned in this page, i'm excited to...
  20. antingaround

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Severance: A Platinum Randomized Viruslocke

    Me? forgetting to reply after reading your page???? it's more likely than you think. anyways: goddamnit tala nooo you can't just take on a whole city your to sexy aha the black flashback-esque panel with the white lines was sweet. team's split, oh boy i'm sure nothing bad will happen to them at...