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Search results

  1. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    aw, rats... :'(
  2. Kadew

    Art Comic Original Teen PMD: Rangers of Sky

    Oooh a swoobat, nice choice, very off the beaten path. I hope she figures out the whole flying thing sooner rather than later, those poor feets are so stubby and flying should be something to appreciate while one has the opportunity.
  3. Kadew

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Woah that's some nice lighting and composition in that final panel. Very dramatic, really tells you how seriously Echo's taking all this.
  4. Kadew

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Across the Divide

    Probably feels weird to him bc he's used to being passenger on Ash's shoulder. The journey feels longer and harder from your own stubby rat feet.
  5. Kadew

    Comic Original Teen The Essence of Being - A Webcomic by Mopruk

    Learning emotional regulation is hard, especially without anyone to guide you.
  6. Kadew

    Comic Alola General Other Adventure Golden Sun

    Still puzzles me why rotom summons lil stubby feets onto the pokedex when it only ever floats.
  7. Kadew

    Comic Unova Teen Mon Potted Plants - Pokemon Black Run

    Team plasma, but actually doing what they claim to do, caring about pokemon welfare? Color me surprised, I'm interested in this premise. Ghetsis as a good dad will take some suspension of disbelief, but what story doesn't? I'm down to try.
  8. Kadew

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    the mega-est mewtwo... incredible. I hope Lillie succeeds by like, giving it good ear scritches and it reacts like any good cat would, or something. I cannot imagine ever actually beating it in fair combat.
  9. Kadew

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    good duck best friend! The lil sprite you made of her on the bottom of the page is a nice touch, well done
  10. Kadew

    Comic Kanto General Mon Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke

    Aw Amy gets her own little service pokemon vest, that's cute.
  11. Kadew

    Comic Kanto Mature Mon The Ballad of Brett

    There is no need for excuses for fluffy weedle. They are always welcome into my heart. I'm excited to see how you roll out Mt Moon, keep it up!
  12. Kadew

    Comic Unova Mature Mon Between Truth and Ideals || A Pokemon W/W2 Duolocke

    Gently holding the pokeball is cute and all, but it somewhat lacks the impact of clobbering small animals in the face with fastball pitches. Hazel is adorable and I'll kill for her.
  13. Kadew

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Shiro's Quest: A Nuzlocke Adventure in Hoenn

    that feeling when your giant bulltoad is as much or more an overprotective mom as your real mom
  14. Kadew

    Comic Unova Teen After The Ashes: A White 2 Nuzlocke

    I'm so glad they get to hug is out. These friends. I love. So good.
  15. Kadew

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    We are all Elm at this moment
  16. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    It's the berry boys! I love those grunts, their little bit where they trade places so you can recognize them is one of my favorite parts in all of sun moon. I'm glad they have a good big bro in Kai. Poor Lillie though, she doesn't seem to have been at all prepared for Kai's sudden costume change...
  17. Kadew

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    Yume has done nothing wrong ever in her life.
  18. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Protostar - A No PMC Ultra Moon Run

    Who needs to be emotionally available to your children when there are ULTRA WORMHOLES to become obsessed with!
  19. Kadew

    Comic Kanto General Sweet ReLEAF

    Aww, Scruffy is just baby with self esteem issues. Take good care of that good rat. And the panel of Nana enjoying the rain is the purest and goodest thing in all creation and singlehandedly saved my crops from withering.
  20. Kadew

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Counter clockwise is complicated even for humans in the spur of the moment. Good strike on Lotus's part, now she can finally get her well-deserved snack.