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  1. Riboo

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Penumbra: A Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke

    Oof, i'm glad to see these two had a conversation about their relationship, albeit brief, because it really DOES feel like Gylfie absolutely hates Krane's guts from the way she acts to the names she calls him to just being constantly down on him, so I can see why he would think she hates him. I...
  2. Riboo

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    And now i'm officially caught up (reread a bit to refresh myself) love that we've come full circle and that things seem to be in a calm place for the party again, also love that we've gotten some relaxing moments where the comic has allowed itself to breath a bit and interact a bit more with...
  3. Riboo

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon simple. (a pokemon emerald monotype nuzcomic.)

    I really love how cute this comic is so far, it kind of embraces its title really well from the art style to the narrative thus far to the interactions between character, its Simple yet heartful and I really love everything about it so even though we've just started ;w ; can't wait to see more<3
  4. Riboo

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    GASP, its been a while since I've read, but we're HERE Also love how our dear crime gal is always just silently listening out and picking up things without people really realizing what she's doing >w> ever the opportunist this Yumi here
  5. Riboo

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Protostar - A No PMC Ultra Moon Run

    Oh man oh man OH MAN I'm just, super fuckin' ready and hyped for an Alola run, I just wished I noticed this run sooner (Wtf was I doing?) THe start already has me like, ho shit, what is happening up in here, so I'm just excited for the sort of non-traditional start here with a run and really...
  6. Riboo

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Oh man, been missing out on some updates, but i'm back now and I'm more 👀 than ever, this fight is certainly a fun one to watch, and it does have a cool beat by beat feel that makes it seem like the tables can turn at the snap of a finger, I really love it<3
  7. Riboo

    Alola Mixed Media General Teen Heads Up! A Sun Nuzlocke

    Really enjoying this so far, noticed that its pretty clever that Lillie has been doing certain things to avoid her presence on social media being detected by certain other parties, such as her icon not being a picture of her and that she has, thus far, tried to avoid being directly photographed...
  8. Riboo

    Comic Alola General Other Adventure Golden Sun

    Yes, I am now caught back up. Love that you have Anime esque titles for each chapter going on on your front page, that's a nice little touch and I really really like that Ash's accomplishments are actually being recognized, too often do we go to another region and it feels like all the events...
  9. Riboo

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Across the Divide

    Oh man, Nutmeg said hold my beer I'm about to kick some ass and I literally can't wait for this smol baby to go to TOWN on these punks >:D
  10. Riboo

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    Ooooof, I love how everything was ramping up for a second wind and then the champion just OWNS the shit out of Gio > w> I do hope its the last we see of him, maybe he'll end up like Autumn in Sinnoh and be turned into a pokemon and have his own adventure and learn a lesson from all his misdeeds v uv
  11. Riboo

    Comic Hoenn Teen Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald Nuzlocke Run (Updated Sundays/Thursdays)

    Alright, just caught back up with things XD I really love the self awareness in this comic, really makes for some funny moments (Who would allow kids to run around in these dangerous places, really? XDDDDDDDDDDD)
  12. Riboo

    Comic Galar Teen Mon By the Sword - A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    I love all the interactions here on this page and just the fact that these two are discussing what its like to be in the wild and on your own so to speak, so I'm glad two loners (not exactly by their own choice) have found comfort in one another like this. It just makes me think of how hard it...
  13. Riboo

    Comic Unova Mature Mon Between Truth and Ideals || A Pokemon W/W2 Duolocke

    Emolga for baby girl plz, also are we adopting this pup, please say yes<3 Also also, really loving the dif between the Osha gang, you can really get a sense for their different personalities here<3
  14. Riboo

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka Burn Away [an X gijinka comic]

    Oh man, OH MAN, OOOOOOOH MAN, I loved this interlude, the interactions, the fact that these two characters aren't just acting straight up evil all the time? I really like the more human side of things we're seeing here, mostly because that ALWAYS muddles things up and it makes things so much...
  15. Riboo

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    Riboo's Musings To be to the point, my dad, after a little over a year after his diagnosis has passed away. It's odd now, to be sitting here, reflecting on it, thinking about how we pick ourselves up and move on from this, how I sat, knowing that the end was near and quantifying the time he...
  16. Riboo

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    Riboo's musings So update on my family's current situation. Dad's cancer has progressed and everything around handling that is an absolute mess and a half, so I won't drag out the details here, just know the joys of qualifying for continuous FMLA leave, a crazy world that's on fire and just a...
  17. Riboo

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Across the Divide

    Oh man, if your WIPS were anything to go by in Discord? We're all in for a fuckin' TREAT
  18. Riboo

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon The Long Way (A Leafgreen Nuzlocke)

    Pffff, just the comment from the eevee is such a mood, just that sort of feeling you get when first entering a chat room/ forum and just seeing someone's drama right off the bat xD
  19. Riboo

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Dear Sergio - A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    Yessssssss, I'm so happy this is back, its good to see Sergio and his sort of 'i aint taking anyones bullshit attitude' I already love that he's playing the straight man in the comedy act that is Hop's life xD Also echoing poly's thoughts here, the lines def look very smooth and precise, also...
  20. Riboo

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    Holy shit, now I'm just curious what the heck caused Lillie to come back like that XD Things just got MORE intense up in here!