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  1. Arbitrary

    Screenshot Alola General Commentary [COMPLETE] Ultra Moon wedlocke, because I hate myself (REMASTERED)

    I remember seeing this run back on the old forums and wondering how it all ended. The fact it ended the way it did was absurd. Such a nail biter, good job!
  2. Arbitrary

    "Those" moments

    The amount of 1HP close calls I've had is ridiculous. I also nearly lost my Venusaur in Blue to Lorelei due to hax. Missed Sleep Powder twice, got a crit that negated the boosts and badge boosts, then got crit by Jynx and got down to 9HP. Cynthia in my no evolving Platinum run was also insane...
  3. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke Pokemon you resent having on your team

    I disagree on Starmie. It's the fun type of broken rather than the boring type of overused like Geodude or Gyarados, or even Magnezone in later games (silly common, early, broken, one dimensional). Starmie requires a lot of TM investment and isn't stupidly common in gen 1.
  4. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    The issue with blindlockes is one of three things. Either you get too overlevelled and it's too easy because you're scared, you're too ballsy and you die a lot, or you just spoil everything anyway.
  5. Arbitrary

    It might as well be. I forgot what it was called for most of the game. I even missed the fucking...

    It might as well be. I forgot what it was called for most of the game. I even missed the fucking upgrade until after defeating Radiance.
  6. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    I would say Blaziken is actually my least favourite of the 3 Fire/Fighting starters. It gets away with stuff that the later starters don't, like how a specific starter of the three gets shilled above the rest due to sheer favouritism (see the above post), it gets the most broken hidden ability...
  7. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    That's actually true, I thought Volcanion would have but no, surprisingly. It's one of the Keldeo/Seismitoad type Water Pokemon that simply doesn't get them. Fire/Water, wasted on a mythical abomination (seriously, this thing looks like ass) that isn't available in basically any game.
  8. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke Reasonings behind Nicknames

    I'm terrible at nicknames, I just nickname them random shit that comes to my head, like Pickaxe the Arctozolt because you would use one in the snow. Sometimes I just use references to other stuff (any Dewpider/Araquanid gets a Metroid reference) or names I've used for some things consistently...
  9. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke General Pokemon you've never used before a -locke?

    There's a lot of stuff I had never used prior to nuzlocking, that I really enjoyed using. I don't think I can have a comprehensive list, since there's so many. Sharpedo is probably the most recent surprise in my mono-Dark Alpha Sapphire run. I expected it to be a bit crap despite the good speed...
  10. Arbitrary

    Screenshot Alola Mature Dazzling Supernova – An Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke - Part 7 is up! (17/10/2020)

    The first encounter Grubbin was scripted just like the Pikipek in vanilla Sun and Moon, but the nature is good - for Vikavolt anyway, not so much getting there. Also you picked the worst starter by far, good job. I don't just say this because I don't like Decidueye - I say this because it's...
  11. Arbitrary

    First Death. Tell me about your first death. I should've trained more... I'm sorry guys. I'm so sorry.

    It was in White, a Woobat I'd barely started using that died to a Herdier in Lenora's Gym. Not Lenora's itself. Honestly an unmemorable first ever death, the second death was my Snivy, which had more of an impact.
  12. Arbitrary

    General Interesting Pokemon theories you'd like to share (yours or others')

    Nah it's way too similar to Magikarp. The three pronged head thing, the whiskers, and the general design of the fins make Gyarados unmistakably the Magikarp evolution.
  13. Arbitrary

    Johto Written Log Mature Commentary Other Adventure Can you beat Soul Silver with JUST a Cacturne?

    So I got crit by Falkner and lost, and can't be arsed to do this again. Put this in the failed lot.
  14. Arbitrary

    Johto Written Log Mature Commentary Other Adventure Can you beat Soul Silver with JUST a Cacturne?

    Hello everyone! So anyone who reads my statuses knows that I lost my second Cacturne in a run and I was super pissed. To the point where I started brainstorming a hypothetical solo-Cacturne run in a game... that's about to become not so hypothetical. I can't imagine anyone has ever done a...
  15. Arbitrary

    >gen 4 Eh I find gen 4 pretty by the numbers and quite bland honestly. I also like the original...

    >gen 4 Eh I find gen 4 pretty by the numbers and quite bland honestly. I also like the original GSC more than HGSS. They're really solid mechanically besides the gameplay engine which puts them above a lot of other stuff though. I think I would like gen 4 a lot more if the engine was more like...
  16. Arbitrary

    Gen 5 was just the peak in general, and I started with gen 1.

    Gen 5 was just the peak in general, and I started with gen 1.
  17. Arbitrary

    General Shiny Pokemon Thread!

    I caught a shiny Electrike extremely late into my mono-Dark Alpha Sapphire run. As in grinding for the E4 on trainer rematches late.
  18. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    You know how Magic Bounce reflects status moves and entry hazards? Well I had never used anything ingame with it until this week where I had two megas with it. The thing I realised is that when the ability activates, it actually shows the move being reflected back. I expected it just to be text.
  19. Arbitrary

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Alpha Sapphire mono-Dark: Mightyena, Sableye, Crawdaunt, Sharpedo, Absol, Hydreigon Why yes, Hydreigon was cheap, but I couldn't resist and only used it in the last two fights (plus May after the credits lol) anyway. I think Sharpedo was the MVP if only for that stupidly fast surfing speed.
  20. Arbitrary

    Do USUM if you want a dick punch.

    Do USUM if you want a dick punch.