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  1. RubyClaw

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  2. RubyClaw

    Play by Post AMA

    Least favorite pokemon?
  3. RubyClaw

    Written Story Kalos Written Log Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Lines Crossed

    Brilliant update, I just really love this version of Aetherai. Feels like fantasy tales from a far away land, like Middle Earth. Raca is a great addition to the team, and I love the way it joined you (both in game and in story). Now I can't stop imagining him with a French accent :). Well I'd...
  4. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Alola Mature Dazzling Supernova – An Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke - Part 7 is up! (17/10/2020)

    @Alba Corbina - I believe that because it is a Normal type move on a Ghost pokemon? Though I might be wrong, Im always confused about these things and Game Freak changed these rules more than once in the past (Powder moves on Grass types etc).
  5. RubyClaw

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  6. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Alola Mature Dazzling Supernova – An Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke - Part 7 is up! (17/10/2020)

    ... ... Hooray! I’m so very sorry Loamare, you were such a hero, another fallen one of your kind sacrificed itself for me. You stayed with us for such a short time, yet were crucial to our very survival and I doubt it we would have won without you. Thanks to you, and in fact almost...
  7. RubyClaw

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift

    Oh I immediately recognized the Morse code usage, and love it! "HE GETS US. CAN WE KEEP HIM?" probably cracked me up the most. I like those little guys and hope we'll get to see more of them. Man, no offense, but Ori can be really insensitive at times, not realizing how hard it must be to be a...
  8. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon DARK IS NOT EVIL: an Alpha Sapphire Monolocke (We're back!)

    Great to have you back! Great update, lots of very tense moments.
  9. RubyClaw

    Play by Post AMA

    What's you favorite pancake topping?
  10. RubyClaw

    Ruleset The Lorelocke - Version 1.15. New rule, tons of new art, and lots of balances and fixes.

    Greetings friends! First of all I’ll start out with yet another spotlight for a new lorelocke that was recently published on the forums! Created by @Memento , Translucent Legends: A Crystal Lorelocke is the first pokemon Crystal lorelocke, and in fact first Gen II lorelocke, that was published...
  11. RubyClaw

    Play by Post AMA

    @RR Sharp - (What is the backstory to your user name (if there is a story behind that is).) There actually is, though it is not that interesting I guess. Boys and girls, let me take you to the magical time called the very early 2000s, when if you wanted to play online with your friend, one of...
  12. RubyClaw

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature GoT-ta Catch 'em All! A Game of Thrones nuzlocke (10/10/20 Chapter 32 is up; tune in for the Champion Battle!!)

    First of all, brilliant final battle! The randomizer did a wonderful job, so many great pokemon. Really makes me want to try my own equal strength randomized run as soon as possible (most likely of a lorelocke run to get two birds with one stones and test this combination). If I were you I'd...
  13. RubyClaw

    Play by Post AMA

    Hi all, you know me, AMA!
  14. RubyClaw

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift

    And it's back! Great chapter, worth the wait. Nice touch with the Meltan army explanation (works well with it's possible Greek Cyclops/Automata/Talos inspirations of this pokemon). Really interesting lore about the crystallization of deceased pokemon, makes me wonder more about the heroes that...
  15. RubyClaw

    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Shwty's like a melody in my head Almost!) Surfing serpents slide side by side with sinking snakes.
  16. RubyClaw

    Play by Post AMA

    What's your favorite character among those you invented in one of you creations/stories?
  17. RubyClaw

    Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Good luck Trollkitten, you certainty have lots of projects! Just a warning from personal experience - making such rulesets takes lots of time and dedication and can wear you down easily if you don't do it with both patience and passion, so I suggest you view it as an in between project you add a...
  18. RubyClaw

    Comic Alola General Lights, Camera, Nuzlocke! - a silly Sun nuzlocke comic (temporary hiatus)

    And, caught up! Really funny stuff, casual and amusing. Still, big ouch for all the early loses. Best of luck! (P.S. Page 27 marked as mature (and I don't have a deviantart account), any other way to see it?)
  19. RubyClaw

    Play by Post AMA

    What's your favorite rival in any pokemon game and why?
  20. RubyClaw

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature Translucent Legends: A Crystal Lorelocke.

    Great update. And two awesome catches and rules attached to them (I sure hope Neoteny won't get you stuck with too many weak early moves, but Poliwag is such a cool early pokemon). And so a bloody rivalry begins!