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  1. Flop disc

    Written Story Voice Work [Season Two] The Writer's Locke -- Announcements and Updates

    Hi all! Just a quick note letting you know that Episode Ten of The Writer's Locke promises to be extra chonky; as such, we will be delaying its release by two weeks, meaning that it will fall on November 29th!
  2. Flop disc

    Pokemafia 4: Brilliant Village & Shining Mafia

    Signing out again — I think the game will be big enough that I won’t be able to keep up with it properly as a player. Looking forward to watching!
  3. Flop disc

    Written Story Galar Teen Mon Darkest Day

    Congratulations @bhelryss on having the Feature Team's Featured Run for October 2021! (And sorry that I haven't commented lately!! I've been thoroughly enjoying the run and I'm excited for your next chapter, whenever it is ready.)
  4. Flop disc

    Last thing you bought

    The one I have doesn’t do the job as well as a human necessarily would, but it takes two chores I hate and makes sure I don’t need to do them much, if at all, and does them to an okay standard, so I’m pretty thrilled on the whole
  5. Flop disc

    Last thing you bought

    a robot vacuum with mopping functionality!
  6. Flop disc

    Feature [October 7, 2021] Darkest Day [bhelryss]

    It’s been almost five years since I joined the forums! In that time, lots of great storylockes have come and gone -- and as a team, we’ve been working on ways to showcase more and more of these to the community. This desire to showcase has taken a few different forms -- fanwork friday threads of...
  7. Flop disc

    Serious Coronavirus Public Discussion

    Should've been the knights in the gf but they got bloody dogged by that bullshit penalty try guff in their game against the eels; i think it's only fitting that the resulting grand final be a flat anticlimax 😤 I'm concerned by the sharp upswing in cases here and anxiously awaiting my first...
  8. Flop disc

    Nuzlocke Survivor Season 3: Johto

    I realised in my last screenshot that I forgot to tick the shiny box, soooo also nobody died 👼
  9. Flop disc

     Bug Report General

    the horizontal ruler/line/whatever it stands for; it's the one thatplaces very clear dividers between segments and is thus popular with people writing narrative content
  10. Flop disc

     Bug Report General

    If you’re using the hr tag, it could be the culprit for these split up spoiler boxes
  11. Flop disc

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Advice I save-scummed a BW2 Nuzlocke. What now?

    I’m by no means an authority in what is and isn’t a nuzlocke or whatever in situations like this; if you wanted to be a complete purist then this run is dead. But I also agree that restarting is a huge hassle lmao — in your shoes, I would box/release your azu immediately and I guess… rng kill...
  12. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    I have two things I wanna ask: A) what factors do you think contributed to the forum's various boom years, beyond mainline game releases? 2. What's your history with rhythm games? Did you ever give older stuff like FFR and Stepmania a go?
  13. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    I am not sure it's actually 100% kosher for me to give anything but a non-generic answer here. Pop into the nuzvivor discord if you're not there already and I'll lay out my thoughts in detail! I don't write for FE, which is perhaps surprising! I've just been a big fan of it since Smash Bros...
  14. Flop disc

    Nuzlocke Survivor Season 3: Johto

    enjoy all updates being borzoi
  15. Flop disc

    Play by Post AMA

    Hello! AMA about featuring, fire emblem, wlw fanfiction, nuzvivor, or anything else!!
  16. Flop disc

    Nuzlocke Survivor Season 3: Johto

    i once again filed for an extension i ended up not needing! the joys of pessimism imgur is down, so i am checking in a borzoi