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Search results

  1. Kadew

    Comic Hoenn INTERNSHIP: a Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke

    oh no the art is adorable and so is that mudkip! man birch looks like a wild professor to intern under, hope they don't get pokerabies. great start to your comic, can't wait to see more!
  2. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Sunshine

    Tatsu is doing well so far! This fills me with joy but also a bit of worry because things never seem to go his way for very long before turning for the worse. If anything happens to Zuzu Jr no amount of travel will be far enough away to save you
  3. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    It's not supersonic, it's not screech, it's just actual screaming, and it works marvelously.
  4. Kadew

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    Cyndi is full and ready to be the protagonist-gets-involved-with-every-problem energy if Alma won't, and I love them for it
  5. Kadew

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    "hey that's a pretty abstract purple blob what's-- oh. Oh..." Second page really clarifies and also how dare. Good call posting both at once I feel. Please say psyche.
  6. Kadew

    Comic Kanto General Mon Kurukkoo!

    BONES BONES BONES BONES Turns out I never actually left the dinosaur phase of my youth, it only receded into the background and resurfaced with great force once it came time to draw these fossils. I went to a local paleontology museum for references, even. Special shout out to dunkleosteus for...
  7. 047.png


  8. Kadew

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    Syn's good at running from all the fleeing from her mistakes she's been doing
  9. Kadew

    Comic Galar Teen Other Adventure High Ground - A Pokemon Shield Ground-Type Monolocke

    Augh they're so wholesome, I love these good brothers.
  10. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Penumbra: A Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke

    Dang Krane, yelled at that guy so hard you summoned the image of his wife from the void between panels
  11. Kadew

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    there's the real wisdom of birds: fries are delicious
  12. Kadew

    Comic Fan Original PMD - Little Lapses

    "Sometime" ouch. soon sits on the timeline as any arbitrary point between now and eternity. If we don't get a hotpot scene with Cinnabar before the end of this comic I riot
  13. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Alloyed Chains: Flower

    nice start to the comic! as a big fan of plants and grass types I already want the best for Dahlia. Also Dahlias are some of my favorite flowers, so excellent name taste. I look forward to seeing where your comic goes from here, what with the magical shape changing necklace and all.
  14. Kadew

    Comic Unova General Sona locke

    big relatable to being eternally late to everything
  15. Kadew

    Comic Johto Teen What The Water Gave Me - A SoulSilver Nuzlocke Comic

    aaaa look at them! ready to go, goodbye mom and mom. having two moms, does that mean twice as much money gets skimmed off his battle earnings? my favorite panel from this page has got to be the goodbye to the tauros though. the moo moos will miss him.
  16. Kadew

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Dear Sergio - A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    don't call it running out of steam on backgrounds, call it the wise choice of having a few detailed establishing shots that permit you to not go into as much detail for later coversation because you've already established the setting and only require the barest reminders afterwards to avoid them...
  17. Kadew

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Eusine's face in that last panel is killing me dude's just like :O!!!
  18. Kadew

    Comic Galar Mature Mon The Adventures of Mum! A Pokemon Shield Hardcore(ish) Nuzlocke!

    oh i love that team photo with all the mons! can't decide which is my favorite between mudbray's goofy grin and stufful's death grip on mum's leg
  19. Kadew

    Comic Hoenn General Mon THE NATEVENTURE - A (funny) Pokémon Emerald nuzlocke comic

    Cant wait for the day Zoe extracts sweet revenge.
  20. Kadew

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    "sad human with her garbage aura" hey now, just because it's accurate doesn't mean you can just go and say it like that >:O