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Search results

  1. sky_

    Written Log Teen Mon Dee's Grand Adventure

    I think Cyndaquil is the best option realistically buuuuut...my heart is saying Chikorita as I love that 'mon so much sdkjlfhsd and it gets Reflect and Poisonpowder early too! So Chikorita gets my vote, I'm just hoping you can get a Geodude for the early Gyms sldfhdsjfh
  2. sky_

    Written Log Teen Mon Dee's Grand Adventure

    Oooooh good luck! Games: 1) Black 2 2) LeafGreen 3) Y Rules: 1) Monotype - I think Black 2 in particular would be great for monotypes due to the sheer variety of 'mons, including in the early game 2) Notepad - Leafgreen would be good for a Notepad as you can skip a lot of the same old Ratattas...
  3. sky_

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke Ideas and Concepts You'd Like to See

    So the bad news is I've decided to not write any fanfic at all going forward. I do want to do Let's Plays and all here, though. The good news is that I want to make all my stuff original stories instead, and I can dump all the strange Pokémon ideas I've had here xD idk how good they are, or...
  4. sky_

    General Video Games Anime/Manga If you were in the Pokemon world, where would you live and why?

    Fortree City from Hoenn looks amazing and Opelucid City in White/White 2 has that lovely music, but I think I'd like Canalave City best. It has an epic library and is close to awesome places like Iron Island and Jublife City xD
  5. sky_

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    I agree with a lot of you here, I took one look at Pokemon Clover's Grass type starter also and decided that this game would not be for me sdlkfdsjfh
  6. sky_

    Written Story Kanto Teen Greens, Eggs, and Ham

    oh my goodness you made it with only one pokemon left, i sdhjkhsfjk wow so this should be it, right? the league will have all these nice furnishings, everyone should be okay... there totally aren't any surprise tricks that tabes or anyone else has up their sleeves...?
  7. sky_

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Other Media Teen GBB's Sixlocke Series - Part 02 [PLAYING: Crystal] [Final Update: October 5th, 2021]

    what the actual hell that was incredible ;sldkfjdkghdjk aichi, the best beedrill in the world this is a literal win for bug catchers everywhere that was the most incredible, unpredictable battle i honestly thought you were done for holy shit thiiiiiiis this this this xDDD
  8. sky_

    Murphy's Laws of Nuzlocke

    the minute you feel attached to a team that has been sticking with you for a while, like "i love you guys so much! we're like a little family!" at least one of them will imminently die
  9. sky_

    First World Problems

    Work can be a l o t and I'm honestly very tired a lot of the time... I'm working during my lunch breaks to print off and read admin about schoolkids who need extra support as there's no time to do this during the rest of the day, but it's an essential part of my job that my bosses expect to get...
  10. sky_

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Other Media Teen GBB's Sixlocke Series - Part 02 [PLAYING: Crystal] [Final Update: October 5th, 2021]

    Your gameplay shows an impressive amount of skill and utilising of 'mons which other players might look down on and toss aside. You got through Clair really well, so hopefully the League will be smooth sailing too. Mie is just vibing in the background not doing much, but she is the team's...
  11. sky_

    Written Story Kanto Teen Greens, Eggs, and Ham

    i'm pleasantly surprised! i was honestly expecting there to be little remaining of Pallet dsfsdhfk they get food!!! omg, please have nary survive so she can do more of this askjfhdksj don't you dare kill her off, i will be watching u awwwww D: poor bean *hugs nary tightly because she deserves...
  12. sky_

    Written Log Fan Game Commentary Other Adventure Too Long; Didn't Play- A Pokemon Rejuvenation V13 playthrough

    oh joy is it asjkfhdsjkf it's such a downer, like what purpose is it meant to serve? giving her nightmares? smh some people just don't recognise divine blessings when they see them ;p ksdjkfhdsjkKJSDHDSJKSJKGHDK OH LORD now you mention it... yeah sdkfhdsjkghdsjkgh thanks, pokemon reborn! oh...
  13. sky_

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Hack let's attempt to nuzlocke radical red against my better judgment

    ahahaha oh dear you poor soul i've heard that this game has been nuzlocked to completion before but. it has come at the cost of multiple attempts and it has been difficult wekfejkfhr best of luck with this!
  14. sky_

    Written Story Kanto Teen Greens, Eggs, and Ham

    Ohhhh no no no that really doesn't sound good, poor Paean over here is not only going to fight this unknown creature but has literally taken the elevator up so the others may not be able to follow him dkljfhdk unless Tabes took it back down? So now the two could use it to follow him up? And...
  15. sky_

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Other Media Teen GBB's Sixlocke Series - Part 02 [PLAYING: Crystal] [Final Update: October 5th, 2021]

    Onix is just a powerhouse in this early game, what a surprisingly impressive 'mon xD and it's nice to see that the others are doing okay too! the poor beedrill is just vibing over in the corner though D;
  16. sky_

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    And who needs six 'mons when you have a swarm of rubbish on your side? Garbodor, use Psychic!
  17. sky_

    Written Story Kanto Teen Greens, Eggs, and Ham

    hello nary i love you also it's such a nice change of pace to like be able to take a badge via "peaceful" means (as in, plant-based violence occurs but like paean over here does not see it so there aren't descriptions of carnage) and awwwww, this poor girl has been through a lot huh
  18. sky_

    Play by Post Train, Store, Release

    Train: Alolan Geodude, I had an Alolan Golem who sadly died in the Elite 4 and I would want to give one a second chance. Box: Alolan Dugtrio, one of mine survived the same run but that means I want to to use another line until the end of a run. Release: Alolan Ratatta, my least favourite Dark...
  19. sky_

    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    granted, but you sparkle in the sun like a vampire from twilight. you now cannot go anywhere without a bunch of twilight fans taking photos of you ;p i wish that i could go to a lovely cafe with someone and hold hands with them on the way there xD
  20. sky_

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Emerald mono-Flying: Pelipper, Gyarados, Crobat, Altaria, Xatu, Gyarados two Gyarados, two slightly different roles, turns out that Special Attack EV training the second Gyarados with a Modest Nature to use Thunderbolt works well enough against Wallace's Water team >;) Altar the second...