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Search results

  1. Uberle

    Written Log Fan Game Commentary Other Adventure Too Long; Didn't Play- A Pokemon Rejuvenation V13 playthrough

    'Ello I am Uberle A while ago I did a run like this for Reborn because the game has updated to Gen 7 and since Rejuv has added Gen 8 and has changed a lot of old stuff I'd like to see time to do another one of those Also joining me are a couple friends, Filthy and Riddle in blue and purple...
  2. Uberle

    Written Story Kanto Teen Greens, Eggs, and Ham

    'Ello I am Uberle And this is a thing I started at the beginning of the year after running into a bit of a wall with my other runs And then I finished it So here it is Quite enjoyed writing this series Chapters are a lot shorter than I normally do, so shouldn't take too much of your time This...
  3. Uberle

    Written Story Kalos Gijinka I Can Break These Cuffs

    Greetings, Challengers This is an emergency message to address certain complaints that the Kalos League has been receiving. As many of you know, one of your fellow challengers is currently under arrest for a violent crime. Normally this would be grounds for disqualification, but that would...
  4. Uberle

    Written Story Alola Teen Step Up: A Randomized Moon Storylocke

    Hello I am Uberle And welcome to my first go at a fully written run Why yes I am very nervous So ruleset is pretty generic 1. First encounter 2. Nickname everything 3. Faint=Box Now quick notes about the randomization Alola has a weird reaction to being randomized See trainer's Pokemon are...
  5. Uberle

    Screenshot Alola Commentary Hack I Regret Nothing: A Pokemon Star Nuzlocke

    Hello I am Uberle And welcome to this run which will be of the likes you've never seen before Either for the better or the worse This is an Ultra Moon hack called Star and is just insane I can't even properly describe it, it's something you must read Or play Here's a link to the thread for...
  6. Uberle

    Screenshot Unova Teen Unfamiliar Faces: A Semi-Randomized White 2 Neverlocke

    Hello I am Uberle And welcome to the reposting of my current story run, Unfamiliar Faces I'm using my Neverlocke ruleset, which is quite simple I can't use Pokemon I've used before If they've ever been in my party for any reason whatsoever they can't be caught If you're wondering, here's the...
  7. Uberle

    Screenshot Fan Game Commentary A Resurgence Insurgence Emergence: An Insurgence Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hello, Xeno forums I am Uberle Now that we're on forums that aren't a nightmare to work with time to get back into my runs First off is the more casual of my two runs, Resurgence Insurgence Emergence It's a stupid title, BUT I LOVE IT So the game I will be nuzlocking will be Pokemon Insurgence...
  8. Uberle

    A Resurgence Insurgence Emergence: An Insurgence randomized nuzlocke (Update 6: Encounter Thoughts)

    Hello I am Uberle You may be here from one of my other runs or just saw a new run and decided to look at it Either way, hello Welcome So the game I will be nuzlocking will be Pokemon Insurgence Probably the first fan game I played  I've been meaning to finish up my run of this, but never got to...
  9. Uberle

    Uberle's Fangame Expo: Spectrum 3 (1/10)

    Welcome one and all to this new thing of mine. I play a lot of fangames, so I decided why not make a run of it? This thing is just gonna be me playing through various fangames and hacks that I find in either Pokecommunity or on the Reborn forums. I'll include a link at the start of each new game...
  10. Uberle

    Unfamiliar Faces. A White 2 Neverlocke Chapter 17: #Zed

    Hello. I am Uberle. If you have read any of my previous runs, welcome back. If not, thanks for checking this out. Today I begin the next chapter in my connected storylockes Though this one is going to deviate a bit from past ones. If you want to be caught up with this run of storylockes past...
  11. Uberle

    Alexandrya Emerald

    Hello I am Uberle In case you didn't know. So those who read my last run know that I'm taking a small break from story runs and am doing other lockes in the meantime. First up is this, an Emerald hack by Alexandrya another member of the forums. This locke has a handful of changes. I have a Word...
  12. Uberle

    [FINISHED]Return of the X-treme: A Pokemon Diamond Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke

    ..... I am horrible at starting things off... *ahem* Hello I am Uberle aka Zed Welcome to my new run: Return of the X-treme The title is a reference to my first run here on the forums being an Emerald Extreme Randomizer Being honest the title is what it is because I had creativity issues with...
  13. Uberle

    Alola Reborn: Pokemon Reborn E17 playthrough

    Hello To those who know me, welcome back. To those who haven't read any of my runs or are from the Reborn forums, thank you for checking this out. So Reborn E17 dropped as some of you may know. When Rejuvenation updated and brought Gen 7 mons I did a run through to see what was new (a lot) and...
  14. Uberle

    [FINISHED][FINISHED] Welcome to the New Age - A Randomized Pokemon Uranium Nuzlocke

    I'M BACK BITCHES! YOUR EARLY CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED! *ahem* Hello, for those of you who don't know I am Akbar. Male Gardevoir from Zed's (Uberle, whatever) X-treme Randomizer. If you haven't seen that go find it, read it, then come back with offerings to apologize for your ignorance. I'll wait...
  15. Uberle

    Emerald X-treme: Comic Edition

    Before we begin. I draw these way in advance. I'm usually working on two chapters ahead of what I post. So any recommendations you guys suggest you probably won't see for a while. Chapters consist of 18-20 "pages" As for scheduling. Uploads will be on every other Sunday As some days I might be...
  16. Uberle

    [FINISHED]Poor Life Decisions: Pokemon Heartgold Punishmentlocke

    Arise, the chosen. The one I've selected for my task .................. Hello? Is someone there? I am here, human. Hello? Anyone? Oh me da- HUMAN!! *startled* Who are you?! Where am I? What the f*ck is going on?! Where you are is simple. This is a dream and I'm talking to you through it. Though...
  17. Uberle

    @the_suzerain Why?: Pokemon Insurgence nuzlocke

    1.2 of Pokemon Insurgence just came out today (or rather yesterday) and I am HYPED!!! I've already done a nuzlocke so I'm going to do a continuation of that one rather than start all over. If you don't know this game here's a quick backstory. It takes place in the Torren Region. Once upon a...
  18. Uberle

    [FINISHED][COMPLETED] A Colorful Journey- Pokemon White Colorlocke

    Hello, I thought of this locke called a color locke after playing with changed palettes in Emerald (Which is another run I'm currently doing.. #shamlessselfpromotion) However since I'm already doing a nuzlocke in Emerald I decided to go to the internet and I found a randomizer for color...
  19. Uberle

    [FINISHED][COMPLETED] Pokemon Emerald X-treme Randomizer

    Hello, this isn't my first nuzlocke. I did a Pokemon Insurgence a while ago. Only lost 5 mons I think. You all know the basic nuzlocke rules, but I'll write them anyway 1. You can only catch the first pokemon you encounter in an area, you run out of pokeballs or crit it you can't reroll 2. You...