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Search results

  1. Bigredlittlewolf

     Introductions and Departures Thread

    Hey. So this might have been a long time coming. I haven't posted, or been active on the forums in over a good half year, and the time away has given me space to introspect and consider a few things. I'm trying to be very careful while writing this, because there are people I'm still close to...
  2. Bigredlittlewolf

    Written Story Johto Mature Hack Gijinka Itinerant; A Randomized HeartGold and Polished Crystal Run

    Takes your awards, takes your awards, takes your awar Maybe I'll update more then once this year, thanks for the awards. Okay I'm done now
  3. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Mixed Media Red Makes Danganronpa Content

    to kind of actually stay up to date on these... Damn theres a lot of comics this time I am prolific
  4. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Mixed Media Red Makes Danganronpa Content

    The OOC is VERY important on these ones
  5. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Mixed Media Red Makes Danganronpa Content

    I FORGOT TO POST MY VRISKA DID NOTHING WRONG COMIC HERE SO to the person who went through and reblogged all my danganronpa content n' made me remember this comic existed they're the real mvps And then a standalone I did earlier this month
  6. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Mixed Media Red Makes Danganronpa Content

    OH MAN I FORGOT ABOUT MY FAVORITE MEME I DID Don't sneeze, gaymers. It has Nagito Komaeda in it
  7. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Mixed Media Red Makes Danganronpa Content

    I guess this is the hole I'm dying in now, huh? Spoilers, for each game. Of course. Tumblr Link I do Danganronpa content now. A majority of what I do will focus around the V2 cast. Love me some Hinata/Komaeda, so expect that to pop up on occasion. Also love that Izuru Kamukura. That one...
  8. Bigredlittlewolf

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Fervent Care and Broken Yearning [Randomized Black Run]

    Happy holidays gaymers this was suppose to be my oneshot and now it's not Shout out to literally all my friends who were like "Oh red, another run?" Essentially, when I told them. They're the real MVP's. This story is told from the prospective of a ralts. That's the only context I'm giving...
  9. Bigredlittlewolf

    Collaborative Apps Open Mixed Media Winter Festival Nuzlocke One-Shot Event

    So, are you looking to challenge yourself this winter? Want a little something something to do over the next two months? I got a project for you Normally I would put more effort into making these posts look pretty but I'm tried and it's late I promise I'll make it look good The idea - You...
  10. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Fanwork Friday September 27th Thread!

    For @Robo It's not nuzlocke fanart (though I'm hoping to bust something out tonight) But I drew one of her new goils as a warm up!
  11. Bigredlittlewolf

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Hack Gijinka Psycho POP! [A Renegade Platinum Run]

    Don't read this if you don't wanna be spoiled about the direction this run will go 😎 Anyway this is a happy run where absolutely nothing goes wrong. The tags on the post?? Oh those silly things? Yeah, you should just ignore those, they're there for FLAVOR!!! The Dead stay dead in this...
  12. Bigredlittlewolf

    Written Story Spin-off Other Adventure Bad Moon Rising

    THTBTB It took me an entire day or so, but oo am I here for this story. When you were telling me that you were working on a run, I genuinely didn't expect a pokemon ranger run, of all things. But that is, in itself, exciting. I don't think I've seen anyone DO anything with the pokemon ranger...
  13. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay PMD: Frontier - A sandbox PMD roleplay (with cowboys!) (INVITE ONLY)

    Name Gender Age Flourish Female 23 Nature Ability Species Characteristic Impish Regenerator Mienshao Thoroughly Cunning Draining punch Meditate Ally Switch Detect "Your hatred shows obvious on your face," The Roselia tells her, reaching over to press a careful petal...
  14. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay Furrying it up with the Squad - CotD Roleplay Thread

    The cat was his main concern, was the thing. The bird was a pretentious sort. But he seemed easily distracted, if not a bit stupid. Keeping him away from the bars door certainly would be a nonissue. Which was for the best. However, the cat had seemed ready to strew the birds feathers and guts...
  15. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay The ?!? Squad - CotD Roleplay thread

    "Ah! A fine beast then," The man crosses his arms, nods approvingly, "I use to own one myself, quite a ways back. Unfortunately, it's harder to keep them in the desert these days. Have no need for them, beyond guarding. But I always respect a beautiful creature when I see one!" The man laughs...
  16. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Mixed Media Universal SHIFT

    Homestuck AU LORE - Always a WIP I'm sure Male NB Female Okami Kaen Daysi Floant Denzi Kimon Thales Laelia Lupa Ambrosia Laelia Human Witch of Blood Name Species Gender Age Okami Innes (Kami) Human Male 18 Lunar Sway Chumhandle Typing color Eye-color Prospit...