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Search results

  1. Heather

    [UCL3] Fly Like an Eagle, Strike Like A Hawk!

    Sup fuckers I'm here to lay the groundwork for a massive project I will probably never finish so YEET oh yeah rules first
  2. Heather

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Raven - Night Falls

    5. Run is complete upon completion of all specified checkpoints. 6. Run is FAILED if no eligible Pokemon remain alive. 7. Additional Rule: Limit Breaker: When taking a staked challenge involving battles, you may enable Limit Breaker. When enabled, safe battles are no longer safe. Unsafe battles...
  3. Heather

    Written Story Kalos A Way Of Life: A Pokemon X Storylocke

    BAH GAWD. BAH GAWD SHE'S DOING IT. SHE'S TAKING ANOTHER STAB AT WRITING, FOLKS EDIT: Also, taking the new critique tagging system for a test drive. Okay that's enough ham. Welcome to A Way of Life! This is...not all that special in terms of the nature of the run. What's special is this story...
  4. Heather

    Confidence (Some Assembly Required)

    So, since NQNH went the way of the dodo (rip in save loss), I still haven't completed a FRA Nuzlocke. With this, I'm going to change that, and do it the right way. Starting off, we have... Without any further ado... Table of Contents updoot
  5. Heather

    Gone Crazy: Black 2 Randomized Adventure!

    AAAAAAAND we're back, with a pure commentary screenshot run with much less dialogue clutter! ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP. FOR THOSE OF YOU AROUND FOR BUGGING OUT, EVERYTHING IS THE SAME IN THE RANDOMIZER EXCEPT: -Legends are now ON -Types of pokemon are now randomized -As are abilities and hold items...