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  1. Garish Garchomp

    Announcement  Regarding the Recent Shutdown

    Hi all, You may have heard, seen, or received a carrier pigeon that the forums were down recently. As in, for a day's time plus change. Unfortunately, that’s because we were recently hacked. The site initially shut down in order to curb the threat, then to restore the forums to a state prior...
  2. Garish Garchomp

    Announcement And Now, Our Feature(r) Presentation!

    Hiya! How's your 2021? Surviving? Hah, yes, I can totally relate to that, [your name here]. Good one. I'm here today with some exciting news on the featurer front; namely, that there still is one. After a rough 2020, we sent out for applications to get new blood into the squad, and came away...
  3. Garish Garchomp

     Feature Team Applications ~ 2021 Edition!

    Hi friends! With the Extravaganza well and truly wrapped up, the feature team is eager to get back into the swing of things after a... rough 2020. However, you might have noticed we're a little short on numbers... for now! 'Cuz, y'know, this thread is here. This is an important time for the...
  4. Garish Garchomp

     Featurer Suggestion 2020 Extravaganza Reflective

    Year Ten (10!) of the Extravaganza has come to a close, but we're only on Year Two (2) of the Reflective Period after it! Same rules and concept as last year: this is a place for open discussion about the event, for guided discussion via some questions below, and about future plans for the...
  5. Garish Garchomp

     Extravaganza 2020 - Results Thread

    Comics Best New Comic 🥇 By the Sword by @SnakeEyesDraws 🥇 🥈 Simple by @sealclown 🥈 🥉Undertow by @Riboo 🥉 HONORABLE MENTIONS Pokemon Royal by @TheLastUnicornInOz | Dear Sergio by @feraligatr Best Overall Comic 🥇 Jet's Black Nuzlocke by @Zero 🥇 🥈 First Summer by @Krisantyne 🥈...
  6. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Galar Teen Colossus

    Welcome to Colossus! This... is not a run I thought would make it to this point, to be honest with you, even after I decided to half-focus on it for NaNo recently. It's far more straightforward than any of my usual stuff, it's got way way way more battles than any run I've written for a long...
  7. Garish Garchomp

    FAQ  Extravaganza 2020 — Discussion Thread

    Hiya! This is where you can discuss the 2020 Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza, or pitch us any questions you've got about it! For much more in-depth discussion or reviewing of the Ganza, though, I'd like to ask that you to hold off until after it's all done, as we'll have a reflective thread like...
  8. Garish Garchomp

     Extravaganza 2020 — Promos Thread

    Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. Welcome to the 2020 edition of the Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza! Not just that, but it's actually the 10th anniversary of the Extravaganza, which is certifiably insane. it's my privilege to be running the Ganza this year, flanked by an expert crew of...
  9. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Galar Teen Other Adventure This Is a Low

    I love Galar. The region is gorgeous, the 'mons are great, and the characters are colorful as hell with so many hints and possible complexities and themes to draw from. I've wanted to do something with them for so long, but hadn't written anything other than a couple kinda drabbly things in the...
  10. Garish Garchomp

    Another Important Rules Update

    Opening Statement: As you’ve probably noticed, this is the second update to our rules in as many months, so in the interest of transparency we wanted to explain our reasoning behind this. Recently we had to make a tough call to take immediate, elevated action against a user after allegations of...
  11. Garish Garchomp

    Announcement Thread Title (but happy)

    Hey all you bara cats and kittens! It's a busy time for us on staff, so keep those seatbelts buckled because we've got more news for you! You may have seen the recent announcement from Chess. You may have been confused by the thread titles and misclicked here by accident. Either way you’re here...
  12. Garish Garchomp

    Writechat Staff Statement of Intent

    Introduction (If you’re not familiar with Manifold’s document, the full text is here, and a summary is here.) The document left by former user Manifold served as a wake-up call for us. While discussions got heated in its wake, we understand the frustration that motivated both the document’s...
  13. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon On The Run

    Initializing... Running diagnostics... Logging in... Good evening, Milo! Synthesizing surroundings... Preparing cloud data... Would you like to sync music upon entry? >Yes No Loading ISLAND Radio... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ On The Run is a storylocke set in near-future Alola. It...
  14. Garish Garchomp


    This run came about because burnout is real. The short of it is this: I finished Contagious' draft during NaNoWriMo this past November, and then moved onto the next big project. After months of planning and going back to the drawing board and planning and drawing board and so on, I very...
  15. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Johto General Carousel

    This run came about because burnout is real. The short of it is this: I finished Contagious' draft during NaNoWriMo this past November, and then moved onto the next big project. After months of planning and going back to the drawing board and planning and drawing board and so on, I very...
  16. Garish Garchomp

    In Limbo

    Sometimes, story ideas can come from total throwaway lines in chats. This is one of those ideas, from way back in February. Basically, this was another opportunity for me to experiment, to try a different (and better) writing style than I had been accustomed to, as well as actually doing...
  17. Garish Garchomp

    Contagious [FINISHED]

    Contagious is an inspirational run, without a doubt. It tells the story of just two characters, a man and his pokemon, as they traverse the region and attempt to take down all the obstacles in their path. It's a classic "man vs. the world" story, a prime example of the universally beloved David...
  18. Garish Garchomp

    Reckless Abandon

    Welcome! You've reached the Reckless Abandon Hotline! Reckless Abandon is a Diamond Storylocke, written through the eyes and mind of a very troubled young man. Having just emerged from the Distortion World after quite some time, Silas Kerouac seeks revenge on Team Galactic, the organization...
  19. Garish Garchomp

    [INACTIVE]Six Plus One - A Black Nuzlocke

    So, nobody remembers me. Cool. My old Nuzlocke was crap anyways (and only reached 2 chappies). I have three other stories to work on on top of this, mind you, but I have horrible prioritization and thus will likely end up working on this quite a bit. I also got back into my Emerald Nuzlocke a...