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  1. "Absolutely Certain"

     Promoted Content Submission & Rules!

    link to thread
  2. "Absolutely Certain"

    Ctrl + V Thread

    AGH i nearly posted NDA content. i'll just post the last image i copied
  3. "Absolutely Certain"

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke Ideas and Concepts You'd Like to See

    @khorale UGHHHH OKAY okay okay. Okay. okay, so, i was actually looking for an excuse to play another HGSS nuzlocke and your idea is really cool and is pushing me over the edge. i'm gonna try this out w/sacred gold and report back later
  4. "Absolutely Certain"

    You're Banned!

    banned because it'd actually be 10:20pm from when you posted get your facts straight. banned
  5. "Absolutely Certain"

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Until Then

    haiii i'm working on updates (we may be getting a buffer!!! WOAH!!!) but atm i've decided to update this page slightly to make a certain bit easier to parse out and read, since it was supposed to be read if so desired anyways. i don't guarantee it making sense, but i don't wanna add easter eggs...
  6. "Absolutely Certain"

    Showcase The Drawing Board! WIPs, Promotional Shots, and More!

    working on my nuzlocke again. post this oddish
  7. "Absolutely Certain"

     Promoted Content Submission & Rules!

    oh thank GOODNESS it's still open link to thread
  8. "Absolutely Certain"

    Play by Post Magic Blender

    i take the blade out of the blender... oh no what's my hand doing in there?
  9. "Absolutely Certain"

    Typo Titles

    Trians of Mana: some foreign game about magical trains. the english translation is not very good, but there's a lot of anime train conductors. sounds like a decent pitch! The Magnus Archives (someone please talk to me about the magnus archives)
  10. "Absolutely Certain"

    Screenshot Kanto Fan Game Teen Commentary Abominations Against Arceus: An Infinite Fusions Nuzlocke

    ohhhhh this fangame looks SO fucked up, i can't wait to see how long it takes until Arceus has had enough things shake out!
  11. "Absolutely Certain"

    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    granted! only three people read it, including yourself i wish for a bagel
  12. "Absolutely Certain"

    Play by Post Magic Blender

    i just add water!
  13. "Absolutely Certain"

    Play by Post AMA

    what do you like the most about documenting screenshot runs?
  14. "Absolutely Certain"

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Until Then

    oh, that's not normal deviantART || Comicfury i've decided to deprecate tumblr as a place that i update on--i'll still try to update it and have it link back to the nuzforums, but like. wrt uploading preparing a page for tumblr has always been the biggest hassle for me (and caused me to open...
  15. "Absolutely Certain"

    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna SAY goodBYEEE
  16. "Absolutely Certain"

    You're Banned!

    banned for sniping me >:(
  17. "Absolutely Certain"

    Play by Post AMA

    how is the domain of darkness holdin' up for you? (where does the moniker "princess of darkness" come from, and do you enjoy it?)
  18. "Absolutely Certain"

    You're Banned!

    banned for setting your own healthy boundaries and permitting yourself to live your life how you please. how dare you do you
  19. "Absolutely Certain"

    Play by Post Magic Blender

    i put in the true meaning of christmas!
  20. "Absolutely Certain"

     Featurer Suggestion 2020 Extravaganza Reflective

    oh, i can answer this one! it's definitely shyness / anxiety / et cetera. lots of us little guys do genuinely want to be promoted but in my experience they either don't realize they can self-promo, forget to self-promo, or are stopping themselves. (e.g. they don't feel they deserve to...