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Search results

  1. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Fan Mixed Media Red Makes Danganronpa Content

    I guess this is the hole I'm dying in now, huh? Spoilers, for each game. Of course. Tumblr Link I do Danganronpa content now. A majority of what I do will focus around the V2 cast. Love me some Hinata/Komaeda, so expect that to pop up on occasion. Also love that Izuru Kamukura. That one...
  2. Bigredlittlewolf

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Fervent Care and Broken Yearning [Randomized Black Run]

    Happy holidays gaymers this was suppose to be my oneshot and now it's not Shout out to literally all my friends who were like "Oh red, another run?" Essentially, when I told them. They're the real MVP's. This story is told from the prospective of a ralts. That's the only context I'm giving...
  3. Bigredlittlewolf

    Collaborative Apps Open Mixed Media Winter Festival Nuzlocke One-Shot Event

    So, are you looking to challenge yourself this winter? Want a little something something to do over the next two months? I got a project for you Normally I would put more effort into making these posts look pretty but I'm tried and it's late I promise I'll make it look good The idea - You...
  4. Bigredlittlewolf

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Hack Gijinka Psycho POP! [A Renegade Platinum Run]

    Don't read this if you don't wanna be spoiled about the direction this run will go 😎 Anyway this is a happy run where absolutely nothing goes wrong. The tags on the post?? Oh those silly things? Yeah, you should just ignore those, they're there for FLAVOR!!! The Dead stay dead in this...
  5. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Mixed Media Universal SHIFT

    So I do au's of my characters a lot. I mean, I had a whole 30 day challenge thing that I'll probably transfer over that was literally just all au stuff. And like- I have a tendency to fixate on certain au's for a long period of them, then proceed to get bored and move onto the next one This is...
  6. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay Bibliokleptic - CotD Roleplay Thread

    "You know, I keep trying to make myself like the taste of coffee. But something about the after taste just happens to get to me." Red light streams into the room through cracks in the wood paneling, boards placed over windows to keep the light (and prying eyes) from touching the contents of the...
  7. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay Free Spirits - CotD Roleplay thread

    A red sun shines bright on sandstone buildings, painting yellow toned buildings with shades of red and orange. A crowed of people bustles with purpose about the harbor. Works shout about to one another, excited to end the work day with heavy nets or eased off shipments. A few sit about and...
  8. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay The ?!? Squad - CotD Roleplay thread

    The hustle and bustle of the big city carries with it a variety of senses not near close to the sensations that come with the murky, dark depths of the forests. And theres nowhere that shows this any better then the beginning stages of rush hour of Khetamer's business district. Even with the...
  9. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay Furrying it up with the Squad - CotD Roleplay Thread

    Sun shines in through a window in vibrant shades of red and orange, lighting up the small hostelry bar far brighter then the small fireplace in the middle of the wood ever could. The lanterns have yet to be lit for the night, and no magic has yet to glow amongst the walls and floors of the room...
  10. Bigredlittlewolf

    Call of the Divine - Creative Content thread

    Hey guys! I'm a roleplay. And it's got FANFICTION already. Is it fanfiction if our characters are making the content?? I don't know and I most certainly don't care. This is the thread for all the like misc shit that my players, and myself if it's not immediately applicable to anything else in...
  11. Bigredlittlewolf

    Apps Open Roleplay Mature Whispers of the Divine - Semi-Selective Original Roleplay [Sign-ups open]

    This roleplay is not first come first serve in the spots. It's semi-selective, and I'll contact you on whether or not ur accepted 😎 The gods walk among us. Magic is fresh in the air, and society is at it's peak. You've been chosen. Maybe you know this, have known this for years. Maybe the...
  12. Bigredlittlewolf

    Roleplay Mature Monster [Censored for the betterment of society] Anonymous - A Burning Wheel Campaign [Master Post]

    Consider this. Your entire life, you've believed yourself to be human. What else would you be?? Maybe you were raised in the bustling city, or a quiet country side. Maybe you were raised spoiled rotten, loved and adorn. Or maybe you had to fend for yourself from an early age, hiding in the...
  13. Bigredlittlewolf

    Red's personality and fursona anylasis

    So I've had an interesting night. You see, it all started when our good forum pal, squiggy, asked what his fursona would be. I gave him an answer, and an analysis, and then someone else asked for one. And it all down spiraled from there, as people asked for more again and again. This was my day...
  14. Bigredlittlewolf

    Other Media 30 day Challenge Thread

    Hello Nuzlocke Forums! My name is Red and I come baring gifts. With the new forums opening just on the horizon, I want to post one more thing before we open! Here is my thirty day au challenge list! I'm going to be trying (No promises but I will admit I am working a little ahead in an...
  15. Bigredlittlewolf

    Video Games Popular Pokemon Opinions

    Well folks. We have our sister thread Unpopular Pokemon Opinions. So here's the opposite. Here's the place to talk about your only slightly mild Pokemon takes. The one that everyone would probably agree with, but you still want to share because.. well, someone has to say it? You don't agree...
  16. Bigredlittlewolf

    Other Fanfiction Recommendation Master Thread

    Taking advantage of everything being new on this forum, I would like to now offer a new thread on this forum as well! This is the latest and greatest spot for picking up fanfiction recommendation's of the uh, non-nuzlocke variety. You read a particularly good homestuck fanfic recently? Find a...
  17. Bigredlittlewolf

    Other The Adventure Zone Hub

    The Adventure Zone is a podcast made by The Mcelroy (Pronounced Mac-Elroy, but I'm illegal so I pronounce it McElroy) family, also known for their works such as Monster Factory, and My Brother My Brother and Me. The first season has over 60 episodes, and It's on it's second big session at the...
  18. Bigredlittlewolf

    Showcase Written Mature Red's hyperfixation Juntion.

    Well, It's no longer on an IV drip but I still need somewhere to post the dumb shit I write so. Uh. Dirty confession time. I write for my characters a lot. Like only 20% of the time is it actually comic relivant or something I can use?? So. this is the catch all post for that. This is where the...
  19. Bigredlittlewolf

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    That's right gamers, I'm bringing this thread over to the new forums Remember not to be rude! We are all but human in this every changing pond, so like > : Y I'm gonna start with one I've shared before, and a very small group does seem to agree with me. For what they were, I really enjoyed...
  20. Bigredlittlewolf

    Written Story Johto Mature Hack Gijinka Itinerant; A Randomized HeartGold and Polished Crystal Run

    Kimon’s parents had been in the mob. That was no secret. He’d grown up on romanticized tales of exploits, tales of grandeur and wealth. As he’d grown up, he’d learned that most of the tales had been tainted vanilla, and the sweet victories his mother paraded about were little more then gentle...