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  1. RubyClaw

    You're Banned!

    Banned for revealing my secret identity
  2. RubyClaw

    You're Banned!

    Banned for wishing impossible things for your tiny type and team badges, putting EXTREME pressure on the moderator teams with your ludicrous demands!
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    Play by Post AMA

    @Cirr - best restaurant you ever been to, and best dish you ate there?
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    Screenshot Paldea General Commentary a swarm of scarlet - a pokemon scarlet buglocke

    Sipa is really cool! Thanks for sharing. We have similar games here that kids play by bouncing items, but nothing as official and culture-full as that! The fact it was your official sports kind of reminds me how Matkot here almost got to an official status 🙂 Heracross is always a solid...
  5. RubyClaw

    Play by Post Train, Store, Release

    Interesting! All Gen 9 pokemon I never got to try. Train: Glimmora. I'll happily use this one! Very cool alien design, interesting type, and love how weird it is in general. The move pool seems a bit limited but nothing you can't work with. Box: Flamigo. The design is just so basic... Still...
  6. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Galar Commentary Sword Shenanigans

    Great progress so far, much smoother than before. Umm, I like it that they mixed it up and changed the formula mostly. I wouldn't want them to do the exact same thing every time, but the whole concept of the league actually being a competition is a great one. Perhaps it would have been cooler...
  7. RubyClaw

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Your team looks quite solid as is with pokemon such as Gengar, Vaporeon and Raticate. I say you can never go wrong with a Snorlax to be honest, one of the best Kanto pokemon out there and you can teach it pretty much any move you want (I'd make sure one of them is Thunderbolt to give you some...
  8. RubyClaw

    Nuzlocke General Final Team Frequency 4.0

    Pokemon Violet (Hardcore run): Pawmot, Sylveon, Venomoth, Bronzong, Copperajah, Meowscarada
  9. RubyClaw

    Written Story Kanto Teen The Hippocratic Oath (Chapter 31 up 5/6/23) ***SEE TRIGGER WARNING BEFORE READING

    Wow... So many things to think about. Poor Charizard... What did that attack do to him? What a frustrating way to go (As we discussed in your other thread)... Poor Steel for having to dela with that. And of course, Spirit Mewtwo, well that's pretty wild! First of all, I love the idea. Second of...
  10. RubyClaw

    Video Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola Commentary Mon My Celebration of the Pokemon Franchise - The "Complete Nuzlocke"

    Oh wow, that's such an ambitious and cool project! Thanks for sharing it here! Reminds me a bit of my own "Hall of Fame" project (though I don't always use the Hardcore rules, but instead try and use a different ruleset for every run to make things interesting), and I always appreciate blind...
  11. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Paldea General Commentary a swarm of scarlet - a pokemon scarlet buglocke

    I remember being totally shocked by it in my own Blind Sun run, but growing into the idea very quickly. No doubt Bugs deserved much more love back then! And even now to a certain degree. If there ever was a pokemon worthy of evolution... Especially now that Farfetch'd and Dunsparce got their...
  12. RubyClaw

    Comic Hoenn Critique Lv.5 General Mon THE NATEVENTURE - A (funny) Pokémon Emerald nuzlocke comic

    21th century diagnosis technology 🤖! Along with 18th century level of treatment 😕
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    Screenshot Galar Commentary Sword Shenanigans

    😄 HOLY! I was sure that was poor Edgar's end, which would be devastating as I believe he is my favorite team member personally, well along with Candice.. AHH!!! Why do the pokemon I like the most get so close to dying? Though on the other hand look at what badass heroes they all are! Great job...
  14. RubyClaw

    Written Story Teen UCL [UCL4] JavierE64 Storylocke Anthology

    You are making some fine progress so far! Mega battle coming right up. (A bit late but I vote for HeartGold).
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    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Will I blow up the sun? Yes, and you can't stop me! Is this it? Could this be the place they've been seeking for so long? A place of hope and prosperity? Zoombiniville!