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  1.  Introductions and Departures Thread

    Heads up, but I was linked to what was going on here. I didn't read the post all the way through I admit (it's a little triggering, to be honest), but I have an idea of what's up and felt that, if folks are cool with me saying a few words about it, to say a few words about it. Anyway, it's a...
  2. Screenshot Written Log Mature Hack Korosu! lets kill em all!

    *slides in with interest* Oh. Well then. Ngl, I gotta say: I've never read a run that started off with human trafficking. If I didn't see it in the screenshots, I'd almost wonder where this was going, but I think you're handling it rather well, all things considered. Like, I don't know what...
  3. Screenshot Unova Teen [Failed] The 'Not Really Easier Than Der Erif' White Run

    Honestly, that's real. D: If you're still on this, here's hoping this run works out! Tepig's a pretty solid choice for a starter, at least. ;)
  4. Screenshot Kanto Mixed Media Hack Guarded by Protectors: A Red 721 Nuzlocke

    Honestly? Same. Also, it's great to see a hack that understands just how to hit that sweet spot Gen I achieved of making their Pokémon effing terrifying while still making their faces coherent enough to emphasize how they're staring into your soul. 10/10 wtf is with that audino's eyes Hella...
  5. Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary god save me plz - Genesis' AlphaSapphire Nuzlocke (and first attempt at beating a game of Pokemon

    *walks in fifteen months late with Starbucks* I mean ... yeah. Given Standard Poochyena Fight a few shots later ... yeah. Also, I lost it at the metric tons of zigzagoon, and I feel it's important to bump this thread ten months later exclusively to tell you this.
  6. The Red List Initiative

    Soooo I've heard a rumor (no pun intended?) that Writechat is prepping to do their own r4r server. If that's the case, then cool; honestly, I feel like it's worth it to have multiple options for giving back. Also, if I'm understanding things correctly, then basically, how it will go down is if...
  7. The Red List Initiative

    I'm still on break and will get to responses, public and private, soon. But I'm bumping this now because I've been told people need to reread my response to Wwar and my second essay up there carefully. Especially the parts about how anyone calling for a community to push for more inclusivity is...
  8. The Red List Initiative

    @Bug Can't believe I forgot to respond to this one. D: But first off, thank you! <3 I'll be sure to keep an eye on my own energy levels during this. Ngl, one of my many, many hobbies is throwing shiz together and running myself down, so we'll see how this goes. 😂 Especially since I've been...
  9. Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Thanks, all! :D <3 Deeply appreciated~ As a side update, I gave it a shot, and I can't quite get my second account to log into Home with my main Nintendo account to access my stash of lonelies. D: Doing a bit of digging, it looks like folks who have multiple accounts actually use the GTS to...
  10. The Red List Initiative

    @"Absolutely Certain" Heck yeah, it's all good! Actually, let me expand on that a bit because I was rereading the Manifold thread for inspiration recently and came across a sentiment that might be worth addressing. There's some concern that encouraging quantity of reviews over quality is a bad...
  11. Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Ah, thank you! Anything below 60 should be great~ (The basic idea is the MC is actively going out to adopt as many pokémon as they can to form a band, so if I post this, def send along something you'd like to root for. ;) )
  12. Written Story Unova General ES

    Aaaaand that’s all she wrote! Literally. This thread is officially caught up with all mirrors. So, shout-out to those of you (especially cyndakip and Master Bryss, but everyone who's been following, really!) who followed the thread from chapter one to here. Y’all have been awesome, even at my...
  13. Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Aaaaa, thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️ I'll keep you all updated on the Home-Sword stuff, and I'll let you know if I run into any difficulties. ;)
  14. Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Oh thank God. 😭😭😭😭 I thought Home wouldn't be so merciful, but if it actually works this way, it'll def be a lifesaver. (Especially because, yes, $60 is a lot. orz) I'll make a new account tonight and give it a shot! Thank you so much!
  15. Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Good morning, frands! I'd like some advice. I'm getting burned out by Stardew Valley (yes, really), and sorting my mons on Home makes my heart yearn to finally do the Nuzlocke run of my dreams: an all-lonely-natured run. (It's 100% going to be called Cayenne Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...
  16. Last thing you bought

    Tickets for myself and the bf to go to Safari Zone Philadelphia. P.S. Pogo Safari Zone tickets are on sale, my folks, js.
  17. Recipe talk thread

    Quick Q for science! Are we talking about a 2-liter bottle or, like, those personal 12-oz-ers? Also, oh dear jesus at the description of boiling applesauce splash back. I still want to do this, but it's good to know I should wear protection when engaging with the science.
  18. Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    I really shouldn't laugh, but something about this, man... :') Mouse, we love you either way. Never change.
  19. Recipe talk thread

    Aaaa, thank you! I've always wanted to try making lasagne, so I'll def give vegetarian lasagne a shot!